Campaign to review bail laws

The Sensible Sentencing Trust is wanting a review of bail laws and are proposing some law changes:

Christie Marceau may have died a tragic and preventable death but her memory will live on, in fact her death has become the catalyst for change.

The Sensible Sentencing Trust working alongside the Marceau family and supporters will launch a campaign aptly titled ‘Christies’ Law’ which will be aiming to have bail laws reviewed and an annual appraisal of Judges themselves.

Trust Spokesman Garth McVicar said the Marceau family had approached him soon after Christie was murdered wanting to ensure Christies’ life was not in vain and the system failures that led to the tragedy were challenged and changed.

“The murder of Christie by an offender on bail was not a one-of, we have dealt with many families who have experienced similar tragedies but Christie’s death appears to be the tipping point – the catalyst for change.”

Mr. McVicar said momentum for Christies’ Law was building with confirmation that a bus load of supporters from Tauranga will be attending.

The launch of Christies Law will take place at:

Location: Auckland High Court in Waterloo Quadrant
Date: 27th February [This coming Monday]
Time: 12 noon [the public are invited to gather from 11-30am]


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  • Harry Young

    Bail and parole releases of dangerous violent criminals are a national disgrace. After 3.5 years in power, they are a National Party disgrace too.

    • Euan Rt

      While I agree with your first sentence, to suggest that after 3 1/2 years all Kiwis should be completely enamoured with the current government may be stretching things a little don’t you think?

  • insider

    sensible sentencing and bail is brilliant in hindsight, not always so clear cut on the job.

  • Hagar

    What amazes me is that Mr Dotcom was denied bail, (now freed on bail) when he has never physically hurt anybody, and yet lowlife who have previously hurt people are continually freed on bail to continue their mayhem and violence.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    NZ releases far too many recidivist criminals back into the community – often because of “overcrowding” and spineless judicary handing down limp-wristed sentances.

    Well, in my opinion there’s no such thing as “overcrowding” in prisons – each cell could hold at least a dozen criminals, possible a lot more even – or we could take the Hondurus example and help ease the burdon on the tax payer by a few hundred or so prisoners – give them all matches and petrol and have the guards taunt them about their how their mummies like to put out for the entire Australian rugby team etc.

    Either that, or ship them off to China with our FTA – save NZ a fortune!

  • jay cee

    bail can be tricky to deny if the person is a first time offender and has a clever lawyer making them sound like a good citizen. recividist? no arguement.

    • Tom

      First time offender? When it comes to property crime (theft ex vehicle, burglary, tagging etc), I seriously doubt the offender has been caught first ball. Actually I’d hazard more like 50 or 60 runs in..

      Seriously sick of this shit, I go to work every day, pay tax, etc etc, Yet in the last three years I have had: 5 car break-ins, a car nicked (not recovered), my house burgled, my workshop burgled, and the shit tagged out of my workshop every month minimum (painted over immediately come daylight and discovery)

      This can’t go on, I mean, shit, that’s 40 grand in insurance right there, with 500 a pop each time out of my own pocket. Which I then make up with my premiums being jacked up..

      Do I seriously give a fuck if the little dickhead/old fuckwit has to wait in the clink til trial? NOPE! In fact it probably costs productive society LESS.

  • Myarkwrench

    NZ is the safest place in the world and of course there is no perfect answe, at the moment its better than the a police state Mcvicar wants.
     Christie Marceau is another PTSD victim Mcvicar has latched onto and will destroy her with hate and revenge like Mcvicar has driven many to their early graves because of the trauma he remnds victims to never forget and uses them as throw away pawns,
    Like David Garrett Mcvicars mate in crimeas the dead childs brother that Garrett stole from said Mcvicar is the lwest of low lifes.
    Judges and Parole board  look down on Mcvicar as they all know Mcvicar is a 100% liar and cheat.
    Example, Mcvicar has coverd up the rapes and severe beatings and torture  of a 6 year old boy for his SST members as he coverd stealing from a dead child and Garretts violent crimes with perjury so Garrett and Mcvicar could gag that dead child family as they did my family when come forward about the child rapes.

    • Don’t come here thinking you can defame people willy nilly. Due to the highly defamatory nature of your comment there are no more chances for you.

      You will find that I am not as soft as Yahoo or any of the other message boards that you have trolled your way through with your stalking and obsessive behaviour.Threats of violence won’t cow me either.

      • RR

        Nice work Whaleoil – great standards – THANK YOU!

  • Denis Stewart

    Sorry  I made a mistake and ment that  Christie Marceau mother who is PTSD victim Mcvicar is using with no regard to her mental health.
    As I said the courts look down on Mcvicar in disgust and has burnt all his  his bridges within the .
     justice system.

  • Denis Stewart

    Place (child rape Garth Mcvicar) in Google search engines and
    read more.
    Defamation cannot be applied if it’s the absolute truth, I
    am telling 100% the truth about low life coward psychopath manipulator Garth
    Mcvicar and David Garrett, a drunken obnoxious disgraced MP, with violent
    criminal convictions that Garth Mcvicar covered up including David Garrett’s
    stealing from a dead child’s grave.
    Is that fact or not????
    If you want the evidence about Garth Mcvicar and David Garrett’s
    cover up of a 6 year boy’s rapes and torture then I will send you the facts
    including several affidavits from witnesses.
    Whale oil, you are all mouth, no action and I bet chicken to
    see the facts about your low life mates.

    I have come forward about child rapes and you side with the
    rapist of children.

    What more can I say.

    What more can I say.

    I have come forward about child rapes and you side with the
    rapist of children.

    What more can I say.

  • Denis Stewart

     Whale oil

    I have never
    made any threats of violence what so ever; at any time to anybody if you read (Garth
    Mcvicar psychopath manipulator) in Google search engines

    I have reported
    the rapes and severe beatings of a 6 year boy, nothing more nothing less.

    • Shall I show you how easy it is to create a google search for Denis Stewart goat porn aficionado?

      Fuck off with your allegations, set up your own blog and write under your own name you fucking coward.

  • Denis Stewart

    I down
    loaded what you just said as proof  Whale oil
    so I can place this on the internet if I need to.

    Your threats
    of intimidation, slander and defamation do not worry me in the slightest.

    I am no body
    that any one cares about, except reporting child rapes and torture of a 6 year old boy,
    Garth Mcvicar and David Garrett have covered up.

    As you say
    you have never held a job in your life, and state you like to stick needles in Politian’s

    What more do
    I need to say about your web site your backing of of Garth Mcvicar and David Garrett

  • Greg M

    Denis, you are a fuckwit and pond scum and so is your mate.

    Link here:

    Drink some petrol then light a fag, loser;

    Greg Moore.

    • Denis Stewart

      Greg, try this link here, you are 10 years out of date as all Garth  Mcvicars PTSD victims he uses with no regard to their well being.
      You can hate for ever, but you will only hurt your self and people around you.

      the way you conduct yourself, speaks for it self.

      • Greg M

         Thank you for the link  Denis,it is the same as I posted. Most of Mr McVicars so called victims are unfortunately dead,and as such are unable to post a rebuttal here.,
        Christie was a friend of my niece,She has been in my car going to school functions etc, I had only met her once or twice , but i feel I am qualified to comment on this topic.

        I find it hard to hate anything, but that frizzy blondie with so much life and energy, laughing in my car with my brothers girls is a memory I will never forget.

        How could any body defend the opposite?

        Respect to the Marceau family.
        Greg Moore
        Ex Rangitoto college / Kristin school

      • Bye Denis, piss off elsewhere

  • RR

    What a fucking loser Denis is! 

    Please all visit – sign the peition, spread the word and if possible donate so we can change these SHIT laws.  In 81% of cases where the charge is for a violent offence, bail in granted YET this is the case for only 31% of traffic offenders – what is this country coming to?