Can this get any better? Ctd

The shit fight in the ALP is so awesome in its raw politics:

”CONTEMPT. Demeaning. Ludicrous. Psychopath. Chaotic. Paralysis. Dysfunctional. Impossible.”

These are the buzzwords of venom and vituperation that spewed forth from Labor ranks over the last week, directed at Kevin Rudd and his brand of leadership, spoken by a cabal of what was once his closest cabinet ministers.

Research compiled exclusively for the Herald by Media Monitors found Mr Rudd’s colleagues had been more negative in their commentary about the former leader than the collective disparagement of talkback callers towards either Mr Rudd or Julia Gillard at any time since the 2007 election.


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  • this one is fascinating for the fact that the public overwhelmingly prefer rudd over gillard..

    ..but the party prefers gillard..and don’t really want a bar of rudd…

    ..anyone else seeing a shearer/cunnliffe comparison here.. that party factor..? that rudd..cunnliffe is competent ..esp in parliament…

    ..but unliked by colleagues…(so we are told..)

    [email protected]

  • Hakim of phut

    You asked can it get any better ?

    Well it does :

    Prime Minister John Key has defended his Foreign Affairs Minister, saying although Murray McCully is not missing in action, he has “absolutely no clue” where he is 

    Can you imagine any boss saying that about a senior executive.?

  • Blokeintakapuna

    Labour – on both sides of the Tasman will implode into a cess pit of festering, back stabbing, incompetent, self-serving egotists all vying to push someone else under the bus or to carry the poisened challace mantle of “leadership” until they can orchestrate another “coup” closer to the next election.

    It all bodes well for a better NZ and Australia with anyone else getting a crack at Prime Minister.

    Keep up the usual in-fighting Labour – our countries need it!

  • Guest

    Time for the governor general to act. 

    Time to appoint Tony Abbott as caretaker PM until a snap election.

    • Hakim of phut

      Unlike Whitlam  she can get a majority in the Senate. Labour 31, Liberal 24

  • mara

    When Gillard retains power for now, she’ll still be illegitimate and he”ll still be a bastard.

    • Hakim of phut

      She won the last election, it doesnt get any better than that