Can this get any better?

The battle in Australia for the leadership of the Labor party and ultimately for Prime Minister is throwing up some awesome quotes:

“I think it’s time people accepted responsibility for their own actions,” he said.

“This thing is bigger than all of us. If I get mowed down by a bus tomorrow … the party is much bigger than me. It’s time for us to unite rather than divide. I say to my supporters, unite behind the government…But it having come to this, it should be resolved.”

Mr Rudd said reports that he called the Prime Minister a ”childless, atheist, former Communist” at a hotel in Adelaide were wrong.

“I don’t have any recollection of having said anything of the sort,” he said.

I believe Rudd…that quote is clearly wrong, there are no expletives in it. I’m not sure it is a good idea though to give suggestions for the resolution of this issue to the faceless men in the smoke-filled rooms. I’m sure the call has now gone out to the Bus Driver’s Union for volunteers for the “Rudd Solution”.


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  • Super_Guest

    Actually, even though I hope Aussie Labour lose (like any sane man) having lived through a childless atheist former communist being our PM, I think I’m now on Rudd’s side in the battle for who gets to lose the next Australian election.

  • Peter Wilson

    I’d say he said exactly that. Why else would he say he had “no recollection” of saying the words, as opposed to an outright denial. A bit like the old “I’m prepared to apologise……”

  • Blair Mulholland

    I still wish we had a Labour Party in New Zealand like the one they have in Australia.  Can you imagine anyone in NZ Labour complaining that a fellow party member was a former communist?

  • SHG

    Given Rudd’s slimy avoidance of the word “NO” I think it’s self-evident that he called Gillard exactly that.