Caving to Loonies

Gutless corporates in the UK have cut and run from a government initiative in the face of protests by less than a dozen nutters:

It is the Government’s flagship employment policy, designed to bring jobless youngsters back into the workplace.

Signed up to help were some of Britain’s biggest high street chains, among them Tesco, Waterstones and TK Maxx.

But in the course of only a week, high-profile protests have dealt a series of damaging blows to the multi-million-pound scheme to get people into jobs through unpaid work experience.

What is astonishing is that the demonstrations, which at first glance appeared to have a groundswell of popular support, are being orchestrated by a small number of highly disciplined Left-wing revolutionaries.

It can be revealed that a cabal of no more than half a dozen people are at the heart of those protests.

Courting the television cameras, the militants forced Tesco, Britain’s biggest private employer, into an embarrassing about-turn by occupying probably its smallest store last Saturday.

Twelve people protested in the Tesco Express opposite the Houses of Parliament, causing it to close for barely an hour.

But it was enough to lead the supermarket chain to effectively pull out of the Government’s “workfare” scheme, which offered jobless young people up to eight weeks’ work experience.

It left the Government embarrassed, but also puzzled that a well-intentioned proposal should have caused mayhem.

The so called groundswell is in fact about half a dozen committed loonies:

…investigations suggest the Coalition has been caught out by activists working for the Socialist Workers Party, a group that advocates the overthrow of capitalism via a Marxist revolution.

Using a front organisation called the Right to Work Campaign, the radicals have set about undermining what the Government considers vital job opportunities for millions of people.

Those masterminding the campaign include:

* The unemployed son of a retired Ministry of Defence scientist who has promised a wave of direct action;

* A full-time activist who in the past has led an attempt to storm the Royal Bank of Scotland’s London headquarters;

* A Glasgow University graduate who has travelled to Europe for anti-Nato protests which ended in violence;

* A bus driver who called for a Tahrir Square-style uprising against the Coalition.

Their latest protest, limited though it was, has had a snowball effect. Tesco put distance between itself and the scheme, and Waterstones, TK Maxx, Poundland, Oxfam and Burger King have declared that they will no longer take part.

UK corporate cowed by the the equivalent of Matt McCarten, Penny Bright and John Minto…pathetic cut and run behaviour.


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  • i have got a big cache on this one.. has been an unmitigated-disaster…

    ..and many of the big chains who signed up for it  are now running for the exit…

    ..the tales of abuse are legion..

    ..with accusations of ‘slave-labour’/gross-exploitation etc…..

    ..with unemployed teenagers being forced to clean toilets..for the whole of their ‘work-experience’ just one example..

    ..paid-workers are uncomfortable having unpaid workers doing the same work as them..(

    ..other paid-workers are unhappy with any overtime for them being soaked up by this free-labour..

    ..and guess what..?

    ..i’m picking nact are about to roll out a similar scheme here…

    ..they apparantly are choosing to learn nothing from this current/recent british disaster-example of ‘welfare-reform’… would hope that the howls of gross-exploitation by employers/unfairness here will close it down also..quick smart..

    [email protected]


    • nzd.gbp

      I’m all for it. Who cares if they clean toilets? So what? Someone has to clean toilets. It may just teach them that if they don’t make the most of their schooling then they’ll have to clean toilets for a living. It’s a great wakeup call. I did work experience when I was a kid at a boat builder’s yard. He gave me some sandpaper and stuck me under the hull of a yacht for a week. That was the stage the yacht was at and that’s the work that needed to be done. He did me a huge favour. Scared me right off the idea of sanding boats and right into uni, and all I lost was about 35 hours of my life. If he was around today I’d thank him. The problem with you phil and those like you is that you think work is demeaning. Your “big cache” means nothing to us who would rather work and pay our own way, those of us who feel it’s demeaning as adults to feed on the toil of others. 
      “big cache” indeed.

      • Catweasel321

        Perhaps the eye of Newt solution would suffice here, get children to clean toilets, cobble shoes or get into really tight places like narrow mine shafts. They’re a bunch of parasitic free loaders anyway. About time they started pulling their weight. Expecting an employeer to remunerate them is just typical of the me culture of todays youth. 

         What Phil doesn’t understand is that the harder one works the better it is for your soul and doubly so the less you get paid for it. I often promote this in my own salary negotiations. Just like countless CEO’s and lesser executives around the nation I routinely decline annual salary increases as demeaning and a denial of the richness that labour for its own sake brings.

        As for nzd.gbp and his 35 hours of sanding in the hull of a Yacht. Luxury! 

        I had to get up in the morning at ten o’clock at night half an hour before I went to bed, drink a cup of sulphuric acid, work twenty-nine hours a day down mill, and pay mill owner for permission to come to work, and when we got home, our Dad and our mother would kill us and dance about on our graves singing Hallelujah.

        Why, when I was a lad my dad said to me “Money doesn’t buy you happiness, son”

        Mind you if you try telling the youth of today that..they won’t believe you.

      • nzd.gbp

        I’d say that denying work experience to the unemployed is typical of the me culture of todays baby boomers. Can’t have them becoming independent now can we.

    • nzd.gbp

      Having said all that, I actually reckon you are paid to comment on this site. 

      •  i wish..!

        ..wanna start a fund..?

        [email protected]

      • nzd.gbp

        Well if you’re not then WO’s getting great value for money. You increase the comment stats for one and every site like this needs a baddie. You’re like the japanese fishing boat to whale’s…whale.

    • parorchestia

      All who can work should work, Phil.  Why should I work my butt off just so free-loaders can idle their days away?   Young entrants into the work force aren’t worth as much as experienced workers, so won’t get a job if their wages are enforced to be the same as experienced adult competitors – this is well attested phenomenon. 
      Get objective and learn some facts,or do you want us to be the same as Greece?

      • Catweasel321

        Like Greece? Do you mean they’ll end up borrowing large sums of money from Germans to speculate in property and fuel credit swap derivatives. So that is what paying youth wages leads to, the downfall of finance capitalism. Who’d of guessed.

      •  nzdp..i am aware of all that…

        ..and the faustian-deal/pact we have is that i am able to challenge the politics/ideas here of most…

        ..i see blogs as the welcome return of the old-school political meetings in packed halls..

        ..where both sides argues their case before an audience..

        ..and the strongest idea wins..

        ..and as such..they are a welcomed enhancement of a facet of the democratic-process… speech…

        ..and don’t worry..i piss the left/greens off as much as i do you lot…

        [email protected]

      • Catweasel321

        Are you a male prostitute?

      • nzd.gbp

        Hey Catweasel, I’d love to hear what you mean by “fuel credit swap derivatives”. The problem in Greece is property speculation and CDS’s? Seriously? Great throw aways from someone who has heard these terms at tea parties by the sound of it.

      • parorchestia

        Hi Catweasel321.  The problem is that the Greeks lived well beyond their means.  They are in so much debt that there is little chance they will ever 
        be able to repay it, or even service it.  We may feel sorry for them and rant
         and rave against the successful Germans who supplied most of the
        loans, but the fact remains that all Greeks lived far, far too well on other
        people’s money.
        They have to raise GST, reduce company tax to stimulate private enterprise,
        enforce the payment of taxes (Greece is a nation of tax dodgers), and reduce
        govt expenditure drastically if they are to survive as an economic unit.
        Methinks there’s a lesson or three in this mess for us in Godsown.

  • kehua

    This is exactly how SAFE work here in NZ, 6/7 hardcore nutters backed up by a few dozen Vegans and they get the ear of pricks like John Banksand John Campbell to give them credence.  Banks who would go to the opening of a can of baked beans to be seen, regurgitates their bullshit word for word and bugger me in the process gets a reputation as an  animal lover. Bullshit feeding on Bullshit.

  • Guest

    Stupid nutters fucking things up for kids who’re already disadvantaged…. Interesting how the ‘protesters’ all come from fairly well off/ affluent backgrounds and would have no difficulty getting a job themselves. Unpaid work experience is a great way for people to ‘get a foot in the door’, particularly for people who don’t have the advantages/skills to get an entry level job any other way. It isn’t slave labour or abuse – it’s a start, and everyone needs to start somewhere. I’m gutted for all those kids that this programme will now get canned all because some spoilt rich kids want to play at “activism”….. If they really wanted to do something useful and help people they could go and work as volunteers for one of the many underfunded organizations that run alternative education programs instead of pissing about organizing protests.

  • jay cee

    hows this for a crazy idea? pay them the dole and the minimum wage as long as this work experiment lasts. then everyone wins assuming that is the government is genuine about giving unemployed youth work experience and not just giving employers free labour for a couple of months.

    • nzd.gbp

      who said they lose their benefits while on work experience?

  • Brian Smaller

    Work experience is exactly that – experience. Better than sitting around getting up at the crack of noon and playing playstation all day. Cleaning toilets? So what? At twelve I had an after school job cleaning the toilets and smoko rooms in a few factories at the Mount.   It was great work experience for me, even though I got a pittance – the equivalent of about $2 an hour nowadays. I learnt how much cleaning other people’s shit up was not the career for me.

  • Peter Wilson

    The latest mantra from the lazy left is sustainable jobs, and “work with dignity.” I first heard this from Goff and even my Maori Party extremist wife was disgusted.

    Any job, any activitity is dignified, yes even cleaning. Some people are quite happy working “deadend” jobs, knowing they could lead somewhere. Meeting the right person, being in the right place is sometimes all it takes.

    Is it any wonder the right side of politics loathes the left, when all they can see is encouragement to be idle?

    Are greedy corporates taking advantage of workers? Of course, so what’s new. Is having a job, any job better than refusing one? Yes.