Celebrating 60 years on the throne with a crap website

It is the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee after 60 years on the throne:

Queen Elizabeth celebrated 60 years on the throne on Monday to become the second British monarch to reach that milestone.

During her reign, the royal family has faced tumultuous times and moments of plummeting popularity, above all after the death in 1997 of Princess Diana, the hugely popular ex-wife of her son and heir-to-the-throne Prince Charles.

But the royals are enjoying fresh support after the wedding last year of the queen’s grandson, Prince William, second-in-line to the throne, to Catherine Middleton.

Elizabeth II, 85, became queen aged 25 on February 6, 1952 on the death of her father George VI, while on tour in Kenya with her husband Prince Philip.

And to celebrate all sorts of things are planned:

Celebrations on Monday will be low key. The queen will spend the day carrying out formal duties in Norfolk, eastern England, visiting a town hall and a junior school.

There will be gun salutes at the Tower of London and at Hyde Park, while two specially commissioned photographs of the queen and Prince Philip will be published on a website launched to mark the jubilee.

Including a crap website that looks like it was built by 4 year olds.


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  • Anonymous

    Good for her.

  • Alex

    Good god that website is an insult! In the good old days, such things would not have been tolerated and the offenders promptly executed.  If you want to see the infantalisation of our culture, just see the website.  But seriously, why do we westerners not take any pride in, or respect for, anything these days?!   

  • Moderationitself01

    The website looks fine to me. The design has a studied naivete to it but that’s a style that is popular these days and is certainly not a shortcoming in talent of those who put it together. It was probably done to make the gig seem less distant and a bit more accessible to common folk.

    • Euan Rt

      You obviously settle for being moderate, and are not seeking to improve. Many of us moved on from this level of ‘moderation’ some years ago.

      • Moderationitself01

        … or perhaps you a cultural philistine who doesn’t understand the style and possible reasons for employing it.

      • Euan Rt

        Are you calling the ‘style’ used in this website as ‘cultural’? And you call me a cultural philistine? That is rich. Look in the mirror for your philistines.

  • Luke

    God Save the Queen!

    • Kimbo

      …fascist regime…she ain’t human!”

      No, just joking. God Bless you QEII and all who sail in her.

      A magnificent sovereign, one of the best ever.

  • Anonymous

    The site is an awful mess

  • Kosh103

    Who cares about the website. God save the Queen, well done Liz, I look foward to your Platinum Jubilee.

    • jonno1

      Shock, horror! I agree with Kosh.

    • Angry Croc

      I must losing it, Kosh has said something reasonable for a change.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Queen Elizabeth has spent 60 years
    on the throne today.

    Maybe her Dr. can prescribe
    something for her irritable bowel.

  • jay cee

    bravo, bravo, you pathetic forelock tuggers. as soon as betty windsor karks it the sooner this country can have a serious discussion about becoming a republic.

    • Anonymous

      Lol  , the peasants are revolting…….but yeah once she `s gone maybe we can dump this 19th century anachronism.

    • Kosh103

      Why? What would becoming a republic chage? We should be proud of our royal ties.

      • Dion

        Exactly.  Why is our country so insecure in its identity that we have to go and change everything?

    • Thorn

      Spoken like the old,disgruntled failed teacher, now barely functioning toilet cleaner that you are. Your life and your cheesy offspring count for nothing. God Save The Queen you filth.

      • jay cee

        my my was i a thorn in your side or what? want to throw in the fact that i’m also a jjp as well who has  sworn to be a loyal servant to hm, but i am also  proud to be an independent  new zealander. a rather clean one actually.

    • Dion

      Are you David Farrar in disguise?

    • I will never support a Republic so long as Helen Clark and Jim Bolger are alive.

    • Thorn

      A JP indeed! By wishing HRM ‘karks it’ for your own political ends, your behaviour is disreputable and breaches both the Code of Conduct and Ethics. At the very least, it casts considerable doubt on your ability to be acceptable to all manner of people. By declaring yourself to be a JP Mr F, you have the obligation to declare your full name, street address and telephone number. God the Save the Queen, and damn those who wish HM harm.

      • jay cee

        never said i wished her harm or dead. ony that she is as mortal as the rest of us and when the day shall surely come then we can have a debate about where the country goes from there. you doth protest your love of royalty too much, are you hoping for  gong? by the way, that was not a typo i did say JJP
         as in judicial justice of the peace. what has been your conribution to society these past 20 odd years? 

  • Orange

    That website is rather bad. eg. incomplete border around central photo

    • Alex

       not to mention that it looks like my little ponys will start galloping out.  I want to know what Prince Phillip said when he saw it!

      • ConwayCaptain

        My Little aPony’s start galloping out!!!  Do you mean that Philip fancies Jacinda Ardern???  Heaven forbid!!!

  • tas

    The website made me laugh.

    On a more serious note: We need to strengthen our ties to the UK, not sever them. I strongly oppose cutting our constitutional ties to the UK merely for ideological purity.

    God save the Queen!

    • Kimbo

      What do you mean strenthen our constitutional ties with the UK? We have no formal ones I can think of other than shared membership of the Commonwealth.

      QEII is the Queen of New Zealand. That she is also the Queen of the UK, and is resident there is constitutionally irrelevant to us.

      Also, once Helen Clark abolished the right of appeal to the Privy Council, and inintiated the NZ Supreme Court, it effectively renders it impossible/highly unlikely that link will ever be restored.

      But I’m all ears to hear what you mean.

      But no, I don’t think we should become a republic.

      • tas

        We share a head of state. It may be symbolic, but it’s important.

        NZ citizens in the UK can vote, stand for office, and get free healthcare. Do you think those privileges will stay if we continue to distance ourselves from our history?

        We gain nothing by becoming a republic, but we have a fair bit to lose.

    • Kimbo

      “NZ citizens in the UK can vote, stand for office, and get free
      healthcare. Do you think those privileges will stay if we continue to
      distance ourselves from our history?”

      Really? I s that a special entitlement for Kiwis? Thanks, I didn’t know that. Does that apply to all Kiwis, including Maori, or just the ones who have at least a British grand parent?

      Because it certainly doesn’t apply the other way around, as per Aussies living here. Unfortunately, Brits are classed as just another immigrant group.

      Also, yes, we share a head of state with the UK, and she is British, but then we also share her with Uganda, Guyana, and Nigeria.

      But thoroughly agree we have very little of substance to gain, and a fair bit to lose if we become a republic. Republics also seem to have an inherent need to do dumb stuff like write down a constitution. Nothing but trouble, and they just give legal idiots like Geoffrey palmer a chance to meddle. God save us if we ever rely on lawyers to set the agenda for the nation. Give me flexible pragmatic Westminster Parliamentary democracy, ruled over by disinterested (but not uninterested) constitutional monarch every time!