Channeling Phil, Ctd

UK Labour seems to be channeling Phil Goff‘s failed campaign and reign and Labour leader. While there is the constant speculation over the leadership of Ed Miliband there is also the inept leadership considering following in Phil Goff’s campaign footsteps:

A new ritual has been initiated in the bars of Westminster. Whenever a Tory and a Liberal Democrat meet for a drink, they start by saying what is now called “the Coalition prayer”. Closing their eyes and clutching their glasses, they say in unison: “Lord, protect and keep Ed Miliband – as leader of the Labour Party.” It is uttered in all seriousness, even by atheists. The Opposition ought to be miles ahead in the opinion polls, punishing the Government for its failure to grow the economy; instead, it is divided and disorientated, its residual strengths eclipsed by the near-comic shortcomings of a wonkish leader. His enemies just can’t believe their luck.

Even if they do change the leader it appears that they will channel our Labour party:

At the next election, Labour will be able to ask the Ronald Reagan question: are you better off than you were five years ago? The answer for most Brits may well be “no”, and this ought to be devastating for the Government. It would take a monumentally inept Labour leader not to capitalise on this. And this is why the “Coalition prayer” is being offered in Westminster bars: because Labour has found just the chap. Without him, the party would have all to play for.

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