Chart of the Day

Cactus Kate referenced it, some people have been asking about it. It is the Half plus Seven Rule for Relationships:


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  • Argon

    If you plotted Hugh Hefner on this graph would it be a (roughly) horizontal line?

  • Brian Smaller

    Where do I sign up for my 32 year old?

  • Gazzaw

    Are you allowed to trade in a fifty year old for two twenty five year olds?

  • JAX

    Scary –  as someone who is 34 this year,  apparently I can get myself a nice 24 year old girl .   I can dig that.    On the other hand I could end also end up with a 55 year old woman and that would be ok.     My mother is 55 years old so now im feeling a bit ill.     I think this graph only really makes sense when looking down,  not up in age. 

    • sthnjeff

      As a 45 year old, it is worse….. A 30 year old Girlfriend or a 75 yearold!!! I also feel ill!!

      • Richard B. (formally poorman)

        Get one of each!!!

  • RightNow

    That black line at the top shouldn’t be linear, it should converge with the blue line after a maximum divergence around x=25 after which a male starts to transition from ‘cougar bait’ to ‘desperate’ if the woman is significantly older. 

    “50 is the new 40 for men. 50 is still 60 for women” – some FAG in 30 Rock.