Chart of the Day

States in America that allow gay marriage vs. States that allow first cousins to marry.

In America, there are more states in which you can marry your first cousin than states in which you can marry the love of your life — if that first cousin is of the opposite sex but that love of your life is of the same sex. Same-sex marriage is illegal — not just not possible, but specifically outlawed, sometimes via a constitutional amendment, in 31 states, and legal only in six states, Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, along with the District of Columbia.

But marriage between first cousins — despite the aspects of incest and potential for genetic risk — is legally condoned far more than same-sex marriage.

Interestingly NZ forbids same sex marriage yet allows first cousins to marry.


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  • ConwayCaptain

    It is alright for 1st cousins to marry every now and then in a family tree, howvefre if it is done evry generation or so that is when problems arise.

    Look at the weak blood lines in European Royalty that bought about the Hapsburg Lip, the haemaphilia in the Russian royal house.

    In the UK the number of genetic disorders in the Amish etc is phenomenal.

    In the UK about 30% of egentic disorders treated by the NHS are in the Pakistani Community.  When this is raised they all shout “racism”.

    The problem we now have is these girls getting preganant at 16 or so and then having children by other fathers, many dont know who the father is.  Eventually we could get 1/2 brothers and sisters marrying and they do not know that they are related at all.

  • Mr_Blobby

    I have given this some thought, more than 15 seconds. Like everything it comes back to the Question, in this case it is. Why are America, Russia and Chine so fucked up?
    I used to think it was the active inbreeding program in America, overpopulation in China and brain freeze in Russia.
    Then one day it hit me, what do all three have in common.
    They all drive on the wrong side of the road.

  • Blair Mulholland

    This is kind of obsessive.  If you’re gay you can already have a civil union.  What is the big deal about the word “marriage”?

    My view is that there are far more people who value marriage as a social arrangement between a man and a woman than there are who want to marry another man or another woman.  So it becomes a utilitarian argument.  There’s no serious human rights violation here. Men can still have sex with each other.  They can still live together.  Under NZ law they are legally married in all but name after two years living together anyway.  Can’t they just leave the word “marriage” alone?

    I am not interested in promoting long term homosexual relationships and I am not interested in discriminating against them.  But for some people, including Whale Oil it seems, that is not good enough, and we must be forced to applaud the redefinition of something which is by definition hetrosexual.

  • Peter Wilson

    This push towards gay marriage, while mildly annoying is becoming a little over the top. I have to wonder why cousin marriage is deemed ok, and, according to the link provided, wiki says the genetic risk is “relatively small.” I’m picking it’s probably around the same kind of range of other risks of giving birth, smoking for example during childbirth.

    And until I read about someone condoning incest between consenting adults, give up on the homosexual marriage already! Otherwise it comes across as supporting a populist cause, rather than one based on logic and fact. And yes, gay marriage exists already, good! Leave it there.

    • Blair Mulholland

       Yes, it’s about populism.  I think many people on the Right secretly want the Grey Lynn elite to respect them, and they think supporting “liberal” causes will somehow stop the Left from thinking they are evil.  I’m not saying liberal causes are always right or always wrong, but that’s the motivation in a lot of cases, and it makes stealing underpants seem like sound politics.

      The Left will NEVER respect us.  They think we are evil cunts, and we should accept that, and stick up for what’s right and get on with it.  Throwing them bones on things we regard as unimportant is never going to make gentlemen of them.

      Gay men can already start gay churches, ordain gay ministers, and have all the gay weddings they want so that gay couples can say they are gay married.  But apart from puzzling why they would even want government sanction for what they call their arrangement, I don’t see why they should get it.  My desire to have marriage mean a formalised heterosexual relationship is just as equally valid as theirs is to have it apply to their own relationship.