Chart of the Day

A correction of the SST wonky charts at Stats Chat:

I don’t recall Labour or the Greens or Winston Peters protesting all those land sales to Americans, Canadians, Israelis, Swiss, or Italians….but boy have they carped on about sales to Chinese investors.

The numbers just don’t support their worry, even when you add in the Westpac Farms formerly owned by the Crafar family.


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  • JonBSails

    I have heard many talkback callers ring in on their fear that the Chinese are coming in, buying up large tracts of land and are on the verge of taking us over… That the Government must step in and stop the sales of land… That the Government shouldn’t sell the land… Blah, blah, blah… They need to come to this site and have all their wild misunderstandings flushed away.

    • Hakimofphut

      Why do we have  overseas people going through a process to get permission in the first place ?
      many many countries have the same sort of rules. 
      Australia  told the Chinese to take a jump when they wanted to buy up natural resources but the Swiss Xstrata  ( Mt Isa) didnt have a problem.

  • Minto59

    Would those malaysians be chinese by chance

    • Euan Rt

      I hope you are not being racist. Is a 4th generation chinese person from NZ, a chinese person or a NZer for the sake of the above statistics?

    • Gazzaw


      And would the Israelis be Israelis? The Canadian money is just as likely to be from Chancouver.  As for the Swiss, Luxembourg & Monaco money, well who would know.

      Who gives a flying fuck? Only the xenophobes & political scaremongers.

  • Hakimofphut

    Whats farms have  been sold  to Liechtenstein ?
    Name one.
     The place is a tax haven   so is usually a post box for some company, that otherwise doesnt  have any local residents.

    • Alex

      Yawn.  Must you try to divert the post with irrelevancy?  Whether or not farms have been sold to Liechtensteiners (as opposed to shelf companies) doesn’t alter WO’s message, does it.  Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s your hero — and saint of Labour crony capitalism — Michael Fay.  After all Liechenstein is just down the road from where he lives in tax exile.

      • Hakimofphut

        Fay lives in NZ ! Hes probably here more often than Key

      • Gazzaw

        And why wouldnt he spend a lot of time here HoP? Rumour has it that he’s built himself a nice little place down on Mercury Island courtesy of your labour mates & funded by the kiwi taxpayer.

      • Greg M

        My late brother built Mr Fay’s retreat at Mercury island.
        He held Mr Fay in the highest of respect, and enjoyed his time contracting for him.

  • Dr Wang

    Yes, but like the reframing of “Global Warming” to “Climate Change” (aka “weather”), the inconvenient truth of this chart will be rebuffed with…”yes, but it’s different with the Chinese because they’re building vertical supply chains…blah blah blah”

    flip flop flip flop…

    • Hakimofphut

      Explaining is losing !

      So we do want  to sell  to Chinese construction company which wouldnt know the difference between a Jersey and a Fresian. And on the way the National government has been  holding their hand  and working behind the scenes to get around the rules.

      • Yep so what. Sell to the highest bidder, I say.

      • BD

        Who cares, will be able to buy it back from them for less than what it was sold if they muck it up and dont know what they are doing.

      • Kim Arnold

        man you are a dickhead…and Michael Fay does not live in New Zealand, his daughter quite happily sponges of the tax payer and probably you do….

  • Why are the Chinese different?


    These farms are bought by the Chinese Govt (disguised as global corporates) to feed Chinese communists. When food becomes in short supply, whose is going to get first crack at the production from these farms?

    Not NZers.

    Also, why give the Chicom Generals a beach head in NZ or any country? Once these farms are owned by false fronts for the Chinese government, any chance for NZers to take them back in times of food shortages gives the Chinese an opportunity for military intervention.

    Remember National PM Jenny Shipley selling out protesting NZers to the Chinese Communist Party dignataries by parking a bus between them and the hihgh ranking commies?

    Don’t trust the National Party- Not the party they once were and unethical to the core.

    • Tim

      1) What rot. So a few NZ dairy farms are going to feed China – yeah right!
      2) Put up or shut up! Show us the proof of National’s corruption.

    • BD

      HAHAHAHA 15 dairy farms to feed 1 billion mouths! The dairy production from this would barely give them enough each to put in a cup of tea!

  • Anonymous

    Would like to agree with Whale on this one, but.
    Have just come back from Asia and the rules are not the same, it is not an even global field, most countries do not allow foreigners to buy land, you have to be a citizen. So is it fair and equitable they can come here and buy whatever they like and that we in return are not. I think not, the same goes for residency.

    • Kim Arnold

      one of the most “closed” places i have been is Norfolk Island…talk about keeping everything in the “families”

  • “What rot. So a few NZ dairy farms are going to feed China – yeah right! ”

    Typical uninformed uneducated NZ socialism supporter. NZ’s farms are only part of the scheme you miserably ignorant little fuckwit. The Chicoms are buying agricultural land across the globe, in Australia, Nth America and Sth America to name a few examples.

    As well a  this, they’re buying petroleum fields, mineral fields and various other commercial entities at record levels.

    These deals are not being done by capitalists. They’re being actioned by communists funded by the wealth of the Chinese government, who are also spending record amounts on weaponry.

    If you cannot see the difference between these investments and investment by conventional western venture capitalists then you’re even more of a fuckwit than you already appear.

    And if you  think the intentions of the Chinese Generals are peaceful and harmless then you should ask the people locked in their dungeons for protesting for democracy. Or if the dead could talk you could ask the millions killed since the revolution.

    The Chinese Communists are bad news- end of story.

  • Simon

    Don’t have a welfare state in China Red.  Got to spend all that trade surplus money on
    something. NZ would be buying mineral wealth, farms & commercial operations
    around the world as well if we didn’t have a welfare state either.

  • “NZ would be buying mineral wealth, farms & commercial operations
    around the world as well if we didn’t have a welfare state either.”

    You just cannot think outside the government sphere can you? How sad that NZers, once a nation of proudly self reliant and independent individuals is now apparently a nation of milling sheep.

    The NZ government should not ever be wealthy. It is NZ citizens who should be wealthy, and able to buy land anywhere they want by way of their own commercial success.

    You are right about one thing only and that is that welfarism has ruined the NZ psyche.

    But that is the price of socialism, the religion that so many NZers are so sadly addicted to. Even the National Party, whose founding principles should bar them from ever partaking of this poisonous political delusion, are hooked on the utopian dream.

    If National had stuck to its principles, and not so weakly succumbed to the Marxist onslaught of the last fifty years, NZers would be rich and have no need to sell their farms to sleazy little commie murderers and thieves.