Chart of the Day – Wages outstripping inflation

There was much fuss during the election campaign from Labour about wages and inflation. Labour claimed during the election that inflation was outstripping wages. They ran extensive advertising to that effect.

A few days ago the EPMU has sent out a newsletter to their members and it has the above graph in it proving that Labour’s entire campaign was based on a lie. Using the EPMU’s own figures we can see that wages have in fact outstripped inflation.

Plus over the same 5 year period quoted by the EPMU, average weekly full time earnings (before tax) have gone up 19.5%. So if the EPMU has only been getting 17% wage increases then they are behind the game – non-unionised workers have got more than this.

The EPMU have called Labour on its lies, good on them for their honesty.  Labour claimed during the election the “fact” that inflation was rising faster than wages.  They also had billboards.

Funny how the EPMU have now used this argument of rising wages to justify the increase in fees.  Opportunist much?

Because wages have gone up 17% and the rises are outstripping inflation, the Union thinks it is ok that their fees have gone up by 12%.

Basically the Union is arguing that wages are rising faster than inflation.

Maybe they should tell Labour.


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  • Wondeirng

    Dude, you make no sense, is this just an anti-labour blog?

    • much love

      Just Google’d your name, see you have national in your blood, figures. Have fun with the hypocrisy, for every offence you find with labour you can with national, and half the time they are guilty for the same thing.
       Try writing your point of view from the middle a bit more  ; ) would make this blog interesting or at least relevant 

      • Euan Rt

        Try using your real name. We like to be open and honest here. Cam has never made any apology of where he comes from. If you want a ‘more middle’ of the road blog, hows about you start your own? Just where is the middle of your road?

      • OR you could always go to “The Standard” for an “alternative” point of view – we wont stop you

      • I’ve found that if you stay in the middle of the road you generally get run down by both sides.

    • Than

       Cameron makes no secret of his politics or his party associations. Some of his posts are pure opinion. All will be subject to his own spin. But many, including this one, contain very useful facts.

      The image is something the EPMU published in their newsletter. The video clip is a Labour election ad. The two make directly contradictory claims, so one or the other must be lying.

      •  ahem..!..oops..!

        the wage increase stat you are using is the raises for union members’ one..

        ..and actually supports the case to be in a union..

        (non-union raise was 13%..)

        [email protected]

      • Than

         …your posting style is incredibly annoying

        … it makes your comments not worth the trouble to read

        i usually ignore your comments and will continue in future

  • much love

    Eh, this is almost painful in responding, what I thought this blog was going to be is a ‘neutral’ commentary of politics, it seems to be, after looking through about a year of posts, a big pro-national anti-labour/green circle jerk, which is fine. But for a website with such high traffic rates it is a bit tragic. The reason I think its tragic is I thought New Zealander’s who bothered to go on sites like this wouldn’t just want a old-run of the mill one-sided, no-debates-i’m-the-king-of-the castle-style blogs (here referring to the ‘rules’ of the site), or maybe New Zealand would be too small, for this sort of blog which is seen so commonly when browsing the depths of the american blogosphere.
    I don’t post my real name cause I’m use to the internet culture of not posting you identity, unless its facebook, then you tag that shit up.
    My first point wasn’t really about calling him up on this article, it was more the fact that the whole blog seems to ruthlessly point out anything labour has done wrong, but not the same policy when it comes too national.
    The whole reason I came to this site in the first place was hoping to find a blog which did a better job than all the Political reporters (and John Cambell, is he even a politcal reporter? what is his job title?) which we are normally subjected too.

    TL;DR Thought one of New Zealands visited blogs would have been a bit more middle grounded 

    • Guest

      A blog (a portmanteau of the term web log)[1] is a personal journal published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete entries (“posts”) typically displayed in reverse chronological order so the most recent post appears first. Blogs are usually the work of a single individual, occasionally of a small group, and often are themed on a single subject.

      Source: Wikipedia

      Considering this is Whales “personal journal” on a “single themed subject” I am sure when he opens up blog topic requests like a fucking karaoke bar you will be the first person he contacts.

    • Euan Rt

      You can always troll various blogs and find your own middle ground. Hiding behind a nom de plume is not honest though. Some here use their full names others like myself use first names and initials. It makes for more honesty. We are happy to hear and discuss any considered views and enjoy chewing the fat together. You are not required to conform to anyones view, but it is appreciated if you present valid arguements. As Than has stated, this subject above does have relevance; if you disagree, please say so and why.

      • Greg M

         Agreed Euan, I have noticed more of the regulars, me included, are now using their own name, it does seem to make things more honest.
        I will make an exception for Ballsack, given that he is undercover etc  :-}

        WO makes a very good point in this thread, one or both of the above parties are telling lies, again.

      • Agent BallSack

        @ Greg…A while back I did link my profile to my FB page but everyone else was anonymous, so I removed the link. Plus it gives ammo to the trolls who remain anonymous and can attack you without recourse to the same inside knowledge.

    • Agent BallSack

      After Trolling a year of posts, surely you noticed Cam despises wasteful Blue dross as much as Green, Red and Brown. In saying that, this is a right wing blog, so your opinion. whilst hateful, is tolerated.

    • Than

       If you find a good ‘neutral’ blog please let me know. I mean this in all seriousness, because I have yet to find one.

      For better or worse, a neutral blog is basically a contradiction in terms. My experience is that anyone motivated enough to write a blog is also motivated enough to have strong political views. All the blogs I have read (WhaleOil. Kiwiblog, Bowalley Road, The Standard, No Right Turn) have strong views. The better blogs allow dissent in their comments, and the best consider and comment on opposing views in their blog posts.

      WhaleOil gets a 100% in the first catagory (I have not observed him banning or censoring someone without very solid grounds), and about 40% in the second.

    • Guestosterone

      you’re off topic you fucking sanctimonious troll

  • jay cee

    not with you on this one, wondering, as anyone reading my posts will know i’m a “lefty” – a useful tip, unless you are prepared to die a slow death by asphyxiation it may not be a good idea to hold your breath waiting for an apology for that fact. but i digress, the reason i enjoy this blog is because it is not middle of the road. i enjoy a good debate and i know i wont get one if all i’m talking to are a lot of like minded souls. (nice to have “likes” clicked on my posts though)  

    • Euan Rt

      I have liked your posts JC, but not many.

  • stephen

    The document that the graphic is from makes it clear that the 17% average increase is for EPMU members only. The Labour campaign was about average increases in all wages. Completely different things. The fact is union member’s wage increases were higher than the national average over the time period looked at and comparing the EPMU graphic and Labour’s campaign advertisement together show that nicely. Good to see such information getting a wider airing though I suspect that was not the original point.

    The graphic is nothing more than a simplistic way of doing a cost-benefit analysis of becoming/staying an EPMU member and shows they benefits outweigh the costs. There may be possible flaws in the graphic and the figures it’s based on that could be looked into if one is inclined to want to show the union the exaggerating the case. I’ll leave that to someone more motivated in that area though. :)

    • Euan Rt

      How do you support your claim that unionised workers got more than non unionised?