Child Abuse? I don’t think so

The other day I posted a video of a father shooting up his daughters laptop. Now the wowsers are all up in arms accusing the father of child abuse:

The above video of Tommy Jordan shooting his daughter’s laptop in retaliation for a nasty Facebook post about her parents has gone viral, with over 22 million views in five days. Mary Champagne excoriates the dad:

One does not have to demand respect through fear, maintain leadership by crushing opposition, or convince oneself that iron fisted authority is an expression of love. There are many examples of fathers who garner respect and obedience from their children through authoritative rather than coercive parenting. These are not laissez faire, “hippy”, disengaged parents who abdicate responsibility for limit setting and leadership. But they achieve the balance of raising healthy and capable children while still having their love and respect as they reach adulthood.

Elizabeth Wilson goes further:

If a husband shot a .45 into a wife’s computer, I have no doubt it would be considered an act of domestic violence.  But there seems to be a lot of support for the father out there.


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  • Agree Whaleoil – wowsers – geez folks get a bloody life already – jealous you didn’t think of this first or something?

    • Tom

      From the sounds of things, I don’t think the whale calves would be up to such silly carryings-on..

  • joe bloggs

    Mary Champage also accuses the father of gender abuse and misogyny – which sums up in a nutshell her delusional state…

  • Hagar

    So if you destroy your own computer would it be “suicide”

  • Anonymous

    Seems there’s a bunch of delusionals out there

    • Tom

      Mate, we have some the best specimens right here in NZ!

  • Agent BallSack

    Its gone crazy on facebook. One person I saw wanted to post it on their sons wall but is blocked from their facebook page. The only thing I think is it goes on a bit long and he does seem to be getting some vindictive drunken pleasure from it.

  •  A shotgun would have been better..

  • Anonymous

    WTF? Shooting a computer = assault????????


    PC brigade at it again.

  • Liberty

    Tommy might be a bit pissed off. Most people  would be. But he is over reacting .

    The kid wrote on face book. Big deal.  How many people would have read it.

    10, 20  may be 100.
    Some kid having a bitch who cares. nothing new in that.

    So this irrational twit 
    complains about spending $1 on a bullet 
    while destroying  a laptop that
    would have cost hundreds.

    By any chance does Tommy 
    live in Alabama.

    • Doug_S

      You obviously don’t have a teenage daughter. I too have experienced the same issues as Tommy. Granted I have not shot the computer she uses but bloody hell I would if I could. I love my girl but sometimes they are vindictive little cows and yes they get some satisfaction out of denigrating their parents on Bookface. I had to literally wrestle my laptop from my daughter at 2:30 am a couple of weeks ago. She did not have permission to use it and her parting shot number 1 after I retrieved it was “I hate you”..Girls do that to dads because they know it makes us feel guilty. Her second shot was to get right back on Bookface and tell her buddies all manner of nasties about how I retrieved my computer (lies of course) but it didn’t stop the calls from worried family members that I might of over reacted (which i did not). 

      To all the dads of teenage daughters out a man. Stand up to them and teach them a lesson when they misbehave. Don’t be a pussey. There is nothing wrong with iron fisted authority (so long as there is no violence) it serves to gain the respect you deserve as a parent. There is no PC crap in my household. You do bad then to suffer the consequences if that means no computer and no cellphone and grounding then good. If you want to stay over at your mates place on the weekend..NO too bad. If you want to go to the mall with your mates after school..NO too bad…and Diddums!

      Cry all you like..the crocodile tears don’t work on me now..they used to but not anymore. She may in her words “hate” me for a while but with any luck she will eventually become a parent herself and at least I will given her the tools to deal with her own children when they create..and they will!

      • Liberty

        Doug you make a valid point.

        I have no problem with constructive  punishment .

        Like  turning of the
        broadband etc

        Tommy has got it wrong. He puts more value  in the cost

        Of bullets then his relationship with his daughter.

      • Thorn

        Well said and my respects to you for setting boundaries and keeping to them. Children need a steadfast parent much more than a buddy in these critical development years.

    • Thorn

      Are you related to Ure?

      • Libertyy

        Who is Ure?

  • How the hell is that child abuse? The only thing wrong is that he used a .45 instead of a nice quad barrelled 16 gauge shotgun – which would of probably blown the computer back to China where it came from. Although nice gun and nice ammo to go with it.

  • MrV

    It is not abuse. But it is terribly wasteful of a perfectly functioning computer.
    Sure he can obviously afford to destroy it and buy a new one. But why not donate it to her school or a special needs centre etc

    These sort of things posted online give Americans a bad name because they just dont realise how good they have it and now much of a consumer society they have become.

    • Hagar

      Ah, but there is another way of lookng at it, the bullet manufacturing company now has more stock to sell, thus keeping more people employed, cant you see that this was his way of improving the US economy.

  • Anonymous

    The man in the vid is awesome, the women in the post are limp-wristed twats.

  • Kiwidon

    Actually it was a very poor group – needs more practice, much more practice…………

  • Ksoh103

    He was angry at his daughter and his end reaction was to pull a gun. Emotional abuse to say the very least.

    • phronesis

      If he was a muslim the daughter who disrespected her father would have been on the receiving end of that gun.

      • Ksoh103

        And how does that make what he did right?

    • Tony V

      Nope, nothing of the sort.  I’ve been following this for a few days now and the issue has been sorted.  She knows she was in the wrong and is taking steps to replace her laptop, at her own cost.  Some nutters called the Police and CPS fearing for the childs safety.  Both of those agencies found no cause for concern with the childs well-being.

      Apparently an ‘entire squad of detectives’ gave him an attaboy.  As do I.

      • Ksoh103

        Thats nice.

        It was still abuse.

  • Thorn

    Kosh, you closet predator,  what would a perverted porn pedant of a pederast pedagogue know about positive parenting?

    • Ksoh103

      Oh my you are a brave little thing behind your screen.


      • Thorn

        It was a question you pathetic prostrate prober.

      • Ksoh103

        No Thorn, it was sad and pathetic. Thats what it was, and if thats how you want to post then you are becoming more pathetic than I thought you were.

      • Thorn

        The parents have a right to know about the sex monster who responsible for their children.

      • Greg M

        Thorn, that’s over the top dude.
        Play the ball, not the man.
        My music teacher way back in 79 was openly gay, he was, and is a good bastard that I am still in contact with.
        Not my lifestyle choice, but none of my business either. Keep on topic mate. G

      • Ksoh103

        How pathetic Thorn. You little bully tactics will not work. I am not someone who resposds well to worthless fucktards who try and threaten me. When a disgusting little arse stain like you attempt to use your stupid bully tactics it just makes me more determind to to have my say and slap you down hard.

        So if you think your nasty little game will make me go away, then you are as stupid and you are disgusting.

        Bring it on fuckface.

      • Thorn

        What do you know about positive parenting?
        My child is safer with people Tommy Jordan than with emotional nightmares like you. You are a self-appointed champion of a broken system but refuse to answer questions in a balanced fashion. Instead you snipe away. When it all comes back at you, you claim bullying. Its not about your sexual preferences, its about you being a prat.

      • Ksoh103

        Thorn – you accused me of being a sexual moster- do not try to fucking squirm out of it now you understand your stupid retarded mistake. If you are going to make that kind of a claim then you bloody better be ready to say it in public where you will have to deal with the consiquences of your disgusting childish bullying tactics.

        I am not surprised someone like you thinks this idiot did a good thing in pulling a gun. If this is YOUR idea of good parenting then I genuinly have concerns for the way you view child displine.

    • jay cee

      your contrition over calling someone a child molester didn’t last long did it?

  • Dion

    How the hell is shooting a computer an act of violence?  I say we need Lyn Prentace on here to explain the difference between man / machine and the finer points of the Strong AI hypothesis.

  • Joes

    I missed the original post. But since you decided to use this, does that mean that you liked my tip via the tipline?

    • Joes

       bah just ignore me, I’d delete that comment if I could.

  • Steve P

    “If a husband shot a .45 into a wife’s computer, I have no doubt it would be considered an act of domestic violence.”
    Well sure, given that a man “using logic” on his wife is considered by some to be domestic abuse: 

  • Andrew McMillan

    He’s a bully, I certainly wouldn’t want him for a father.

    • Thorn

      I suspect Tommy would be bitterly disappointed having you around.

  • Greg M

    If he had put the laptop on a bucket of tannerite and then shot it ,( youtube search Tannerite) I may have been impressed.

    • phronesis

      Couldn’t use a .45 though as tannerite needs a high velocity round to detonate. At least the stuff I make does…

      • Greg M

        Agreed, my service issue FNP9 wouldn’t pop it,  but the 30.06 magnum (Greg’s elephant gun) sure does !

  • He paid for the laptop and all the upgrades and is the FATHERin the relationship….so he can damn well discipline the little bitch as he see’s fit…

    • Ksoh103

      What a disgusting post. “The bitch” is his daughter, and pulling a gun is no way to parent.

      • Super_Guest

        Here comes Kosh and his DipEd in Psychology. Typical teacher thinking he knows people’s kids more than the parents do.

      • Ksoh103

        Guess what super, I am allowed to have an opinion even if YOU dont like it.

        So stiff shit.

        And if you think calling a 16/17 yr old girl “that bitch” for grumbling about having to do things around the house is all fine and dandy, then I will simply say, we have VERY different morals and child raising ways. And I very much perfer my ones which have worked out quite well.

  • Greg M

    As a parent of a 15 yo daughter I’m err.. on the fence on this one. Doug S, above , is exactly right. James , I agree , but I can’t see how demolishing something the kid hasn’t worked and paid for is going to teach her anything.
    I totally see, every day, where this guy is coming from but I’m still not in agreement with his solution.
    P.S. if you want to post something on someones Facebook wall, set up a false Gmail or hotmail, then a false facebook using that email, and post away!
    I once posted a close up photo of my willy with the message ” I miss you slippy, love Cyril” using this method.
    It was most effective.

  • Brett Dale

    Have to disagree here with then supporters of Tommy, Ive written a few posts aabout him, I think he is a liar and a bully and parts of his story doesn’t right. He has embarrass his daughter for monetary  gain, I think he is a creep.