Chris Christie’s Top 10 Quotes

Chris Christie’s top 10 quotes:

2. “First off it’s none of your business. I don’t ask you where you send your kids to school. Don’t bother me about where I send mine.” – June 17, 2011, on not wanting to discuss where he sends his kids to school.

8. “Well, you know what then, you don’t have to do it.”— May 25, 2010, in response to a New Jersey teacher who said she should be paid more.



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  • Hakimofphut

     Don’t bother me about where I send mine”

    He doesnt have to be Governor if he doesnt want to be a public figure

  • Pita

    Too bad that he’s a believer in the “Manbearpig” theory…

  • Anonymous

    To be fair  the top 10 quotes are a little underwhelming, the dearth of credible strong political candidates is a worldwide problem.
    George Carlin has it right.

  • Hakimofphut

    New Jersey  is overwhelming a democratic party state, and one of the richest  per capita in The US ( coincidence? or would you prefer  dirt poor red state Mississippi)

    Come next election the Gov will be Gone. Perhaps those teachers will go door knocking and fund raising

  • He will not need to be governor for long, next stop the White House

    • Hakimofphut

      Not in the running for President.  He either  runs for re election or is out of a job.

      Short term governors who could be President … heard of Palin, she has  much better pulling power  with the crazies than Christie