Christchurch, 22/2 12:51

This image was taken of Christchurch immediately after the earthquake which killed 185 people one year ago today:


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  • Ciaron_A

    Thankyou, brother.

  • Spawn

    You’re missing a word in there.

    • Spawn

       or two even

      • Ciaron_A

        Piss off.

  • Spawn

    Lovely. I was just trying to alert the author to the fact that his sentence doesn’t make sense. I don’t see how that warrants telling me to ‘piss off’. Grow up.

    • Ciaron_A

      This is not the post for pedantry so again, Piss off.

      • Spawn

         It’s not the post for crass words either. I was genuinely alerting the author to an error that was easily fixable and obviously a typo. I didn’t mean it in a nasty way – I just thought that if there was going to be a post about this it should be correct and read correctly. Way to blow things out of proportion. As you were.

    • Peter Wilson

      It no biggie. But an error in one of the posts (written by WO) is best remedied by a direct email to WO, rather than a public message. But definitely there is no excuse for rudeness, today of all days.

      • Ciaron_A

        Did you go through it?
        Did you agonize about the fate of your family?
        Did you witness people with blood alll over them wandering around like zombies?
        Did you try to help them?
        I did.
        Just when it felt so long ago and behind us the sights, sounds and smells are brought back into sharp focus today and all Spawn can be concerned with are two missing words?
        He’s a dick who can piss off.
        And I am quite happy to show you what true rudeness is.

      • Spawn

        I’ve never been to this blog before so I didn’t know that, I have a blog of my own and my email address is not public, I have always been happy for people to point out my errors in the comments – I didn’t realise this was not the case here. Thanks Peter for letting me know without being nasty.

        Ciaron, you’ve made some silly assumptions. I’m not a he and I did in fact go through the things you talk about. Alone in an unfamiliar city where I knew barely anyone. I was in the CBD when it happened. I have permanent injuries from that day as well as PTSD. You know nothing about me so how dare you profess to know all I’m ‘concerned about’ based on what I’ve written here.

        If you’re the kind of person who posts here, I’m not going to bother reading this blog again. I’m sure you’ll have something nasty to say about that too…have at it.

      • joe bloggs

        Spawn, for someone carrying the burden of all that suffering, your choice of comment for your very first post shows a simply remarkable lack of sensitivity and gravitas….

        We all have our own thoughts of friends and family affected by the quakes – so how’s about a little less pedantry and a little more appreciation…

    • Peter Wilson

      Basically anyone with perfect grammar here is assumed to be an idiot, or worse, a Labour Party voter. So I’m sure a lot of errors are deliberate to make the poster appear down to earth.


    Sad day for NZ.A time to remember,and reflect.

  • jay cee

    hang in there spawn i for one enjoy a diversity of opinion. as for 22/2 its also our wedding anniversary and our grandaughters birthday,but christchurch overrides them both when we remember the day.

  • wiltinpenis

    And look forward to the future – whatever and wherever it might be.

    I’m proud to live in South Auckland Cities, where I’ve lived and worked for 40 years.
    Proud as well, of my birthplace, Christchurch.

    My wife and I were in the middle of the CBD, not one hour before the quake.
    We thank our lucky stars.