Christchurch vs. Japan

via the tipline from a Christchurch reader who is expressing some frustration:

When you do your stories on Christchurch make sure you compare our plight with those people in Japan who suffered through the tsunami.

Meanwhile in Christchurch we are worried about the payrise of a nobody and that people whose house is being removed which they sold didn’t get told so they can go wave goodbye . You can bet with progress like shown in that link they didn’t worry about letters to previous owners.

The damage to Japan was maginitudes worse,  they had a nuclear meltdown and it was a month later than CHCH – WTF are they doing down here.

It makes you wonder if Bob has gone to Asia on a trip to find out how to get the place sorted…then again he could just be on a big junket.


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  • Anonymous

    The Chch City Council and CERA couldn’t run a pissup in a brewery.
    Absolutely fucking ***useless***. 

  • John

    the reponse from the national government was piss poor as was the christchurch councils.

    • kevin

       Yes, and ‘they’ should be able to control the hundreds of aftershocks as well. Re-build to fall down/liquifactionate again etc etc, good idea. Not.

  • kiwikevNZ

    i’ve been saying this for months to people japan is way ahead of us, if you look on the net they have whole towns of temporary housing built for the people and the massive cleanup they’ve undertaken, i suspect theres no RMA in japan

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Obvious Japan does not have interfering Govt troughers.
    Get Fletchers and Fulton Hogan on the job – hahaha!

    • Paulus

      And a lot more people available to clear up before rebuilding starts.
      There’s was a Tsunami not an onshore earthquake which keeps going (10,000 aftershocks in Christchurch).
      You cannot really compare.

      • paula

        Check out how many aftershocks Japan get. Youll be surprised

  • Thorn

    In somethings we are not as good as we believe we are.

  • Anonymous

    Yet another National embarrassment.
    In very short order, you would think they never had an earthquake and tsunami. We on the other hand are still being but fucked by insurance companies, Councils and the Government, years latter. With more of the same to come.

  • Honcho

    Another clear example of the difference between a nation of workers, vs a nation of shirkers

  • phronesis

    No RMA in Japan I suspect.


    Have not got historic places trust either

  • MrV

    Appoint a monopoly provider to manage the rebuild, is it any surprise it is slow?

  • Gazzaw

    In Ch’ch it would have taken ten council meetings and the creation of sub-committees to decide whether to shut down Fukushima. The Ch’ch labour MPs would have protested about the loss of jobs & Parker consoled us all by telling us that an arts centre would be built on the site & call for submissions on the design. Decision to be made on the winning design by a special committee chaired by Mrs Parker.    

  • Ben E. Basha

    Shirkers vs workers is a good analagy. Maybe they dont have the liquifaction issues with the land. Also with the amount of total destruction there would have been much less inspection and assesment required. They certainly appear to be all over us in the clean up. Dont see to many buildings actually rebuilt though, also because of the high death toll they prolly have less demand for housing.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    The Labour Party wonder why they are in opposition and staying there for a long time.
    This is why, Japan can do it, NZ Govt and Local Govt have no fucking idea.
    Too many chiefs, not enough indians

  • Vlad

    There is not much to honour in the Japanese government’s response to this but it is absolutely true that the damage suffered is horrifically worse.  Citizens have responded well.

  • um..!..a crucial difference you all seem to be ignoring…

    .. a tsunami is an event..

    ..the quakes are ongoing… are talking apples and oranges..

    [email protected]

    • Dion

      You forget that Japan had a 9 magnitude earthquake that was felt (and caused damage) on land.  

      •  the pictures in the story are of tsunami-damage..

        ..aren’t they..? i imagining those boats..?

        [email protected]

      • Callum

         And what Phillip do you think CAUSED the tsunami?

      • Agent BallSack

        Phil thinks the Tsunami was caused by a big toke on the bong.

  • Surprised not a single comment on here about the signifcant differences between the two: Population, and ethnicity. Any real comments apart from right wing nonsense appreciated.

  • Mike Readman

    Not defending the council in any way, in fact I’m sure they’re holding up the recovery, but unemployment in NZ is 6.3% right now, in Chch it’s 5%.  Does it really matter if the recovery is “slow”?

  • Big Mac

    The Japanese Govt, like every other Govt in the world except NZ, have not offered to pay for lost land, which is uninsurable. Only 17% of Japan’s losses were covered for Earthquake/Tsunami…..the people have to looking after themselves 


    It has to be said the Japanese are not going to sit around on their collective arses,and form groups,wait for inspections,checks by historic places,clearances of drains etc by Councils,and moan that it is taking to long.These people have been working fucking hard for generations,and are not going to lie down,and give up.As evident by above pics.They show the rest of the world an ethic that has long since left these shores.Not fucking waiting for someone else to sort out your shit.In the face of disaster,Just get on with it,roll up your sleeves and work,and be humble with it .Sure this will be seen as rubbish by others,but look into there past,an see.

    • Gazzaw

      Over 19,000 dead, 100,000+ injured & literally millions of homes destroyed. Damage to industry about 25 trillion yen. It was only 16 years ago when Kobe suffered a massive quake killing 6500 people with the damage running to 2.5% of the country’s GDP to fix.
      Anyone been to the Kobe/Osaka region during the last ten tears? Not a sign of any damage. The local prefecture representatives are professionals AND accountable – that’s the difference.  Interesting to note too that the prefecture CEO is also the governor who is elected for a four year term.


        They just get it done.

      • Greg M

        Exactly. Very well written Gazzaw.

    • Geoff Houtman

      We don’t seem to be any good at rolling up our sleeves anymore. Look at the incompetent way the Gummint has handled our last 3 disasters- Chch, Pike, Rena.

      Fools appointing fools…


        Dont get me wrong there are still some hardworkers left in this country.

      • Greg M

        Bollocks. Pike and Rena were handled very well by the government.
        CHC has been a cockup from from day one.

      • Paulus



  • Brighton Belle

    Spot on Greg M – of the three disasters the standout difference is Christchurch CIty Council – surprise, surprise…  Bob Parker and his cronies have a heap of stuff to asnwer for.

  • Ploughman

    Do remember that the people of ChCh made amazing efforts to keep their businesses going.  So the local economic activity declined only by about 6%, property valuations increased, and unemployment dropped.  All this is great news for NZ since ChCh produces 20% of the national GDP with only 15% of the population.  It is highly profitable and enables stupid gummnts to splash out on vote catching social welfare lollies.
    I agree that the delays have been frustrating, but blame the on-going nature of the event and the insurance companies as well as the planning procedures and the RMP.  
    The people of ChCh are willing to get on with it, and are paying 80% of the cost through their insurance, unlike Japan where the costs are born by all and only 7% is covered.
    Another great result is that because it was the poor east side of town that got damaged, many of the low life have left – crime rates are at a very low level.  Woopee – long may it last.  Sorry to those poor people in South Auckland. Looks like you are getting lots of bros. 

  • Paul P