Climate Change: Then and Now

There are plenty of terrible stories about how global warming is killing all and then there are the various canaries in the mine stories…except they are wrong:

James Woodford in The Sydney Morning Herald, January 13, 1996:

A TRAGEDY is beginning to unfold for the creatures of the zoologically rich Macquarie Island, with climate change in the Southern Ocean occurring at the fastest rate on earth. Scientists now fear that a 94 per cent crash in the population of rock hopper penguins on New Zealand’s Campbell Island is about to occur at Macquarie. Macquarie’s population of rock hoppers, which has fallen from 6000 pairs in the 1970s to 3000 pairs now, is estimated to have declined by a further 5 per cent this season. The increase in ocean temperatures may have forced the krill into colder waters and, because the birds are so small, they are unable to reach it, said Ms Cindy Hull, a zoologist at the University of Tasmania. She is now concerned that the collapse in rock hopper numbers may be a warning that numbers of the island’s three other penguin species may soon also be affected by climate change.

Tasmania Parks & Wildlife website yesterday:

Macquarie Island is recognised for its rich and diverse animal life. Around 3.5 million seabirds arrive on Macquarie Island each year to breed and moult. Most of these are penguins. No accurate counts of rockhopper penguins are known; estimates range from 10,000 to 500,000 breeding pairs.

and from a pdf paper about the pest eradication project:

King penguins (Aptenodytes patagonica) and Rockhopper penguins (Eudyptes chrysocome) are the next most common penguin species with 200 000 – 400 000 breeding pairs and >32 000 pairs respectively


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  • captain Kidd

    Climate change is dead,all these retards (yes that is what they are)that have been banging on about it for years inc Nick Smith and all those idiots over at the standard have been or are about to be proven on the list is the other idiots that think wind farms will save us from our energy needs,another complete waste of money and resources.

    • Gazzaw

      I would like to say that it’s dead but we are a little way off yet. It takes a long time to do a 180 degree turn in a supertanker but the impetus is slowing.  Unfortunately that shyster Gore has done exceedingly well for himself in whilst this monumental scam was perpetrated and fostered by endless pseudo-science & selfserving politicians.

  • Anonymous

    The rot continues. The time will come when it will be hard to find anyone who will admit to have been a warmist.

    • Magoo.

      Can’t wait to rub that Gandalf egg from the NZ Herald’s comments sections nose in the fact that he’s full of shit. Nothing worse than a know it all, especially when they’re always wrong.

    • Chiefsfan73

      Kind of like finding someone who voted for MMP way back in the day.  They soon realised what they had done.

      • Hakimofphut

        Funny that , we just had a new  referendum and  FFP  got 704,000 while  MMP got 1,250,000. Just saying

      • Jassen

        Hakim those were there results of 2 different questions you muppet.

  • TIM

     Problem is there are serious issues in the developing world right now which are aggravated by the attention ‘Green Economics’ is getting. As the great evil has revealed itself as ‘industrialization’ we are encouraged to believe that restraining it in the developing world is a moral good. Never mind the millions crying out for reliable energy, infrastructure and industry…being patronized to by a guilt-ridden middle class somewhere far, far away.
     There are billions upon billions of dollars being sucked out of the Global economy (which is in a tail spin right now) and wasted on insufficient and reckless ‘ideas’ while a simple coal or gas fired power station could eliminate the deprivation in those developing nations – allowing people to have some dignity and perhaps even build an economy of their own.
      Of course…in isn’t just the developing world that is suffering thanks to these Green taxes, levies, incentives and limitations. Take a look at Europe and America right now and tell me many of those deaths ‘of hypothermia’ and cold related illness couldn’t have been avoided had their governments not forsaken reality and opt into the whole fantasy.
     One last thing…here’s a link to an interesting article on Germany, the ‘Green Fatherland’;

  • Kiwidon

    Thanks Tim,

  • Thorn

    Sir Peter Gluckman was seen at Tiritiri Matangi on Saturday having a last look at the lighthouse before the island sank beneath the rising water-levels.
    He continues to attack AGW skeptics on the grounds the consequences of denialism “present a challenge both to the science system and to how science and society will continue to interact”. The truth is the birds have more common sense than this pumpkin.

  • Gazzaw

    As a paediatrician Gluckman makes a great climate expert. He know fuck all about it apart from the bullshit that he reads & espouse in his role as expert of all things scientific. The sad thing is that the PM believes him.

  • TIM

    It would appear, half of us should be dead already…

  • Martin

    Isn’t it obvious that penguin populations have improved because of pest eradication efforts?  That fact does invalidate the negative effects of climate change.  Note from the dates below that all the pests were only eradicated after 1996.
    From Wikipedia: ” The feral cats introduced to the island have had a devastating effect on the native seabird population, with an estimated 60,000 seabird deaths per year. From 1985, efforts were undertaken to remove the cats. In June 2000, the last of the nearly 2500 cats were culled in an effort to save the seabirds.[15] Seabird populations responded rapidly,[16] but rats and rabbits continued to cause widespread environmental damage.On 4 June 2007 a media release by the Australian Federal Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, Malcolm Turnbull, announced that the Australian and Tasmanian Governments had reached an agreement to jointly fund the eradication of rodent pests, including rabbits, to protect Macquarie Island’s World Heritage values.[21] The plan, estimated to cost $24 million Australian dollars, will involve mass baiting the island similar to an eradication programme on New Zealand’s Campbell Island,[22] which will be followed up with dog hunting teams trained by Steve Austin[23]and is expected to take up to seven years.[24]In February 2012, The Australian reported that rabbits, rats and mice had been nearly eradicated from the island.[25]”So it is clear that the reason that all bird populations have improved is because the so-called evil government has stepped in and done something about it.  While it is great that there are now 32,000 birds and the population is now less vulnerable there could well be more if it were not for the affects of climate change.  Saying that bird populations have improved because of pest eradication efforts (although you concealed this part) means that climate change is not happening is like saying that penguins cannot lay eggs because they have been observed to hatch from them!  When in fact both are true.