Collins on Crime

Judith Collins talks about an article in The New Republic about crime in New York:

This is worth reading. The New York experience is mirrored in New Zealand over the last 3 years. Policing turned around and the crime rate has dropped to 1982 levels. The prison population, despite our increased penalties for violent, recidivist offenders, has fallen. South Auckland, which was known as “the mean streets” by the media, has turned around. It’s not because of the Lefties, it’s because of the Police and the fact that they stopped having to apologise for doing their jobs. Prevention First in Policing and Policing Excellence are making a lasting difference to many families and communities.

Now that Judith has fixed the Police perhaps she might like to undo the liberal damage in the Courts system.


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  • Hakimofphut

    The prison population has been reduced by home detention being vastly expanded.
    National got a quick fix on prison numbers in 1991  or so when they  first indroduced  parole  after only  serving  one third of the sentence. 

  • Orange

    And have a go at NCEA

  • Alex

    Have visited NYC several times, even walked into some of the rougher parts, and felt safe.  Never underestimate the effect of having police visible walking the streets, and always present in major public places.  The other advantage is the NYC doesn’t, unlike NZ, have an army of taxpayer funded leftist lawyers telling the criminals that it’s not their fault.

    • Hakimofphut

      Population of New York City  8.1 mill.
      Number of Police in NYPD  36000. ie one cop every 225 people
      Number of police in NZ about 8000 or so.

      Ie if we had the same proportion of police as NY we would  have 19000 cops.
      And the ratio is improved for big city  as they dont have to spread them thinly over 100,000 km2.
      Number of inmates in NYC jails  13000
      Inmates in NZ  9000.

      Which place do you think locks up more people per head  than NYC , yes its NZ.

      Alex  ,   what have you been smoking to talk such nonsense

      • Hakimofphut

        Oh I forgot to mention the average length of stay in NYC jails , 50 days. So that works out to be 6 months sentence  with  2/3 parole like here.And that is the averageTheir lawyers are better than the ones you get here

    • Anonymous

       And the falling crime rate HoP?
      Alex is quite correct that a visible police presence is the best deterrent

  • Storm1

    My opinion on the sentencing of serious offenders in the High Court is an absolute serious offence and disrepect to and against ‘Victims’ of Crime.
    Victims’ of crime do not get discounts at a sentencing and a “third-rule” is not applicable to them, especially in the case of Victims caused by an unnatural demise the ‘M’ word (i.e. their loved ones), who have to learn the coping mechanisms to carry on with life without them.
    The Courts and the Justice system pandy to the criminal even to the extent so I have read recently by the Sensible Sentencing Trust, the Dept of Corrections paying our hard earned tax dollars $5000 to replace designer clothes for an inmate that was lost in transit between one jail to another…and there are more claims to come from inmates according to Human rights lawyer Tony Ellis.

    Its a total waste of time and our money for a High Court judge to give a sentence out when these criminals don’t even serve them because of a “third rule.”
    They (judges) should just bind them over (if they plead guilty or are found guilty after a trial), to be held in correctional facility until that Parole Board and Dept of Corrections deems these misfits, recidivist offenders’ fit for purpose to be integrated back into our communities…Yeah right!
    All Power to the Victims’ of Crime.