Comment of the Day

I am going to post my favourite comment from the previous day each day…I haven’t yet determined what time it will be, but I will fix than down.

Feel free to drop me a line if you see a good comment. Also don;t forget to use the “Like” Feature in the comments system.

In the meantime here is one from yesterday that made me snort Mountain Dew out my nose. It is a shame it was made by an anonymous commenter.

A blog (a portmanteau of the term web log)[1] is a personal journal published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete entries (“posts”) typically displayed in reverse chronological order so the most recent post appears first. Blogs are usually the work of a single individual, occasionally of a small group, and often are themed on a single subject.

Source: Wikipedia

Considering this is Whales “personal journal” on a “single themed subject” I am sure when he opens up blog topic requests like a fucking karaoke bar you will be the first person he contacts.


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  • Agent BallSack

    Yep I laughed my ass off too Cam – total pwnership.

  • Jman

    Maybe slightly off topic but here’s something I read yesterday that also made me snort whatever I was drinking at the time out my nose. It’s from an article by the great Mark Steyn:

    There was a poll a few years ago which showed something like 80 per cent
    of Americans knew the first line of “The Star-Spangled Banner” but only
    40 per cent of Canadians know the first line of “O Canada”. Which is remarkable,
    when you consider the first line of “O Canada” is “O Canada”.

    • ¬†Just shows how strong the nationalism is in the USA, bearing in mind most primary schools still have to pledge to the flag each morning – I remember when we used¬† to have to sing God Save The Queen to the flag when I was in primary school in Dunedin…

  • Jester

    Sorry about the Guest post Cam, can only post as Guest when on my ipad. But glad it did provide abit of humour to the day.

    The guy did get on my goat though. Sanctimonious little git he was.

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