Commenting on the blog

Yesterday we had a useful discussion about commenting on the blog. Now that the blog is cemented at number one in the NZ blogsphere I think it is time to share some thinking about commenting.

I don’t want to ban people like The Standard, I also don’t want to have to moderate everything like Red Alert. I pretty much want people to discuss issues from all perspectives. I believe in airing opinions and prefer freedom over regulation.

However this is my house and so it is my rules. I don’t tolerate shouty children, I certainly wouldn’t tolerate shouty guests. So don’t do it here.

I had to slap up Phil U a bit, but it is because he is actually a smart guy and we have had a beer or two together that I thought we should discuss it.

The poll gives an indication of the level of frustration, but some regular commenters have swayed my thinking. Phil can stay. My normal rules apply.

However please take this as a guideline for the future…this applies to ALL commenters.

  • Stick to the topic of the post.
  • Do not comment as though you are writing a blog post…tl;dr pisses me and others off.
  • Argue the points raised without resorting to silly name calling.
  • I’m trying to lift my game how about lifting yours.
  • Where possible try to use your real names. It makes life far more civilised. Criticise Phil all you want but at least he uses his own name.

Let’s see if we can’t improve the number one NZ blog…eh?

UPDATE: There is a “Flag Comment” feature in the commenting system. If something is untoward flag the comment, move on. I will be notified of the flagging and will moderate or not as I see fit. If it gets out of hand then I may need volunteers for comments moderation.


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  • Pete George

    “I’m trying to lift my game how about lifting yours.”

    A good message to all of us. It’s easy to get dragged into shitty livered bickering. It takes more effort and thought to contribute to lively but civilised debate.

    Like any community the discussion side of blogs is as good as all the participants care to make it. We can all do more to respect the host (of any blog) and respect the rights of others to speak unbullied.

    • Anonymous

      “shitty livered” heh, haven’t heard that term since my childhood, have to confess to a slight schoolboy giggle reading that.

  • Orange

    Maybe a general one about not feeding the trolls/attention seekers. Find an intelligent post to reply to instead.

  • maninblack

    well done whale- excellent work on the rating.

  • Lofty

    A good decision Cam.

    Phil is hard to read with his excessive use of fullstops, but so are some other commenters who do not write in Phils format.

    At least we do not have to endure a certain tedious & prolific inane posting troll, who has taken up residence on “that other well known travel documentary blog site”.

    I have ben guilty of poking the borax at Phil in the past on “Traveller Blog” I will try to do better.

    Sorry Phil…ya pain in the arse…(oops slipping again so quickly)

  • Peter Jenkins

    This is an excellent compromise that avoids outright censorship. And I agree with Pete George about civilised debate – it is always far more constructive

    By the way, anyone know how to make my username link to a site as Phil Ure and a few other do (I use a Google login which I suspect lacks this facility?)

    Peter J
    Webmaster for

    • Agent BallSack

      Peter, use a Disqus profile, it only requires an email address. Where it says website put the sensible sentencing link there and your name will then link to the site.


  • i think that moving towards an ideas-debate-forum..where the issues are rationally-debated..

    ..could/would really add to the national-discourse…

    ..and will enable you to totally eclipse the travel-blog…

    ..and i hafta say i have respect for those of yr commenters who see freedom of speech/ideas as being the over-riding imperative…(even when i give them naval-flashbacks..)

    ..(and also thank you to those who said ‘kind’/supportive-words…chrs..)

    ..and i also hafta say that those blogs on both left and right that ‘brook no dissent’ really grind my gears..

    ..and fill me with dismay..

    ..with red-alert being the worst at one end of the political-spectrum….and that redbaiter-thang at the other end..

    ..they are as bad as each other…

    ..i commented there once…

      at red was mildly-critical/anomaly-identifying at worst..

    ..and the comment was almost immediately excised..

    ..i haven’t bothered again…

    ..and it just really makes me wonder..what are they afraid of..?


    [email protected]

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think it’s because they’re scared of anything, I think they genuinely believe that their’s is the only way and see entertaining the opinions of others as a waste of time. Just as most people here believe that the best way forward involves discussing all options and finding one that works for the majority, they believe that they’ve already got the solution to the world’s problems and the rest of us are just getting in the way. 

    • Why can you not write normally. Then we might read your comments

    • EX Navy Greg

      Phil, I think you have hit the nail on the head. They are afraid of an “idea infection”.
      Their opinion is always correct, and any dissenting views must be from from the evil right.

      P.S.  I still don’t like you, I voted to boot you in the slats, but the photo of you and the dogs changed my opinion.

      Well deserved Cam, I will attempt to rise to the challenge of helping you to make this, your blog, The best vessel for social and political discourse in the country.

      Somebody has to do it , I can’t see the MSM changing it’s spots anytime soon.

      • i mean..pot calling kettle black…there..greg..

        (can i call you ‘the flashback kid’..?)

        ..the right is as one-eyed/fearful of idea-infection… is not just the province of the red alerts/brian edwards..

        ..(and heh..!..yr claim it is is just an example of just that blinkered-view..)

        ..there is little real evaluation of any new either side

        ..judgements are made purely on the ideology of the teller..

        ..that is a barrier that needs to be removed..

        ..before we can make real progress..

        [email protected]

      • EX Navy Greg

        1: Fair comment, I did not proof read properly. the far right and left are equally as bad.

        2: No you may not, Greg will do

        3: Agreed. Both sides need to open their eyes and minds to new ideas and solutions, the current ones aren’t working,for anyone.

        My daughter (15) comes out with some absolute shit at times , but occasionally she will say something that should win a nobel peace prize. Maybe we need to listen to our kids, our future, a bit more often.

  • Anonymous

    For everyone asking for an ‘edit’ button…if you’re logged on through a disqus account you get that option.

    • Agent BallSack

      I was wondering about that as I have edit, I wasn’t sure why people where requesting it.

      • Anonymous

        Who could be bothered with retyping their user name and email address every single time they want to comment? I sure got sick of that quickly…also, it periodically asks you to retype a ‘captcha’ and I’m rubbish at that. Is it a little l or a capital I??? Why do they make it so hard!!

  • Jam_Sammie

    Well done Cam. Democracy at work and at it’s best. To Phil, I admire your thick skin.

  • Oh wow – how did that happen?  Everyone stayed on topic well done!! Great post Whaleoil.

  • Agent BallSack

    PS Congrats Cam, at 1/2 a million page views per month! Well and truly the top blog in NZ!

  • Chaffnz

    Top blog when I can’t see the number of comments when viewed on my mobile? Not convinced…

    Sorry if I am starting to sound like a broken record!

    • Symgardiner

      Works fine on an iPhone in both mobile and full views. Might be time for a new phone.

    • EX Navy Greg

      You need to have “sitemeter” enabled, not all mobiles can pick that up.

  • Vij

    Great post Cam.  Like  your guidelines.  Hope Kosh103 follows it.

  • Anonymous

    Looks swell Cam, the rules seem fair enough. Due to my ‘raw’ personality I tend to ’empty the magazine’ on anyone that that I deem to be an irritation, thats just me, and can’t see it changing. Having said that, I welcome a slap on the wrist should I step over the mark.

    Having said that, I still think phil is a nutjob, and his lengthy dribbling nonsense bollocky load of bullshit post below is testament to that.

    Whaleoil, I conclude this comment with saying I hope you don’t allow this blog to become a troll assylum. as like others, I like to read the comments of sensible and coherent commenters by the likes of Ex Navy Greg, and several others.

    Free speech is this blogs major point of difference, but don’t let it become the downfall.

  • jay cee

    as a new comer to blogging,congrats on the no 1 position. and thanks for giving everyone a forum for intelligent debate with the exception of those sad souls who resort to cheap shot name calling. (my mea culpa)

  • kehua

    With you Big Guy.