Commitment to the Product

I have a rather crude saying that I use in sales…you have to eat you own dog food. Basically saying that you should use the products that you sell.

Have a look at this video where a CEO shows commitment to his company’s products.

Tell you what…I’d buy those vests after seeing that demo.


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  • Angrywasp


  • Alex Taylor-Innes

    I suspect with that guy’s attitude and commitment he could sell just about anything. He pointed out all the points differentiating his product from the rest. I haven’t been shot at (lately), and imagine ducking bullets you’d get pretty hot. The jacket is designed to cool you down. Also has  infected needle protection. Just what law enforcement need at OWS rallies.

  • Orange

    Nice in one take but I wanted to see the wound, like they did with the Stingmore 460 mine on Jacksass

  • Tom

    That took balls!

    On a side note, his body language and delivery reminded me a lot of Gordon Ramsey :)