Daniel Hannan at CPAC 2012


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  • Andy

    This is very much the theme in Delingpole’s book “Welcome to Obamaland”

  • Boss Hogg

    Best speech I have listened to ……….maybe ever.    Reagan, Thatcher and Nixon were always impressive though.

  • Johnmstroup

    This man speaks the truth.

  • Anonymous

    This man is fast becoming a titan of conservatism. Loved the slight against France.

  • MrV

    Only problem in American is Democrats+Republicans are basically the same beast. As the infamous sign “Keep your Govt hands of my Medicare” show, true conservatism is all but lost.

    One party wants to incr the size of govt, increase spending and taxes, the other still wants to increase the size of govt and yet somehow decr taxes because you know deficits don’t matter.

  • tas

    Fantastic speech. I particularly liked the part 18 minutes in when he talks about humility and giving up power. I think the greatest contribution that George Washington made was standing down after two terms.

    I live in the US and disagree with a lot of what republicans (and democrats) do, but I definitely agree with the small government message.

    I also liked the fact that he talked about “tramping” in Britain. Americans don’t understand that word. What was he doing something with tramps? :P

    • Orange

      Yeah but you get the idea that he knows that they can work it out for themselves without the need to pander to the lowest denominator. He did not shy away from using technical and eloquent vocabulary or location centric terms. You don’t need to “dumb things down” for Americans to understand. Very nice speech.

      • tas

        My comment about tramping has nothing to do with suggesting that Americans are dumb. Hiking is used instead. I get quizzical looks every time I accidentally use the wrong word. So I thought it was funny.

  • Hey Jude

    That speech gave me goosebumps. I now love Dan Hannan even more than before, if that is possible.

  • ConwayCaptain

    This man is INCREDIBLE.  He should be the UKs PM.

  • MrV

    Heres another goodie.

  • Tony

    What? No Kosh?  Not even the dumb-one can argue against such eloquent truth

    • ConwayCaptain

      If you listen to a lot of his speeches he finishes with an eloquent and erudite quote from past poets philosophers etc.

      I emailed him and asked where the EU got the translators who could cope with these quotes.

      He replied that apparently one group of of translators have a photo of him and underneath “Dont even try with this guy”

      Watch Hanan and Farage in full flight and they knock the Eurocrats for sixes and sevens every time Van Rompoy, Baroso etc cant stand them