David Cunliffe – Coward

David Cunliffe has written yet another post about “inequality”, waxing lyrical about Simon Collins and his bogus articles that the NZ Herald ran all week.

But David has learned from his last foray onto Red Alert. He has decided this time that he will brook no discussion and has turned the comments off.

What a pack of cowards. They laud it up about how innovative Red Alert is, post stupid ill thought out posts and then go all Malcolm Harbrow on us preventing comments.

Silent T, David Can’t-liffe, certainly can’t cope with comments. He ends his post with:

So reversing inequality will take more than a newspaper series, it will take winning the country for a new direction for us all.

Perhaps David, but having a debate with real people will help no end.

He is a coward. He is in hiding. He hasn’t shown up for parliament yet this year. It is a fitting metaphor then that he has grown a beard. Probably to hide his weak chin after the slapping Shearer gave him.

He is just sitting in his Herne Bay mansion fulminating and writing posts about inequality as he lets his beard grow.

UPDATE: Someone with half a brain has now turned on the comments for the post. Too late though as you can see from my screenshot I am quicker than they are.


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  • Grandstream

    The Silent T is as cunning as a rat (or ferral cat). He is on the down low, allowing shearer enough rope (helped the Duck) so he caqn stand up to whats left of the caucus and say Shearers done nothing, let me have a go……

  • mickysavage

    So Cameron are you going to apologise now?  The comments were well and truly on BEFORE you posted this.  If you look closely Kate posted at 11:11 pm last night and you posted 4 minutes later.  Yet you have run with this article this morning?  Your blog no longer has the time a post goes up but it was not in my feed 20 minutes ago.

    Man up and apologise.

    • While Cam can hold his own I think most of us could think the day he apologies is the day The Standard allows free unfettered debate and MUNZ grow a collective brain and get back to work.

      But seems that will not happen I suppose we can read the screenie and wait for 330 union workers get the sack and about 150 of them scramble for a new contract. Or MUNZ and Chief Communist and Central Planner Mike Lee turn POAL from a net asset into a net liability which they seem to have done already.

      • Reading everything below – I declare WO the winner with the score for O being – numbers could not even fit in here; Mr Savage (dang I am too polite) – ZERO (wait why I am wasting precious characters) ahem 0

    • Fuck off Flea Lawyer…I wrote that post last night 11 oclock…the comments had been off for over an hour.

      Your loyalty as David’s chief felcher…ooops…LEC Chair is admirable.

      • mickysavage

        But you released the post this morning well after comments were opened, probably at 8:30 am or so.  And I am not in the slightest surprised that you are put into moderation by Red Alert.  The very fact that the Labour Party lets your comments through is a testimony to the openness and commitment to discussion the site has. 

      • Fuck off Gweg. The very fact I let your comments through without just deleting them is a testimony to patience with cocks who threaten to sue me  but never do…chicken….and you call yourself a lawyer…you are pathetic.

    • Oh and the day I apologise will be the day I am not held in moderation while the conversation passes on by…the way they edit comments is truly Orwellian too.

      But you think that is just fine and would probably give the rim and extra lick because of it.

    • Pete George

      savagemicky – what’s this new found honesty on blogs campaign? Are you campaigning for the same at The Standard?

      I wouldn’t know, I don’t bother looking there since my commenting was turned off.

    • joe bloggs

      Fuck off back to the cesspit, Greg.

      The screenshot speaks for itself – along with the totalitarian censorship on Red Alert and TheStranded that substitute for “openness and commitment to discussion” on both blogsites.

  • Agent BallSack

    I can imagine Cameron apologising to the left. It will be on his deathbed and with his last breath he will expire, “I’m Sorry….” (everyone leans closer) “…that you’re all such fucktards”

    • ABS for the Stand Up Circuit? ;)

      • Agent BallSack

        I nominate Greg Presland for this pearler, laugh until you choke comedy;

        “The very fact that the Labour Party lets your comments through is a testimony to the openness and commitment to discussion the site has.”

  • Anonymous

    Back on subject, does it not ever occur to the liberal twits that “inequality” is due to the “inequality” between the abilities, education, determination, drive, passion,……of th havs and have nots. It’s a good thing , not something that needs fixing!

  • Anonymous

    “Inequality” will ALWAYS be with us, and it can *never* be fixed by government.
    There will always be people around with the intelligence of a cowpat, the energy of a sloth or both. There will also (unfortunately) always be people who have more children than they can support on their low income. 
    Bottom-line – no-one starves in this country, and *everyone* is able to access education (which is the way out of faux-poverty). There are a HUGE number of opportunities out there, from academic ones to trades to sports (e.g. rugby, basketball, league). ALL of those opportunities can give you an income.
    Throwing more money at low-income people simply makes them more dependent on the source of that money.  

  • Ploughman

    The first Labour government worked for equality of opportunity, not equality Mr Silent T.  In fact they railed against shirkers and blood suckers (their terms!) who ripped off the welfare benefit system.  

    • Lofty

      Thanks Ploughman, you have hit the nail perfectly.

      The present load of labour pretenders and sycophants entitlement thinking, is the very reason that they are doing so badly, and the reason that old labour troopers have abandoned them.

      There is nothing there to entice us old bastards back either.