Dead Feral Cats, Ctd

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Every time I get the chance, I shoot feral cats. I consider it as doing my part for the environment, as everyone knows the best environmentalists are hunters. Send in your cat hunting stories and photos, I’ll post them as a series.

A reader has sent these in with the following comment:

My brother put a hole in the mother about 100m from a sheep carcass that was being eaten by the two kittens. He missed the first kitten so we drove up and they ran off, but sat on fence posts on the other side of the cattle yard and ended up digesting a load of lead threes.

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  • i found/rescued/tamed a ‘feral’-kitten a few weeks back..

    …it is settling in well..(we call him bob-cat..) is really beautiful..mainly a deep-red-tinged black with striking white markings/feet./chest..

    ..and a total ‘character’..

    ..toilet-training was a breeze…it just copied the dogs..

    ..large dog will even tolerate it also  eating out of her bowl….

    ..and kitten goes and sits close next to large dog..and starts purring loudly..

    ..large dog seems to like it…

    ..he loves draping himself around my kneck..and having a snooze..

    ..and small cat and small dog will tolerate being curled up together on my chest..

    ..he has really enhanced all of our lives..

    ..just saying..!

    [email protected]

    • The only good cat is a dead cat

      • AzaleaB

        Live on a farm and had a pedigree Burmese and Burmese cross  go missing – presumed killed by cat haters…don’t lie feral cats but love my domestic ones. Interestingly – I have found peole who hate cats lack empathy….I’ll just leave that with you.

    • Steve (North Shore)

      You don’t have a life Phool, you have an existance at the expense of us TAXPAYERS

      • Gazzaw

        He probably needs to make the most of it Steve. It isn’t going to last simply because the country can’t afford it for very much longer.

      • what is a ‘life’..steve..?

        ..what really matters..?

        ..and yes..i have a contract with the state.. side/end of that deal being to deliver a well-educated/healthy citizen..

        ..i am almost there/in the home

        ..and feel i have delivered well up to any expectations..

        ..and as long as i have breath in me i will fight the vile demonising/stigmatising so many of you do of those (mainly women) doing a/that crucial/infrastructural job..

        ..raising the next generation.. are so full of hate…

        ..your mind/mental-state must be a misery..

        ..wouldn’t you rather feel better..?

        [email protected]


    • Vlad

      How hard would it be to use caps, complete sentences, and reduce white space?  I am sure you would still get the amount of attention you are seeking, but the irritation factor would be reduced.   Unless that is the whole idea.

      •  i have written this way for years..vlad..

        ..i could never go back to being a slave of ‘caps lock’ is such a false tyranny…. are a slave of habit..

        [email protected]

    • Steve (North Shore)

      What an emotional train wreck you are. Drug induced as usual, all paid for by the TAXPAYER.
      Put another cone on the fire

    • Rockfield

      I am sorry Fill, but Feral Cats are vermin, and should be treated as such.  Remember, most species (if not all) of released deer are vermin.

      The feral cats are particularly nasty pieces of work as well.

      Shoot Them !!.


  • Will

    What a hero. When MAF embarked on a possum poisoning program on my property, (on my behalf and at my expense) I was sceptical, but to my surprise they wiped out both possums and rarely seen ferrets. Result…bird and rabbit explosion, the place looked like Watership Down and birds invaded all the buildings, nested in my tractors, ute, cars, house, etc. Then, to my surprise, I began to see wild cats of all descriptions, everywhere, slinking around the woolshed, staking out warrens, boldly sunning themselves on top of cattle yards. I’ve grown rather fond of them, and won’t allow the state to harm them. Rabbit population has settled down and the birds have retreated to the native bush and hedge-rows where they belong. It’s not just whales need protecting:)

    • Geoff Houtman

      Lucky Cam wasn’t around in Egypt back in the day.

      Penalty for killing a cat= death.

  • Jimmie

    Cats are ok – ferral cats are a pest however wild kittens can make great pets if you get them young enough. The odd wild cat on a farm can be good for controlling rats and other vermin so yeah too many is bad, the odd one is good.

  • Anonymous

    Have you found a good recipe for cat yet Whale?

    • Nope, cat doesn’t taste any good

    • Rockfield

      If you are talking wild cat ?? does it involve Sue Bradford ??


      • Frederico

        She’s more of a mad cow!


      check with your local takeaway,(chinese that is).

  • Kthxbai

    Gosh, what brave big hunters you all are.

    Couldn’t have taken the kittens home and sent to SPCA?  Or is it more fun to beat your chests over shooting small animals?

    • monty

      cant tame feral kittens. lead injection is best solution.

      • um..!..i just did that..tamed a feral/wild kitten.. is how..

        ..i placed it in a animal carrying-case..on the desk where i work..

        ..and there it sat..the open end of the cage  as close to my face as comfortable..

        ..and i just ignored it..and got on with my work..occaisonally speaking to it in (attempted) dulcet/reassuring -tones.. went from spitting dervish to where it finally sniffed me through the cage-door..

        ..and for first personal full-contact..i cupped it in my hands..and nestled it into my kneck…

        ..which was where i first got a purr..

        ..and sleeping draped around my kneck is now a favourite pastime..

        ..easy as..

        [email protected]

      • Honcho

         @ Phil, now i know your story is lies, you said ” on the desk where I work “, Its at that point I scrolled down and didnt read anymore of your painful drivel.

      • JimmyLizar

        That statement is patently false.  My father, tamed at least two feral kittens at different times when we were growing up.  Both were great family pets.

    • Anonymous

       And what exactly do you think the SPCA will do with feral kittens? Lethal injection instead of a bullet. Bullets are fast and cheap and don’t require expensive vets.

      • phronesis

        Actually the SPCA has recently stopped taking feral cats and putting them down. It is apparently “against their philosophy” to kill healthy animals. Of course if anyone else dispatches a feral cat in town they will probably try and get charges laid. North Dunedin is currently home to approximately 200+ semi-feral cats abandoned by students over the summer.

    • Honcho

      What do you suspect the SPCA would start doing if every farmer in the country caught and handed in feral cats and kittens?

      • Thursday is the day, one after the other they inject them and put them in a box.

  • Johnboy

    Still once we get over the myth of AGW, when the next ice age hits, we may be grateful for cats.

    They make a wonderful hat if you hollow them out properly.

    • Frederico

      Too right…just ask Graham Thorne!

    • Ploughman

      Best if you kill and skin them first.

  • Gravedodger

    When farming,  feral cats were on the most wanted list for sure.
    Toxoplasmosis in pregnant ewes from contaminated pasture and stored hay and grain from cat urine.
    Depredations of bird species.
    Plus possible vector involvement in bovine TB.
    Most years saw an upsurge in cat populations from abandoned cats particularly around the end of summer holidays. We farmed around 20 Kms from a provincial town.
    Any cat in the spotlight was given the same treatment as any other vermin on night shoots.

    WTF has it got to do with “pet” cats, the SPCA and animal rights,  feral cats are vermin and need extermination, there are plenty from planned and indiscriminate breeding for ‘pets’ so help to home them all you soft cocks and allow the extermination to continue.

  • Anonymous

    Same here DG, all the farms I’ve been shooting on have the same policy..only good cat is a dead one. Having said that, we were introduced to the farm cats if we were shooting close in.

  • George

    Feral cats are hell on the native birds.  I see one, I drill it.  Last nights tally was two hares and one cat, plus one dog with a kicked arse for breaking and running in front of the gun

    • Brian Smaller

       Yes, feral cats are tough buggers and go after almost anything for a feed. They will even kill chickens.

  • Brian Smaller

    I live in the country side and we get a lot of feral cats. Mostly the result of kittens being dumped by ‘considerate’ townies (along with their fucking roosters). We shoot them, treat them the same as possums. I quite like cats and we have four house cats so it is not a cat-hatred thing with me. – feral cats just are pests. 

    • Anonymous

      I suspect that townies are secretly thankful that people like you will do the job of ‘taking care’ of cats that they dump because townies don’t have the stomach for it. Not that they’ll ever admit that.

  • Rupert Applin

    An interesting study here – personally I think they should all be shot, but as long as all the other pests are killed as well!

  • kowtow

    Cat’s canbe useful in a farm scenario. They kill pests. Other than that there are too many of them and owners are careless about what the darned things get up to. 

  • Horror102

    I hope all u cold heartless killer gets whats coming.If our able 2 kill a cat or dog u can allso kill a human

    • TravisPoulson

      Mental case.