Desperation is a stinky cologne

Desperation is indeed a stinky cologne:

Labour Party leader David Shearer has opened the door to discussions with Mana Party leader Hone Harawira.

Mr Shearer’s predecessor, Phil Goff, explicitly ruled out any kind of relationship with Mr Harawira.

The new leader says he will respect ideas wherever they come from, including from the Mana Party.

He says he does not have any baggage with the Mana Party.

“I’ll take them as I find them and if they turn out to be somebody I can’t work with, I’ll make that determination then.”

Mr Shearer says he has already met with New Zealand First leader Winston Peters and the Green Party co-leaders.

Mr Harawira says he welcomes the opportunity to sit down with Labour to start planning a united opposition to what he calls the anti-worker, anti-beneficiary policy that National is rolling out.


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  • Blokeintakapuna

    Ya can polish a turd – but it’s still a turd.

    No matter how much cologne Shearer uses… their policies, philosophies and dirty tactics still stinks to high heaven…

    The sweet smell of success will probably only happen for Labour if they used Chloroform! … but enough of their sex lives…  

  • Hakim of phut

     Desperate is ACT, its party vote was only 10,000 more than Peter Dunne’s UF Party vote  in 2011 and only 2000 more than Andertons  in 2008.

    Yes thats right ACT is at the same level as  JAP was in 2008.

    • Super_Guest

      Wait, so, Mana, a party with one MP is not desperate, but Act is? You’re a muppet. And was teaming up with JAP desperate when Helen did in 2005?

      And please explain to me, Hone, what makes beneficiaries so great? Why do we need to be pro-beneficiary? Why are completely unproductive people who do nothing but suck at the public teat in need of better treatment? I

  • i actually think the stupid refusal of goff to realise how many votes harawira cd have brought to a centre-left coalition..ost him the election/prime-ministership..

     i think that was the stupidest mistake goff/labour made…

    ..and harawira being brought into the tent just cements in the defeat for the right next time

    ..and then watch that pendulum swing back…

    [email protected]

    • Moderationitself

      I imagine that there are a fair few labour supporters who recognise Harawira as the moron he is and won’t be so keen on a relationship. How many get knocked off the labour support at on the other side if Hone becomes involved?

    • phronesis

      I shudder to think where you would have to sit on the politcal spectrum for Hone to be centre-left.

  • jonno1

    Actually it’s not a bad move on Shearer’s part to talk to the leaders of all non-government parties. The important thing is whether he’s smart enough to subsequently rule out Hone & Winnie as prospective partners. Probably not…

    • Hakim of phut

      Dont worry  Joyce and English will throw Key under the bus if they have to work with Peters after the next election. Thats if Key doesnt beat them to it.

  • Dr Wang

    Shearer is just the latest blowfly to be drawn to the steaming pile of racist shit that is Hone Harawira and his Mana party – all because he thinks he can sniff out a few more votes. I thought Shearer had more nous than that, but he really is as dumb as he looks.

    • thor42

      There will be a shitload of Labour supporters who will desert them if Shearer cosies up to Hone too much. 

      Even if Labour do win in 2014 – if they need to have a coalition with Hone to do it, that should guarantee that they’ll only be in for one term.

      Even most Labour supporters have enough brains to see that Hone’s policies are economic suicide.
      Tax, tax, tax – borrow, borrow, borrow……
      Greece, here we come…..

      • Hakim of phut

        Actually the reverse happened Cullen paid off all the debt, and English has borrowed it all back again , twice over. Tell me again why we had tax cuts funded by borrowing.

      • Macca

        Phut you are a complete fuckwit!

        The bank was dry when National took over and the first thing they had to do was try and bail out ACC before going in to the worst recession since the great depression!

        Answer me this.  What happened to the $13 billion Cullen was crowing about in the February of that election year?  Had that money actually existed (which it didn’t),  things would have been very much different now!

        So don’t spout that shit about how National borrowed all the money – it had no option because like every previous labour goverment – there was none!

        The other thing you little sniveelers can’t quite figure out is that you have to giva an incentive to the golden goose to keep laying – but then of course you wouldn’t know anything about that – being a taker and not a giver -TWAT!

  • GeorgeRomero

     Yup , 1 racist maori half breed hypocrite-communist , che loving , p dealing maori gang hugging , anti cigarette smoking, hater of all things whitey and 1confused white socialist with no political experience,  roped in to save a dying political entity past it’s usedby date , who won’t reveal exactly WHAT he did in Africa and the ME except that “It was very HOT there!” discussing NZ economic policy , what could go wrong with that?

    • jay cee

      a national government bringing in benefit cuts,that should focus the thinking of every beneficiary out there looking for non existent jobs


    Who in there right mind wants anything to do with those Mana party idiots,and their Twat of a leader.If you go to bed with dogs you get fleas.Mind you Shearer has experience dealing with mad dog Black fullas.