Dirty Pool

American politics is dirty…and fantastic…check out this case of dirty pool:

Much has been made of Democratic efforts to turn out the vote for Santorum and we see evidence that’s actually happening. Romney leads with actual Republican voters, 43-38. But Santorum’s up 47-10 with Democratic voters, and even though they’re only 8% of the likely electorate that’s enough to put him over the top. The big question now is whether those folks will actually bother to show up and vote tomorrow.


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  • If I was a Democrat I’d be doing anything to make him the GOP nominee, he’s such a neocon dickhead that Obama will smash him in the election.

  • Hakim of phut

    Michigan is an open primary so that voters can choose which party primary to vote in. In some states like New Hampshire  only so called undeclared voters, those not registered for either party can choose on the day.
    So you can see the results here  for NH where the GoP candidates were the highest polling behind Obama in the Democratic primary
    Ron Paul 3.77%
    Mitt Romney 2.99%
    Jon Hunstman 2.04%
    other GoP about 1.5%
    AS for Michigan the delegates are awarded proportionally so  who is the ‘winner’ has little significance in terms of delgate count.

    The candidate with the greatest number of votes in each of the 14 congressional districts will receive that district’s two delegates. Two additional delegates for Michigan will be given proportionally 

    as well the State went from 59 to 30 delegates ( from GoP HQ) because they moved the date before March 8.Such is US politics, more to do with Ancient Rome than any democracy

    • Ciaron_A

      Something to do with being a Republic then?

      • Hakim of phut

        Even the republic govt set up in Iraq  shares nothing with the absurd nonsense that is the US.
        President not direct elected.
        Gerrymandering blatant from both sides
        Circus  with primary voting

  • Got sent this image from the states…. click on it to enlarge. Amazing amount of money wasted on getting these tossers into the political power house.