Face of the Day

Some jealous old hags in Italy are moaning like socialists about this lovely face serving their men in skimpy attire.

A sultry barmaid’s desire to serve coffee and beer in risque attire has left the womenfolk of a small Italian town frothing.

Laura Maggi, 34, emerged as a national celebrity after shots of her in skimpy white lace and figure-hugging PVC mushroomed on the internet, prompting the Italian press to describe her as a sex bomb.

Maggi now has a dedicated Facebook page with more than 5000 fans and men arriving in droves at her bar, which she has owned for eight years, in the town of Bagnolo Mella, Lombardy.

But her choice of work outfits has left wives and girlfriends fuming, led by the female mayor of the town.

“I wouldn’t allow my husband to go there,” Cristina Almici laughed, bemoaning Maggi’s fame for casting the area in an unflattering light.

“It’s not a crime for a girl to take advantage of her looks,” she said, blaming men for being so easily “beguiled by the spectacle”.


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  • Whafe

    I would be there for an Italian Coffee like a rat up a drain pipe. ;)

    • joe bloggs

      Thanks Whafe – I’ll have a caffè latte with an extra shot – full-bodied and a little frothy on top…

    • ConwayCaptain

      What would Spanish Bride say/do??

  • ConwayCaptain

    Better looking than that ol’ slapper on the cover of Next magazine.

    EWonder how Xena Warrior Princess is faring after another cold night up a drilling derrick.

    Wonder if the NZH will show thye hypocrisy of LL with her super mansion. Wonder what car she drives??

  • thor42

    Mmmmm….. nice. 
    If the women are so peeved off, there’s nothing stopping them from opening a cafe that has beefcake guys as baristas. 

  • Euan Rt

    She looks like she needs a hand.
    Do you think she is an equal opportunities employer? I’m bald, middle aged and need a job.

  • Jman

    Mamma mia!

  • Greg M

    I’ll have two jugs please…