Face of the Day

via Boing boing

Mexican tattoo star Maria Jose Cristerna, better known as “La Mujer Vampiro” (Female Vampire), poses during the Venezuela Tattoo Expo in Caracas, January 27, 2012.

She is a 35-year-old attorney. 98 percent of her body is covered in tattoos. She also has prosthetic fangs, and platinum implants in her forehead.

“The ‘Vampire Woman’ was not something I thought of, it was a name that one of Mexico’s major television stations baptized me with,” she tells ABC News in one interview from the tattoo expo. “It doesn’t necessarily bother me because it has helped me transcend to a new level. Yes, I do like vampires but they are only a dream, a fantasy.”

She says the body modification project was a form of self-expression she sought after being the victim of domestic violence in a former marriage.


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  • Pass me a bucket! Imagine what she’s going to look like when she’s 60…


      Helen Clark?

      • Pass me three buckets!!!

      • Thorn

        The monster has better teeth, eyes, nose and mouth than HC.  Helen has better hair and ears.

  • kevin

    That look should keep any blokes away….

  • That – is one of the ugliest things – i have ever seen.

  • bb

    she didn’t get counselling then?


      GBH with the ugly stick.

    • Groans

      No.   This look is considered normal in the Labour Party.

  • Agent BallSack

    ‘….victim of domestic violence in a previous marriage’

    Well she won’t have to worry about any husband beating her again…just entire flocks of peasants

  • Kthxbai

    Serious personality disorder.

  • Kiwidon

    Would have appreciated a stern warning on this!!! 

  • Anonymous

    Is she Darien Fenton’s sister?