Face of the Day

One suspects if James Cameron looked like this the Labour party might not be so happy about his purchase of prime rural land.

Today’s Face of the Day is Kim Jim Tim Camwon, who in the spiwit of coopewation is buying some valuable rural land.


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  • Labour think everything is fine with this investment but not Chinese.

  • Gazzaw

    Everything seems to be OK if you are a major movie personality. Wonder what would happen if it was Jackie Chan?

    All we need is another tree hugging Canadian liberal living here but we need his dough and his skills so I can be a pragmatist when required.

    Should be a great venue for labour & green party sleepovers.

  • Hakimofphut

    Oh dear, will he be wanting $40 mill handout from the government for his films like  
    Now we know that mere workers  can get $91k wont his … cough contractors want $150k that means the  privilege  of having a film made  at   the new South Hollywood/Wairarapa  will cost the taxpayers $50 mill next time.