Face of the Day

Is it a wig or not? Some people are asking how I can say it is.

I’ve seen Winston up close and I can detect a distinct weave plus the tell-tale brush line all wig wearers have. This photo also shows a bit of threadbare thatch…so readers, Wig or not?

Surely there are some hair experts or fashionistas who can comment.

Certainly though he isn’t using botox.


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  • nzd.gbp

    I bet the carpet matches the drapes.

  • First time caller

    Why would you get close enough to know?

  • Orange

    Optical illusion surely? I see it has a tuft of silver hair rolling backwards. You see it as the reflection of a lower round surface. I can’t see any thatching. I don’t want to gently run my fingers through his hair to find out for certain that’s for sure.

    • Anonymous

       Might cut your hands on all the empties he probably stashes up there

  • joe bloggs

    Vile, odious man with a nasty hate-filled look – no redeeming features whatsoever

  • Spanishbride

    I remember when WO was in the green room before going on T.V and Winston was there too. He loves to get a rise out of Winston so he called out ” hey Winston,” and then gestured to indicate Winston’s head. When Winston asked what he was going on about he replied, ” your wig, it is crooked ” Winston’s hand automatically went up to his hair and then he sent WO a filthy look and said something I couldn’t possibly type LOL


    Maybe its where the cats arse used to be

  • Cheryl

    I hate to be a pedant but technically it’s a toupee, a wig covers the entire hair area while a toupee just covers the top male pattern baldness. The spot looks like an accidental blob of toupee glue… There is an art to securing a wig or toupee well and clearly in this instance Mr Peters didn’t quite succeed.


      glue would explain alot