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  • titanuranus

    Haha , the fucking gnome has style.
    Looks pretty flash in the whitemans clothes.

    • Troy

      Yes, and whom may I ask gave him permission to wear European clothes – especially the hat…. ah, oh, it’s ok for guys like him to “submit” themselves to other cultures when it suits, woops I forgot.

      •  He might just be showin’ respect for the courts – but then again he might be takin’ the piss…..

  • Greg M

    Is that hat on backwards?

  • Shaun McC

    moko make good aiming marks

    • joe bloggs

      yeah I was just thinking he’d make a great toi moko

  • Magoo

    If Tuhoe never signed the treaty then I think they should be given sovereignty over their lands. It’s just that they won’t be allowed to leave it into the rest of NZ without going through NZ customs first, and judging by the actions of some including blowing a hole in the NZ flag with a shotgun in a public place without a firearms license, I doubt very much that they would gain entry. If caught in NZ without having passed customs they should lock them up indefinitely. When in their own country they can trade between themselves & live in Iti’s communist utopia, fighting it out amongst themselves to see who gets to play Stalin. Fence them off as well with a few land mines thrown into the equation.

    I think it would be quite humourous to those looking in, and would be a good lesson to the members of the green & occupy movements about the reality of communism. The TAB could take bets on who will kill the leader to take over next, and how many tuhoe would starve that year.

  • AnonWgtn

    He will be found not guilty other than a small firearms charge – discharge withoiut conviction.
    10 women jurers. Have you ever been on a jury with a dominance of women – I have and all they do is argue violently between themselves on little to do with the trial, more to do with posturing.

    Another jury I sat on was a Maori/Paheka physical violence but we had two Maori ladies on the jury and from the first moment we got into the jury room they said “Not Guilty” and never said another word for the rest of the day – we could not get a guilty verdict, which appeared to many men be the right decision. There were gasps when the decision was made in court.

    •  Ummm – sounds a bit like this blog to me – ummm any women here?

    • Mr_Blobby

      I imagine a lot of time was spent getting as many Women and Maori on the jury as possible, preferably Maori Women. His suit was probably funded by some grant so he could look halfway respectable for the trial.

  • Rockyr

     I couldn’t help it I was abused as a child your honour.

  • History of Violence

    3 to 5 out in half of that, he has firearms precious form so he be going away that’s my pick

  • Mr_Blobby

    Add a cigar and he could pass as a Mafia Don. Saw the Fat little womble at a bank in K road a few years back, withdrawing his dole. It was all I could do, not to go over and give him a good slapping. This whole fiasco has been a shambles start to finish. Starting with the Police jumping to soon to inadequate/Incompetent law to the sad joke they have made of our Justice system (no surprise there) over the last 4 years. He will be found guilty of something and at sentencing he will produce a folder of personal references, the Judge will kiss his butt and tell him what a good man he is and how he has done a lot of good for the community and fine him, like the last time, I’m picking $300. With the help of a bottomless pit of legal aid dollars, it will be pursued through every court in the land until the conviction is discharged.
    So what was the purpose of the whole exercise other than to waste millions of Tax payer money and provide amusement and employment for the disgruntled?

  • M3N78L

    less of a face, more a hatfull of arsehole