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Trevor Mallard’s SMOG was on the scale like we’ve never seen before in NZ political history


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  • Petal

    Cam, please tell me OIA requests were posted yesterday requesting receipts for these tickets as well as all the others that were sold on TradeMe.  Because I don’t think the real scandal has hit yet.  

    I fully suspect these tickets were given to Trev for free.  We had nobody deny this.  Not Trev, not Shearer, not the Homegrown organisers.If you host an event and you send a few tickets to your local MP, that’s entirely expected.  What you don’t expect is your local MP to sell them, hefty profit or otherwise, and pocket the proceeds personally.As they were given to Trev in his capacity as an MP, I would expect these to be handed out to people who would like to attend if he personally will not.And even if Labour Party Trev sold them, the proceeds belong in the emaciated Labour party coffers.  Not his greasy pockets.This is a serious lapse of judgement for someone who is expected to set an example and meet a much higher moral obligation.  Trev was right.  It wasn’t what it looked like.It is much worse.

    • middleagedwhiteguy

      Trev did say in his interview with Sean Plunket that none of these tickets were complementary.    However, I am disinclined to give any statement from that member any credibility at face value.

      • Petal

        Not sure what is worse.  

        Selling complimentary tickets or INTENTIONALLY buying tickets for the purpose of on-selling as a minister pushing through legislation against the same practice on a bigger scale.

        There really isn’t any wiggle room out of how unbelievably greasy this is.

  • Kosh103

    “…never seen before in NZ political history”

    Just a slight over reaction there Cam. It was a stupid move, but hardly worthy of that little statement.

    • Callum

       Would you care to name a bigger SMOG then Kosh?

      • Arkantos

        Calling the Mad Butcher a class traitor, for one.

      • Callum

         It never got aywhere near this level of public reaction or media coverage though, compared to Trevor being all over the TV, papers and the net.

  • Gazzaw

    The sight of Mallard laughing his head off in Parliament was disgraceful. Surely to God Shearer has to take some action.

  • Spanishbride

    I know, I know, he should challenge the students to a bike race, that will fix the problem :)