Focussing on the things that matter, Ctd

Labour continues to focus on the things that matter…like holidays:

Plans to “Monday-ise” public holidays have inched closer to reality after legislation to make the change went onto Parliament’s business programme today.

First-term Labour MP David Clark this afternoon had his Holidays (Full Recognition of Waitangi Day and Anzac Day) Amendment Bill drawn from the members’ bill ballot, lucking it out over 38 other MPs to take one of two members’ bill spots on Parliament’s business agenda.

Last year, Waitangi Day fell on a Sunday and Anzac Day on Easter Monday, which meant New Zealanders missed out on two of the 11 public holidays.

Mr Clark’s bill would ensure that if future Waitangi Days or Anzac Days fell on a Saturday or Sunday, the following Monday would be a public holiday.

“These are two of this country’s most significant days, yet a glitch in the system means they are not protected under the Holidays Act,” Mr Clark said.

“There are no plans to shift commemorations _ they will still be celebrated on the actual dates _ but it doesn’t seem fair that where workers are entitled to a day off they are sometimes missing out.”

Labour had 9 years in power to be fair to workers, instead they ignored it, now all of a sudden this is one of their most import issues.

Fat chance of this getting anywhere. Maybe Labour will select this bill to filibuster instead of a hapless charity.


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  • Pete George

    It was a private members punt but I guess they prioritised what they would put forward into the draw.

    This bill will probably get far wider and more enthusiastic support than some of last year’s Labour disasters. It’s a fairly safe starter.

  • Blam

    A bit harsh on Labour and indeed any Bill that is trivialied

  • Anonymous

    Hardly Labour’s “focus” being a private members bill which was in the ballot last year but has just had a change in sponsorship.
    In the 9 years of the Labour govt we didn’t lose both days in one year because of the days they fell on. Last years situation brought this into focus.
    I think the Bill has every chance of passing without holding too much up.

    Considering the grief you rightly give the MSM for story beat-ups I think you need to be a little more careful about how you present these things Whale.

  • This isn’t their priority.

    Rather, it’s one bill among many that was in the ballot. They could well have preferred many of the other bills to come up, but are stuck with this one, perhaps their 25th choice.

    That said, it does have the advantage of possibly being something that can actually be advanced from the opposition benches, unlike some of their other bills: particularly if they pitch it as family friendly and pull across Peter Dunne’s vote.

    • Pete George

       I think Peter has supported Mondayising in the past so I’d expect him to support it.

      Winston Peters may be the fly in the Monday ointment (unless enough Nats support it), he was against it on NatRad this morning, albeit not understanding how it would actuall work.

  • Cadwallader

    Off-thread, but I am keen to see how the universities function now VSA has passed. The dire predictions of the left will fade into the ether undoubtedly as students vote with their wallets….good on them!

    • Gazzaw

      I think that we can be quite confident in saying that the student unions are totally rooted.
      The union officials have no doubt written themselves a nice redundancy package and there will be a few sinecures lined up at the CTU. These bastards never starve!

    • Graeme Edgeler

      Instead of getting funded by students directly through membership levies, students’ associations are getting funded by the universities through tuition or compulsory services levies, and have zero membership levies.

  • Doug

     That’s a bit harsh Cam, Holidays is all Labour has to look
    forward to.

  • Greg M

    Labours solution to getting ahead ? Take time off work.

  • Well this bill is a nice to have although we can survive without it. 

    They do have a chance with this bill because they are no longer fillabustering the VSM and it is a non-issue. 

  • Grandstream

    If this passes I wonder if labour will look to repair its union relationships by then suggesting leave loading (failed australian union policy) to help workers have real holidays.

  • SME

    All first-term Labour MP’s should be made to write 100 times on a blackboard  –  ‘This country only survives with it’s small business employers’.

    Fuck me, there’s enough ex- teachers in the party to show them how!

    • Roger de Laborde

       I have a simple question for them to answer as well.

      Why is it up to the government to  “create” jobs. The only jobs a government can “create” are beaurocratic ones which are a net drain on the country’s resources.

      What the government can do is make things so that it is easier for the small entrepreneur to have a business that can grow and employ others.
      Not to bind him up in so much red tape that he can’t afford to do business. Not to create more regulations that require more govt employees to manage.

  • Chrishill

    Just another populist policy to show the general masses that Labour is thinking of them! Not a bad idea, but when are we EVER going to get any sound economic and social policy that may help the country forge ahead!!

  • Blam

    Only the unemployed, benefit leeches and business owners would be annoyed at this Bill, ordinary workers getting a paid day off……..

    what idiot would say no to that ?

  • Anonymous

    Only lazy bastards want to Mondayise holidays. We already get 4 weeks – FOUR WEEKS – off in a year, plus stats. Of course, the indolent will complain when a stat falls on a weekend. If it reallys means that much that they have a 3 day weekend, just put in for an annual leave day on the Monday. Simple.
    Of course, Labour caters to the work shy. They gave us a fourth week annually and then grizzled when National said that it could be traded in for cash. Strange really; you’d think Labour would want their core voters to have more money in their pockets but their preference is that they sit around at home for another week instead.
    Labour should be encouraging the ideal that more work = more money but that could cost them state-dependent voters.


      Labour,does not mean hard labour thats for sure.Welfare for all,and an extra few days off as well.

  • Vikingonmars

    The Nats. will roll over and do it. They need the tax.