Game Recipes, Ctd

I reckon a TV show where I travel the country, plus a few overseas stops looking at great game recipe, cooked by ordinary people in ordinary circumstances using tasty game animals would be great. Animals that of course had been hunted and killed by my or their own hands. Certainly no gay cookery bullshit with chefs and ponces. A show sort of like this: Meateater

Here is a recipe for Squirrel Melts, they look delicious.


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  • ah..!

    no thanks..

    [email protected]

  • kiwi in america

    I was just thinking – Catherine Delahunty and other notable greenies would have a cow (excuse the pun) and Mr Ure chimes in right on cue!

    •  i am pretty sure delahunty still eats animals.. do most of the green mp’s..

      ..not a vegan amongst them.

      ..and that is the elephant in their caucus..

      [email protected]

  • HeinB

    Last week I had to buy some steak from the supermarket after months of eating fallow that I hunted and butchered myself. I cannot believe how crap and expensive “produced” meat is. 

    Have you tried possum WO ? An old trapper told me that it can be cooked to be reasonably appealing. 

  • Petal

    Amazed how much meat is on a squirrel. Cleaned up it looks like a little rabbit :)