Get a life

Watch out the wowsers are out in the streets again.

An Auckland feminist group is demanding Tui scrap its all-female brewery ads, which it says are sexist.

Feminist Action spokeswoman Leonie Morris is describing the commercials as retro-sexist, promoting a form of mateship that dismisses women’s concerns and trivialises relationships with women.

The group has launched a campaign on Facebook and an online petition to pressure DB Breweries to drop the ads.

Since it offends them here is one for your viewing pleasure:


THANK YOU for being a subscriber. Because of you Whaleoil is going from strength to strength. It is a little known fact that Whaleoil subscribers are better in bed, good looking and highly intelligent. Sometimes all at once! Please Click Here Now to subscribe to an ad-free Whaleoil.


    well that is all well and good – but how about we get rid of all tampon ads then. nothing worse than being reminded that my misses is not to far off being grumpy for a week…. again

    • Sarrs

      I’m a female and ads for ‘feminine hygiene products’ make me ashamed to have to buy them. 

    • Vikingonmars

       Yep and always on at dinner time as well. Enough to put you off your fish and tomato sauce..

    • bb

      aww come on – we’re not all grumpy be-archs every week of the month – some of us (me) are absolute angels however we just give much allowance for stupid shit happening from our Mr’s that particular time of the week.  See, nice and balanced

  • Hey, I have an idea! If you don’t like the ad, how about you just don’t buy the product.

  • ConwayCaptain

    OK Bet they like watching the Dan Carter ads for male underwear and betv tehir eyesb were on organ stops when SBW changed his jersey in mid field.

    They have had an SOH bypass.

    • fifibelle

      I’m picking that in their particular ivory tower, it wouldn’t be PC to “notice” DC and SBW – which only underlines how out of touch they are with the rest of us. 

    • Pukakidon

       You are joking Captain, these women will be carpet munchers

      • Mully

         And fugly, no doubt

  • Elaycee

    I can’t imagine DB will be too fussed with the opinions of these ‘feminazis’ – a placard waving group who fail to understand how advertising is designed to appeal to the appropriate target market / consumer. Didn’t they also lose their appeal to the Advertising Standards Authority?    

    But given that they are all bitter and twisted about Tui, I’ll make my own point by purchasing some (not my regular brand) when I stop at the bottle shop on the way home tonight. 


  • Doug_S

    Another bra burning, bunny boiler, cloth eared bint….leave us alone lady!

  • Doug_S

    You only have to take one look at her FB page to get an understanding of this woman. Likes free the Urewera 4, Free Palestine, Free Bradley Manning, Robyn Hobbit Hater need I go on..

    • Thank her sorry case that McCarthyism is still not round as it was in the 50s? 

  • Dr Wang

    Historically (when the boot is on the other foot) the leftist reply is “change channels if it offends you” or “use the off-switch”… girls, the solution to what you are bleating about is in your own hands.

    • Bunswalla

      They can’t get to the off-switch as they have a jumbo vibrator on their hands.

  • Sooty

    FREE ADVERTISING. Don’t yea love it! I bet they do not look like the Tui girls.

  • Phar Lap

    The shielas look superb ,pity about the dumbo males in the add,surely the spawn of Germaine Greers ideaology could have a least mentioned the male creeps.Wonder if the females were Forty Stone  plus would the head up their **** protesters make such a fuss.After all what is wrong with female eye candy.Seems after a certain age the candy view is taken over by the very opposite.Wonder if the feminists are really the “Green Party” in drag.The message seems to be the same,hate,hate hate,everything that dosn’t suit their ideaology  the politics of envy.

    • Bunswalla

      And the politics of “can’t” – you can’t do this, you can’t do that.

      They’re just a pack of caaaan’ts.

    • Gazzaw

      I’d love to see the European Heineken ads let loose here. 


    Once again the bleating hairy leg/armpit brigade are upset about nothing.Get a life,and go bother someone who cares.

    • Phar Lap

      Lets not forget the moustaches.Teeheeheehee

  • SalaciousTCrumb

    “Feminist Action spokeswoman Leonie Morris is describing the commercials as retro-sexist, promoting a form of mateship that dismisses women’s concerns and trivialises relationships with women.”

    I thought they were just ads for crap beer….what a stellar intellect she must have to interpret it in such a way. That must come in useful in the kitchen.

  • In Vino Veritas

    Hmmm, Feminist Action. They will be part of Colin James Labour supporter group, those on the margins. All fits really. A minority bunch of misfits demanding something from a untenable position

  • Brian Smaller

    @In Vino Veritas – which in modern NZ means their demands will probably be met by advertisers who are usually scared of everything.  That is what the Feminist Action group are counting on.

    • In Vino Veritas

      And to that level we have sunk.

  • So can someone tell why they’ve not been complaining about the Linx adverts? Maybe they just don’t like the beer “barons”….

    • Brabus

      Somebody should complain about the Lynx adverts…

      The product does not perform as advertised!

  • Gazzaw

    Anyone seen this feminazi in the flesh yet? She could well qualify as a labour backbencher.

  • Pencarian

    I note they don’t object to the males being portrayed as
    stupid inferior alcoholics who steal booze. How about they object to females
    exclusively being portrayed as the “victims” of domestic abuse?

  • Guestosterone

    how long have these ads been running for and they complain now?

    which dungaree-wearing rock have they been living under!

  • toby_toby

    I think Tui should do an ad where all the women are dressed like devout Mormons. Right before they tear off their clothes and brew some beer of course.

    • Agent BallSack

      I’d buy that product and I hate Tui.

      • Just sold my soul for the week and did :P

  • Bob

    Thanks Pencarian. Will they next be as gobby about all the ads that depict men as incompetent stupid oafs?

  • Kthxbai

    I’m a rabid feminist of the old-fashioned sort, but even I rather like the Tui ads.  No harm in them, paranoia and probably too much time on their hands are Feminst Action’s problems.

  • Stranger1020

    For goodness sake Ms Morris – is there nothing more useful that you could be doing with your time? Yes, we are in the 21st century now – we all know, accept, and appreciate that woman are on an equal footing with men. Surely the sign that a society is comfortable with itself is that its able to  laugh at itself occasionally. Thats all this is – a bit of a laugh – not some attack on the equality of woman. Sounds to me like you are simply trying to justify your position. Move on!

    • Mully

       She could bake a cake, vacuum the house. Ya know, something womanly

  • The crones at the Hand Mirror are raising their dildos in support-of their ugly oppressed sisters.

  • Offcut

    She looks a bit of a pig anyway, so is most likley a marginalised man hating, single mother, with a chip on tasty chicks.

  • Bunswalla

    Just for fun (OK, and mischief) I Googled Leonie Morris. She’s part of the team at the Auckland Wimmins Center which has a charming newsletter called “GOSSIP” that contains an image of a very subservient-looking secretary type in a 1960’s office.

    Way to reinforce those stereotypes girls….

    • Quintin Hogg

      I would call that taking one for the team.

    • Phar Lap

      And a Ginga with a head on her like a bucket of blood.

  • Euan Rt

    This part of the article made me laugh,
    “We salute Ms Morris for voicing her opinions and the public discussion it has created. The feedback Tui has received has been overwhelmingly supportive. Tui Brewery Limited is an equal opportunities employer and we have no grounds for dismissal of the Tui Brewery girls, especially when they’re doing such a great job . 

    • Agent BallSack

      Reading between the lines:
      “The woman is such a bitch people will buy more of our product just to piss her off. Phil Goff is more popular”

  • Euan Rt

    and this from Ms Morris, 
    “The women are depicted as even more stupid than the dorky men who try to steal the beer. The dorky men outwit the women,” spokesperson Leonie Morris said.
    Where does she get that from? When I see the add, I think the women are taking a well earned break ’cause of all their hard work, and the dopey guys don’t know where to get hold of some Speights!

  • Vikingonmars

    Its becoming a blight on society. Sex i mean.

    Sexually suggestive’ Ryanair ads banned

    Last updated 13:00 21/02/2012
    Text Size


    RISQUE? Ryanair’s calendar-girl ad has been deemed sexist by Britain’s ASA.

    Travel Troubles

    Travellers stranded after Air Australia goes bust

    Reasons for visa denials to be kept secret

    Spoof Qantas Twitter account shut down

    PM backs plane flu scare response

    Flight flu ‘just sniffles’

    Qantas grounding ‘good for brand’

    Pilot attacked on Brazilian airliner

    Superjumbos put through the paces

    Jet could ‘fall from sky’ warning

    Man run over by Boeing Dreamliner

    Britain’s advertising standards watchdog has banned an advertisment from maverick airline Ryanair.

    The “sexist” ad features cabin crew in underwear and has been
    banned for being sexually offensive and likely to cause offence,
    London’s Marketing Week reported.

  • bb

    ad’s like these make me wish I was lesbian.  And wish that was a les I would be in.

  • jay cee

    i purchased a tui tee some years ago the one with “mangatanoka” printed across the front. i’ve had a few people struggle with the  pronunciation, so to help them i ask if they have seen those tui ads with all those georgeous young women in them. then i tell them that they’ll know then that the word is pronounced “mecca”

  • Gazzaw

    I wonder if the Tui girls would come around and check out my homebrew kit.

  • Driver8

    It does seem strange there are no photos of Leonie to be found on a quick web search, would love to see her in a singlet heaving crates of Tui about… oh wait maybe I wouldn’t.  Was that a moustache on that woman????

    • Euan Rt

      Do you mean Brucetta?

  • Driver8
  • Driver8

    Oh, and an online petition?  I see the group claims 50 members…so that’s the first page taken care of then…tee hee