Getting in our own way

Paul Holmes kicked up a stink last week and he will probably get in trouble this week too. But he does raise an interesting supposition..that we get in our own way:

I ran into an American who’s lived here most of this decade. In fact he’s become a citizen. He said to me, out of the blue, “New Zealand tends to get in its own way, doesn’t it?” And I understood him and I agree with him. We all do it, I think, Maori included. I just think that instead of shouting and ranting with bitterness and resentment, which is what Waitangi seems to so many of us to be at the moment, we should work together to get jobs and a better attitude to schooling and to diet. These things are hard to make progress on, of course, but we’ve got to work together because we’re in this together. We’ve got to look after each other. Heaven knows we have on millions of occasions so far and there’s nowhere else for many of us to call home.