Good at spending other people’s money

New Labour Leader Daydream Shearer clearly doesn’t understand the value of a dollar.

Fresh from spending billions of other people’s money on behalf of the UN, he’s now promising to spend hundreds of millions more with his cavalier support for Mondayising holidays at any cost.

Talk about populist – of course the public will support another day off.

But the Labour Department has said Mondayising ANZAC and Waitangi Day would cost the economy up to $200 million for each day.

Daydream Shearer says he doesn’t care about the cost. (Full media clip at Scoop)

This is more of the same old Labour economic recipe.

If we divide a big number, over a long time, and then divide that by the population of New Zealand – we end up with a small number – and that suits our argument.

Of course, what this actually adds up to is more debt, and another handbrake on the economy from the lefties who always think someone else will pay their bills.


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  • Anonymous

    I’m already sick of Shearer. Between being a UN hack and his republican assholery now he wants to flush money down the toilet for no reason at all. 

  • Grandstream

    Has anyone tried calling Shearers office to get him to speak or attend a function (dont ask me why you woudl, however….) ?  I colleague of mine range ands asked if he would speak to a business-related group about his UN experiences – my colleague was told that Shearer woudl not be interested in anything related to business…….go figure ! same old labour story and disconnect with business…..

  • Joes

    Great idea: Why don’t we just cancel these holidays during the years that they land during the week? Then we’d be making $400mill/yr for the economy.

    By Cam’s logic, we should probably be doing this for christmas as well!

    Disclaimer: Not a labour voter.

  • Horidude

    Most working kiwis want it heres an idea for all you looney rightwingers if you look after your workers they tend to work harder for you and does anybody really believe Key and the treasurery when it comes to figures.didnt’ Key tell us last year that the recession was over .Key then said during the election National would balance the books by next election Yeah Right ”Key is Mr Over Promise and Mr Under Deliver”. 

    • Tony

      The issue is not whether employers should look after their workers – of course they should.  Mind you – the workers need to look after their bosses as well: employment is a two-way street. The workers need a job, the job-providers need workers.

      The essential issue is whether it is reasonable to impose things on employers when they are already facing cost issues. remember Horidude, in many – oh so many case – if a business owner cannot keep going (through costs or poor business skills or whatever) they will become employees again – pushing those with lesser talents into the dole queue.  

  • Honcho

    The winging left need to remember what they are argueing over, ANZAC day.

    By in large the RSA community are against any change to our nations day of rememberance (<– see that, not a fucking holiday no matter how 'hard' your work)

  • Blam

    I suppose if you had a job then you wouldn’t mind the days off.

  • jay cee

    and of course there all those whiny riteous right wingers who look forward to labour weekend and us atheists who enjoy christmas and easter.the last time the holidays act was amended the employers would have had you believe that life as we know it would never be the same conveniently overlooking the fact that every employer was going to face the same percentage of increase to their overhead.