Grant Robertson reheating The Standard?

I watched Question Time today and saw Grant Robertson asking his questions with his usual shock and awe approach…but something just didn’t ring true about his revelations:

It was really a nasty little smear that he launched there. But it just sounded like we had heard all this before.

And it would seem that he is in fact reheating an OIA request that The Standard ran way back in October 11, before the election.

So this is not new and Labour appears to have The Standard acting as their research unit.

The EC considered all of this in the decisions it reached.

So actually, the PM has been totally open and transparent, and Grant Robertson and Labour are so bereft of ideas they are now running lines that flopped on a blog a month before the election.

All the ahhhhs, and grimaces from Labour are now surely contrived in a bid to manufacture a story out of something revealed publicly several months ago. I just bet the media breathlessly report all this tomorrow as some sort of new revelation.


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  • Gazzaw

    The most rivetting part of that was Fenton’s attempt at a total makeover. Work in progress.

    • Greg M

      Yes I wonder who’s doing the makeover. Clarins / L’Oreal or Fulton Hogan.

  • Nigel201065

    for fucks sake all he has to do to shut them up is to answer the question with I did nothing against the law but if i did i will face the music unlike what the labour party did and retrospectively changed the law

  • Than

     Wow, the PM’s communications manager and Radiolive exchanged emails  trying to ensure the broadcast complied wth Electoral Law.

    This is a scandal Labour should aspire to emulate.

    • Hakim of phut

      Your taxes at work – building an audience for a radio show that hardly has any listeners

      Come to think of our taxes, borrowing  $300 mill a week  but able to lend $40 mill to Radio Lives private equity owners.

      What was that policy about selling off profitable state assets but investing  in new ones that are  ‘sub prime’ .

      • Gazzaw

        Clarification HoP. Lent out over five years at 8%. What are you getting from Kiwibank?

        Not a bad deal I would have thought.

      • Hakim of phut

        Gazzaw , its part of the reason we got a credit downgrade…..
        and we are getting 18% on prime power generators we all ready own.

        But thats what private equity is about … finding the next mug

      • Greg M

        If the left wants the government to stop borrowing $300m a week I would support that.
        It would mean no more WFF, no more treaty handouts and massive cuts to welfare. Do it, and save us all the interest payments.

      • Hakim of phut

        Go ahead Greg… make our day….. let the cuts begin

        Just one thing , National led Governments share of the  2011  election vote 50.1%

      • Greg M

        And what was Labours share ?

      • jonno1

        Hakim, I’ll think you’ll find that the 18% you mention includes one-offs such as revaluations etc, ie non-cash items.  IIRC the cost of borrowing is (on average) 4.5% while the dividend payment is around 4.1%. Now I won’t die in a ditch for those figures, but the point is that it’s near enough to break-even, and perhaps slightly better to sell and reduce debt. It’s an accounting thing – you really need to drill down a bit to be able to make valid comparisons; not easy to do I admit.

      • Hakim of phut

        jonno , none will buy the shares if all they get is 4.1% !
        Of course its a capital intensive business with a lot of money put back in- to grow the business.Question that cant be answered is why a  free market government lent money to a private equity outfit.
        The answer is that it stinks, just like the dodge Joyce pulled over  the $110,000 election money that wasnt theirs to spend