Great Campaign Ads, Ctd

Mitt Romney has been spending million attacking his opponents in the battle for the GOP nomination.

The others are now fighting back, but one of the most effective ads in the fight back has been “Rombo” from Rick Santorum. One of his campaign advisors describes the rationale behind the ad:

“If they see a Romney ad attacking Rick Santorum, I want our [“Rombo”] ad to be in the back of their mind,” Brabender says. “I want them to ask themselves whether they think that kind of thing is presidential, whether it brings the party together. Instead of inspiring us, he’s beating people up?”


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  • i understand yr preferring the far-right santorum..

    ..but don’t you think more of a moderate..

    .. wd have a better chance against obama..?

    ..(not that either will actually beat obama…of course..

    ..but romney wd get closer..’d think..?

    [email protected]

    • Phil you should know better than to pigeon-hole people.

      Who said I support Santorum?…he is a dickhead and insufferable.

      Mitt Romney isn’t much better….neither can beat Obama.

      Just because I post one of his videos doesn;t mean I support him, but I like the positioning that this video does against Mitt Romney.

      From a pure politics perspective I’d like to see Newt Gingrich prevail…at least the election will then be a good old fashion mud fight of the likes you’ve never seen before.

      The raw politics of it all would be highly entertaining, something Mitt or Rick haven;t got a clue at running.

      •  newt..?..the newt..?

        ..letterman the other night did one of those audience applause polls..

        ..he asked how many would vote fort newt to be president..

        ..and then he nearly fell over laughing..

        ..’cos not one person clapped..


        [email protected]

  • I’m hearing the old “Simple Image” track goin’ round in my head – ” and I’m spinning spinning spinning – into the magic land…….”

  • Bunswalla

    Stupid advert – perfect for American voters

  • Blair Mulholland

    Phil, I don’t think you have been reading this blog properly if you think Whale prefers Santorum.