Has Brian donated?

I see that the liberal elite arts aficionados aren’t dipping into their pockets to fund their pastime, preferring instead to let “other people” fund a theatre:

The curtain is set to fall on a $41 million theatre project on the waterfront unless the Auckland Theatre Company can raise $23 million in three months.

Auckland councillors yesterday gave the theatre company a lifeline to raise the money by May after officers reported it had managed to raise only $460,000 and failed to meet a December deadline to meet a series of conditions.

The city’s longest-running professional theatre company is planning a 600-seat theatre alongside the new ASB Bank headquarters at the Wynyard Quarter.

It wants to build the theatre in conjunction with the development of the bank’s headquarters and use the same contractors, in order to save money.

The ASB Bank is contributing a 200-seat studio theatre within its own building, a plaza area and a carpark towards the theatre project, worth about $6 million.

That has left the theatre company to raise $35 million for a new building on the site of Moana Fisheries in Halsey St, for which the council has included $10 million in its draft long-term plan conditional on the rest of the money being raised.

But enthusiasm for the project is waning around the council table after an officers’ report showing just $460,000 has been raised from theatre patrons and “no substantial progress has been made in other areas”, such as how to fund a $350,000 annual ground rent.

I’ll bet dollars to a knob of goat poo that not a single cent raised has come from Brian “Where’s my Theatre” Rudman.

Now that they have proven that arts aptrons won’t pay how about deploying that spare $10million into reducing rates. Fat chance of that though as the city politicians will find some other pet project now to squirrel away the rate payers cash.


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  • Anonymous

    Two questions –
    a) Doesn’t Auckland already have theatres?
    b) If so, are the existing theatres always full?
    If they are not, then it seems ridiculous to build another one when the demand clearly isn’t there.

  • EX Navy Greg

    I would prefer they left the fish shop there.

  • starboard

    Wouldnt be a problem if that dogsbody Klark was still around..” How much do ya need ” ?

    “No problem cheques in the mail..shucks dont mention it “

  • Guest

    Didn’t Auckland council just qive $9.5 million, the land and the building for the Q theatre which only opened in August????


    • Hakimofphut

      No , they raised the  dosh from the usual groups , not the council.
       Lottery Grants Board ($6m) and ASB Community Trusts ($4.5m) with the balance from other trusts, foundations and private fundraising. 

  • When the initials ASB stand for Auckland Savings Bank can someone explain why then the term ASB Bank is used? Should it not be AS Bank?

    • Hakimofphut

      Used to be  that way now its formal name is ASB Bank. Like BHP the letters dont mean anything anymore

  • Gazzaw

    Two words:  User pays.

  • jay cee

    sorry,but how much did this government give or write off for warner bros. again? no talk of user pays there or the movie “elite”

    • Kthxbai

      Yes, but the Warner deal was likely to bring a good net financial benefit to NZ.

      • Hakimofphut

        So those highly paid ‘contractors’ in Wellington  could  continue to cream it.

        Would keep  Fatsos Gulfstream  jet in tyres and fuel for six more months

  • Kthxbai

    Same in Wellington, rates money pours into the arts in a neverending stream.  Meanwhile they are considering water meters to cover the cost of a new treatment facility.- in effect meaning that all ratepayers, including the majority who don’t give a stuff about theatre, ballet, orchestra, opera, performance artists, have to pay extra for essential services.