Hello Stalker

Sometimes stalkers come to my notice. Their actions give them away.

They are sitting there lurking and watching Facebook profiles. Once you know what to look for it is easy to discover them.

Phillipa Sturges…is a friend of mine on Facebook (well not now)..she is only friends with well known people…banal useless profile updates and most importantly easily discoverable photos of other people claimed as their own.

Nineteen mutual friends…Lives in Kaitaia, I think not. Funny ow none of her friends live in Kaitaia.

Take this picture (left) It also happens to be a picture of actress Krista Allen…an uncanny likeness including the same shirt, sunglasses and jewelry.

Tin Eye is such a useful tool:

Profile Picture 1: match

Profile Picture 2: match

Profile Picture 3: match

That is pretty conclusive evidence that Phillipa Sturgess is fake.

Then there is Google Image Search.

Even the photo of her with a bloke is pinched from another site. Only a truly creepy person would find photos and crop them to suit some sort of fantasy existence.

Phillipa Sturges is an inept attempt at lurker. For those people who are my friends who are also friends with this fake tart might I suggest a de-friending. It will either be some Labour tragic or a bunny-boiler psycho bitch that is just days away from making your life miserable.


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  • maninblack

    i am proud to be a decent stalker.

  • bb

    now that is creepy. another reason i have my facebook as tight as a ducks arse as far as security is concerned.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    If this stalker does live in Kaitaia, why would they have so many so many center right friends?
    I wonder who it really is?

  • Orange

    9:20 still there, 9:22am Boom it’s gone :O

    • All gone…found another one too…Robyn Harston

  • Brian Smaller

    Do you think these are fake profiles by political opponents?  Perhaps you should have done some “facebook chatting” to get a better feel of what their thing is.

    • Steve (North Shore)

      Associates of Political opponents I reckon. No doubt Whale has some screenshots.
      This is like the sticky beak Hilda Ogden

  • Big Mac

    it’s Mallard !!

  • Agent BallSack

    I have a couple of mutual friends with you Whale. Mine are due to my political and social views though – Dakta Green and Bill English. We did have Lisa Lewis but I defriended her when she started her ‘poor me someone smashed in my face spiel, here look at the pictures.’

  • It’s a bunny boiler – for sure. She added me last year and it was not out of political interest.

  • Tookinato

    Bugger, I never get a stalker! I even walk slowly down streets and stop for ten seconds when I go around a corner just in case a blonde swedish stalker is following and i don’t want her to lose me…

    • Ploughman

      I thought like you until I was stalked.  It was bloody horrible.  And I am a bloke.

  • Blair Mulholland

    I used to just sleep with them – if they’re going to bother you, you may as well get something out of it…

    • Tookinator

      Do you still have their phone numbers?

      • Make sure you don’t mind your friends, and family – including your children – being stalked as well if you sleep with this one!

  • heh dont need to defriend. She’s gone!  Thanks Cam.