Hiding behind Name Suppression

A teacher has been hiding behind name suppression while working in schools, worse he has committed offenses again:

A convicted sex offender has been working in schools as a teacher, Education Minister Hekia Parata has announced.

Parata said the schools affected had been notified.

A ministerial inquiry, led by former ombudsman Mel Smith, would be held into how the sex offender was employed. The person had been registered as a teacher since 2000.

“At this stage I cannot discuss the details of this individual case as the matter is now before the courts [in Auckland],” Parata said.

She was “extremely concerned” and was told late last week that the person had been arrested for breaching a condition of their release. The person was in custody.

The Ministry of Education was working with the schools and their communities but it was possible others had been affected, Parata said.

“Parents should be able to send their children to school confident that an individual of this type is not part of that school environment,” she said.

The ministry had asked the courts to vary suppression orders so other schools and parents could be informed.

This is the problem with name suppression, offenders can hide, or change their name and then sneak into positions that exposes more potential victims to their predations.

The ministerial inquiry into the matter would report back by April 30, Parata said.

It would consider the specific means by which the sex offender was able to “exploit opportunities” in the system and how it could be strengthened to prevent it happening again.

The terms of reference included looking at the Teachers Council’s involvement in employee vetting and registration, information sharing with wider government departments and the process taken by schools for vetting prospective employees.

The Teachers Council is part of the problem not part of the solution. They routine suppress details of teachers before them on disciplinary matters. Even Trevor Mallard has locked horns with them over this.


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  • Hakim of phut

     If they had been working at a Charter school no one would have been the wiser, hell they wouldnt have been qualified, probably on a minimum wage .

    • I really didn’t think anyone would go there Hakim, well done, you have proved me wrong.
      I actually genuinely follow your posts as i like to try to get perspective, even when i dissagree, but this is a new low, even for you.


    • But they weren;t they were working in the much vaunted state system that is perfect yet managed to have a kiddy fiddler working there for 12 years. Fuck off with your distractions, I have no patience with you any more.

      • Hakim of phut

        One bad apple in a barrel of 40,000. That makes the whole system worthless.
        Thats the whole point of having a highly regulated  teacher profession.

        But privately run education organisations can be slap dash.

        “Thirty-seven year-old Mathew Everson was today sentenced to Preventive Detention at the High Court in Rotorua after being convicted of nine charges of performing indecent acts on eight girls aged 11-12 years old who attended a school camp he worked for.

        Read more: http://www.verify.co.nz/news-employernz.php#20110922_mathew_everson#ixzz1ndEQbshQ
        Here it wasnt just a hidden past conviction, he had that , but he was actively abusing the students.

        “Today in Court, the Judge permanently suppressed the name of the camp that Everson worked for, saying he was satisfied it wasn’t to blame as its staff were unaware of Everson’s past. ”

        Not to blame ? . Yeah right . Doing a background check is not their responsibility

      • Kosh103

        Putting aside hakims comemnts – dont play stupid. We all know it is not perfect, but it is a bloody good system.

        However in this case we have been GREATLY let down. There should have been no name suppression, he should have been stood down till the original charges were dealt with. This should not have been allowed to happen, and on this case the TC screwed up big time.

      • Symgardiner

        Hakim… GO AWAY! 
        This is a stuff up. A huge stuff up. You don’t defend such things. They are indefensible. 
        If you want to get your jollies irritating people, go and play somewhere else – like The Standard.

      • Doug_S

        Well done Kosh..A little respect gained..

      • joe bloggs

        Nice to read that one of the trolls has a sense of morality. ‘Onyer Koshie… even if you do come from the dark side…

        but phut me Todd, or Jackel, or Hoik’em or whoever you want to call yourself today, you’re just a phutting dumb knob.

        You can’t see far enough past your own petty political point-scoring to understand that the Teacher’s Council has failed big time on this – failed the students and failed us parents who entrust our kids to the teaching system.

      • joe bloggs

        sorry Cam – meant to reply to the Crotchrot of Phut… my trigger finger missed…

  • Suppression of name never seems to do anything for the general public – other than cast suspicion on the whole of an area the accused is living or working in. In this case all the other male teachers, yet again why would any man want to be a teacher?

  • Jester

    If there was one topic i thought you would be able to bury your animosity towards the Right over, and that would be speaking out against sex offenders.

    Seems even that can’t stop you trying to score cheap shots.

    Your a distasteful little fuck Hakim, you know that dont you..

  • AnonWgtn


    You are a prick with your stupid comment.

  • Wychbych

    I would imagine half the upper echelons have short eyes, considering how routinely they protect kidfuckers.

    Bullet therapy. 100% effective, no repeat offences, ever, cheap and more effective than the Kia Marama bullshit.

  • barry

    there are dozens of teachers with convictions ranging from low to high in terms of seriousness,
    no matter what government is in power this is an ongoing problem that has always existed.

    • fifibelle

      So maybe “looking at the Teachers Council involvement” will help reduce the size of the problem for everyone. Here’s hoping.

    • Kosh103

      And? Serious issues like this prevent a teacher from stepping foot into a classroom till sorted. And if they are found guilty, thats it, they are gone and their name published in the Ed Gazz.

      • Symgardiner

        Kosh… I tend to agree with you. Except the TC has been too loose with suppressing names. This has got to stop or they will wipe out the TC and replace them. Unfortunately the TC are taking their lead from the NZ court system who have lost the plot on name suppression.

      • Gazzaw

        I’m with you on this Kosh. For all teachers regardless of political persuasion or whether at state or private school this sort of incident must be an absolute nightmare. For male teachers it must be even worse.

      •  I agree with you 100% on this one Kosh. The cone of silence that surrounds TC proceedings has made a situation like this almost inevitable. And hundreds of good teachers will be getting strange sideways glances now.

    • mel

      Have you got hard evidence to back this up Barry?
      You can’t get teacher registration or a practice certificate if you have a serious conviction or a conviction that includes violence, theft, fraud, drugs….
      So if you are going to make a statement like this, have the evidence to back it up.

  • ConwayCaptain

    Many years ago my late Father was the Commanding Officer of a Sea Cadet unit in the UK.  It was always in the top 10 when the annual inspections were done.

    An ex CPO RN approached him to come and join the Unit.  He showed his papers and Dad was v impressed and got him to fill out all the forms and send them off to SCC HQ.

    Everyone who joined the Sea Cadets in those days had to be vetted by Naval Security.

    The result was that my Father was told he was not to join the Unit.  When he asked why he was told along the lines of “No one questions Naval Security, but let it be said this man is not to work with young people”

    Why dont they take this approach with vetting teachers.  They should not have been able to slip through asystem for 10 years.

    • Bunswalla

      As long as they don’t just take the Catholic church approach and quietly move him to another parish.

    • Kosh103

      Just listening to the news clip about this, it seems the guy has used a number of ID’s to get around systems.

      But then that begs the question, how did he get these IDs? Were they stolen teacher IDs, or did he some how manage to registar fake IDs as teachers.

      • Callum

        There has be a lot more to this than is public yet, I doubt the Teachers Council is going to have multiple identities slip through without thorough checks on at least one of them, academic qualifications should always be checked? But if you follow it on from there with stolen identities that means IRD numbers, bank accounts etc being faked as well. There are audit processes in the payroll system that in theory should detect duplicate details so you would need a fully supportable identity to get away with it for that long? This has me intrigued.

      •  Yes; and has he falsified documents in order to get and maintain techer registration status through the period in question. A Ministerial inquiry is the appropriate format to ask the questions that need to be asked.

      • Kosh103

        I shudder at the idea of someone like National “running” the TC. Having said that, this screw up is a very big one and not easily forgiven.

  • Symgardiner

    Bye bye Teacher’s Council.

  • Bunswalla

    On a slightly different but related matter – did anyone see the item on TV1 on Sunday evening (current affairs programme called Sunday) about teachers in Australia? Very interesting piece, it was on after the article about the surrogate parents.

    Synopsis: they’re rewarding the good teachers and sacking the bad ones. Interesting concept, eh?  Here’s the link:


  • Sarrs

    I still think the Teachers’ Council protects it’s members from public scrutiny. As per the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants, any member found guilty of a crime is at least censured and they have notes from their hearing posted on the NZICA website. Even if name suppression was granted in district court, there aren’t many times that name suppression is granted by NZICA. NZICA does not go into the details of the crime/s committed and so publishing censures doesn’t breach any suppression orders. If you look at the censuring of teachers from Teachers’ Council website, all names of those censured are redacted. Why is that?

    Would you trust an accountant who had been censured multiple times, even if you didn’t know why they had been censured? The same information should be available to people who are entrusting their childrens’ education to schools. 

  • Phar Lap

    Latest reports say the teacher with many aliases is now back in jail.He will be able to teach the inmates how to beat the system .Perhaps he learnt a lot from the movie “Catch me if you can”. On a more serious note our Police Dept are responsible for the vetting of teachers in schools ,every three years,yet he was convicted in 2004.


      Was he going by his convicted name when he was teaching,or an alias.May have slipped through because of no flags for his alias.

    • Ciaron_A

      Perhaps he has been studying Coronation Street

  • Rain

    Just found out this was at my daughter’s school… ergghhh… sick…