Hiding the numbers from Parents

The teacher unions aren’t letting up on trying to undermine National Standards. Here is a missive from Ian Leckie, Perry Rush and  Peter Simpson where in paragraph 3 he is clearly trying to incite the undermining of National Standards.

Full document (pdf 768k)

The government and Hekia Parata needs to stipulate precisely how they want National Standards data presented. If they don’t these self centred union bully boys will undermine the whole process.


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  • Karl Laird

    I would probably just make it clear that any education worker that thinks the corruption and obfuscation of data to prevent it becoming information is clearly unsuited to the profession; and will be entered into the official disciplinary process.

  • Greg M

    They have put in writing that they intend not to do what their employer has asked. Surely any employee in the private sector would be getting a written warning for this, at least.

    • Brian Smaller

      @Greg M  “private sector” –  There is the problem. These full time teacher unionists are protected from the having to be accountable. Time for the unions to be busted.

    • Hakim of phut

      The schools are not run by the education department, but the BoT for each school
      If the law requires the data to given to another organisation, it  may be given in pizza shapes and the education  dept cant do anything about it.

      • Greg M

        Well that is pathetic. How about they do as they have been asked. We all have to do tasks set by our employer that we don’t agree with, or don’t want to do.
        Real good example they are setting for the children.
        BOT’s need to be tough on this. Tell these dickheads” any obfuscation or deliberate attempts at sabotaging the process that we are legally required to implement, you will be visiting the ERA”

        Then sack the fuckers and de register the union. Kapow with both barrels.
        I got sick of being told what to do, so I am now self employed, so I now make the rules but also take the hits if I fuck it up. Wonder how long these institutionalized tossers would last in the real world.
        P.S. I totally support 99% of our bloody good teachers, it’s the 1% that are holding our good teachers, and our kid’s futures to ransom.I’m fucking over it.

        ****Rant Over***

        Group hugs, Greg.

  • Hakim of phut

    You forget the purpose of the national standards is NOT to create league tables.

    Education spokeswoman Anne Tolley said a National-led Government would not roll out any league tables of its own but primary schools would, from next year, be required to publish their results against the National Standards. ” So they can hardly turn around now and  say   format the data so  we can do so.Face palm !

    • Hakim of phut

      Another  killer quote-  from the fount of all knowledge himself
      “Key said the overall National Standards data would be very complex and tough to make in to a league table.”It’s not as straight forward as putting together a league table,” he said.So true !!

      •  I think two of you have answered this already “…..National-led Government would not roll out any league tables of its own” and “….Board of Trustees that I sit on was independant of NZEI, NZPF and Rush’s nonsense “coalition”…” So any Boards of Trustees, if they so wish, can publish and be damned…!!

      • In Vino Veritas

        Neil, any parent who wishes to get hold of this information is within their rights to ask, and be provided with it. Generally, the info is discussed in Board Meetings, to which there is public access. Meetings are minuted and those minutes are freely available to any parent should they so wish.

  • In Vino Veritas

    Last time I looked, the Board of Trustees that I sit on was independant of NZEI, NZPF and Rush’s nonsense “coalition”. Therefore, they need not take any notice whatsoever of this piece of rubbish, other than to record as inwards correspondence, and that no action is needed. I may however, insist that it is minuted that the correspondence be referred to the bin, where it belongs.

    Leckie, Simpson and Rush seem to believe that Unions, Principals and any other agitators they like, run the schools. I have a sinking feeling that some Boards are being led by the nose, rather than doing their job.

    • PaullePaul2012

      @ vino
      You are right. Boards employ principals. The ministry can’t discipline principals kfor this nonsense but BOTs can and should. I am a principal BTW and I am sick and tired of the unions thinking they represent everyone in the sector. The government should legislate to make principals public servants employed by the Ministry.

      • Callum

         Kind of a stupid situation, employed by the BOT but paid direct by the ministry and effectively a strong principal with a weak board gives no accountability.

    • Vij

      It was the same when I was the Chair for 8 years and this was a Decile 1 school.  There are clowns who comment here live in their own fantasy world, so just ignore those moronic idiots.

    • Gazzaw

      Many boards are led by the nose particularly those in low decile areas and consequently fertile grounds for teachers’ unions. Those boards do not have the benefit of having business & professional people to handle administration matters and a suitably appointed teachers’ rep & a union-minded principal can easily manipulate the board to make decisions their way.

  • Kosh103

    Are you seriously telling me that unless they get a pie graph the MoE is not going to be able to understand the data???


    If that is the case then there are some rather large issues at the MoE.

    Corruption and obfuscation – what a load of rubbish.

    • In Vino Veritas

      I would have thought Kosh, that if the boss requests something, the employees get on with it and do it, whether they like it or not.
      You are clearly for the tail wagging the dog Kosh. And are exactly why schools will be better served by National Standards – people with your attitudes can be removed toute de suite. 

      • Hakim of phut

        Parata doesnt run a single school, she is only the boss of her ministerial staff. 

        The pom who runs the education ministry can only instruct the schools where  it is written in law.Dont you know nothing about tomorrows schools, its been like this  for nearly 25 years

      • In Vino Veritas

        Oh please Hakim! Surely you cannot be that niave. Whoops. Looks like you are. Please don’t tell me you are a teacher…..

      • Kosh103

        Clearly you are another self appointed expert who knows nothing about education but is ready to tell those who do how they should do their job.

        Tell me, how were the NS developed? What studies were used to support them?

      • In Vino Veritas

        Kosh, actually I’m not self appointed, surprisingly enough, I won enough votes. Its called democracy.

        Firstly, I have not told anyone how to do their job, and secondly, as a Board member, I have absolutely no interest how NS were developed or which studies were used to support them. Far more knowledgable people in Education than I (and seemingly than you) will have had their say. I am legally obliged to implement them and have done so extremely successfully.

        Your foolishy inept post only singles you out as an empty vessel. One interesting thing about NS, is that sub standard teachers will be identified. Good, isn’t it?

    • phronesis

      Kosh, your reading comprehension leaves a lot to be desired.

      • Vij

        Agree with you, but I’ll ignore the other 2 idiots

      • Ksoh103

        Mine are better than any righty on here.

    • Guestosterone

      yeah kosher, i think you need to read that again…

  • Ksoh103

    LMAO, so Vino, as someone who is MEANT to give a damm about kids education, you have no desire to understand how they are being assesed, or how the system was developed.

    Bloody hell, if thats your position, resign please. The kids deserve someone who actually gives a damm.

  • Ksoh103

    Oh and Vino, if you are stupid enough to think that sub standard teachers dont already know how to work this poorly thought out system then you are even less clued up than I already think you to be.

    • PaullePaul2012

      Kosh you are trying to further propagate the myth created by your union masters that the national standards are some foreign assessment tool that appeared from no where. You and I both know that teachers use the same assessment tools that they did prior to NS. The benchmarks that NS provide are not particularly different from the benchmarks that man schools used prior to NS.

      As for your comment poor teachers know how to work the system…any half decent moderation process in your school would ensure that that is not sustainable. It’s no rocket science. If you and your unionist buddies don’t have the intellectual capacity to use the National Standards in the way intended nd pstill be able to teach the N Z curriculum with integrity, passion and creativity then maybe you are the one that should resign.

      • Ksoh103

        Wrong as usual. I actually know the fellow who had a hand in creating the Math standards. Good guy as well.

        The English standards are a mess and all over the show and the Minister could not explain how they were created.

        The main problem with the standards (apart from the fact the english ones are a mess, and the math ones could do with tweeking as well) is that they do not take into account ANYTHING to do with how kids actually learn. If you want a realistic system for kids to work towards then the NZC is the one to go for. That is the most well constructed document. So please do not assume you are talking to someone who is not aware of how these things were put together. I know.

        And I say again if you think the poor teachers cannot work the system, then you are a fool.

      • PaullePaul2012

        So your claim to have great knowledge is that you knew a guy….wow. You have done nothing but muddy the waters….tell me what tools you use to assess students against the NS. I bet you will name the very same tools that you were using prior to the intro of NS.

        You see the NZC and NS has mutually exclusive because you lack the ability to fathom how they support one another.

      • Ksoh103

        Oh paulle you have just demonstrated you have no idea what you are talking about. the NS doc and the NZC doc are at 2 opposite ends of the scale. NS are about as supportive of the NZC as the Pope is of condoms.

    • In Vino Veritas

      Hah bloody hah! You can’t even spell your name right Kosh, and its only four letters and three number! Well done you. I note that you claim your reading comprehension is better than any righty. Suggest you read my post again then before going off. Oh, and it’d be useful if you could avail yourself of an understanding of what the role of a Board is. Have you ever wondered why you are still at the bottom of the heap Kosh?

      And by your post above, it is of no surprise that you have figured it out.

      • Ben E. Basha

        I think there is an attitude amongst some teachers that they run the schools, which would go some way to explaining kosh/ksoh’s attitude.

  • RightNow

    Schools are subject to OIA requests. They can be addressed to the BoT. 
    Despite union attempts to obfuscate they can’t hide the information.