Holmes is over it

Paul Holmes is like a great many Kiwis…over Waitangi Day.

Waitangi Day produced its usual hatred, rudeness, and violence against a clearly elected Prime Minister from a group of hateful, hate-fuelled weirdos who seem to exist in a perfect world of benefit provision. This enables them to blissfully continue to believe that New Zealand is the centre of the world, no one has to have a job and the Treaty is all that matters.

I’m over Waitangi Day. It is repugnant. It’s a ghastly affair. As I lie in bed on Waitangi morning, I know that later that evening, the news will show us irrational Maori ghastliness with spitting, smugness, self-righteousness and the usual neurotic Maori politics, in which some bizarre new wrong we’ve never thought about will be lying on the table.

This, we will have to address and somehow apply these never-defined principles of the Treaty of Waitangi because it is, apparently, the next big resentment. There’ll be lengthy discussion, we’ll end up paying the usual millions into the hands of the Maori aristocracy and God knows where it’ll go from there.

Well, it’s a bullshit day, Waitangi. It’s a day of lies. It is loony Maori fringe self-denial day. It’s a day when everything is addressed, except the real stuff.

Yes real stuff like Maori bashing their kids to death, Maori incarceration rates, poverty despite billions in hand outs. It is high time that some responsibility went with the entitlements.

Never mind the child stats, never mind the national truancy stats, never mind the hopeless failure of Maori to educate their children and stop them bashing their babies. No, it’s all the Pakeha’s fault. It’s all about hating whitey. Believe me, that’s what it looked like the other day.

This is why we are over it….billions has been paid out in settlements and yet the whining continues.



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  • Kosh103

    Holmes is right on Waitangi Day and the breast feeding issue. Well done Paul.

  • Frederico

    Ouch!!…I can see Ralph Hotere getting his paint brushes out as we speak..well said Holmsey!


    Good on ya Paul.Keep up the good work.Right on the money regards Waitangi,and breastfeeding.

  • Holy shit, Paul. And here was I thinking that you were slipping into your dotage!

    Tell us what you really think, eh?

  • Anonymous

    Waitangi Day protesters are the ultimate hypocrites.
    If it were not for the welfare benefits provided by us “whiteys”, they would have to – shock, horror – **work**. 
    But no. Those benefits provided by us allow them to sit on their fat brown arses and to moan and bitch against us. 

  • Gazzaw

    Waitangi weekend wasn’t a complete write-off for a mixing of the cultures in Auckland.  Our Chinese community showed us what a celebration is all about with the Lantern Festival of Lights at Albert Park. No aggro, no ugly posturing, no divisiveness just a fantastic celebration that our new Chinese Kiwis wanted to share with their fellow gwailo citizens. Roll on Diwali & Pasifika & fuck off Waitangi Day.

    • Anonymous

       Absolutely right!  The Chinese New Year, and the Indian community with their Diwali. Both great celebrations, really positive.

    • Greg M

       Yes it was bloody good, Daughter and I spent hours there

  • Fozzie

    Maybe if Holmes got out of bed and out into his local community he would have seen the real Waitangi Day celebrations – not what he and his media buddies insist on focusing on. All around NZ Kiwis of all races and creeds got together and celebrated  ….
    so his precious Johnny got booed  and ran away …. who cares …. except the pathetic ambulance chasing media to whom Paul is wedded.
    Change the name back to New Zealand Day and let New Zealanders celebrate it, not make it a grand standing event in one place for a few photo opportunistic pollies  and their media enablers

    • Gazzaw

      ‘Precious Johnny’ is returning next year…………………more than could be said for Clark.

      • Kosh103

        That is because Helen has more brains than johnny. She knew what a waste of time going to Waitangi was and was not worried about a photo op. She had the good sense to give the 2 finger salute to Waitangi and go elsewhere.

  • Jungle Juice

    Good to hear Mark Bennett back on Radio Live last night. He had some good points on Waitangi. Best talk back host ever and hope he stays around and adds some starch back to RL

  • nzd.gbp

    In other news – Father of gang associate fed up with cheeky darkies. “Their racism just ruined my long weekend” he said. “…and it’s got nothing to do with me wanting a gig on a breakfast tv show.

  • Ralph Hotere has always distanced himself from “Maori issues” and their grievances, so even if he was in good health he would not be getting his paint brushes out on this issue. Paul Holmes has expressed his anger and frustration at the continuing tendency for Maori to blame everyone else for their shortcomings and want more and more taxpayers’ money to help them get over their deep rooted sense of grievance – which they never will. Many many NZers feel exactly the same way.

  • Montys mum

    Spot on! Couldnt have said it better myselfF

  • Anonymous

    As I have said before, many maori need to: “Look back, but don’t stare”

    Stop living in the past, culture is vital yes, but for fucks sake, stop living in the past….

  • On Twitter, Young Labour calls this “Bigoted Bile”. And hopes our generation can “stand up and learn from the mistakes.”

    I hope they realise that we actually want the same thing. The Maori protests are bigoted bile. We want to learn from the mistakes, and move forward without this racial division that has left one ethnic minority believing they have a power of veto over legislation, a right to extra handouts, and a valid claim over all the land, air and water.

  • Anonymous

    See this is what the media needs – journalists fighting for relevance so they *gasp* actually form an opinion and speak eloquently on it. More competition within our journalist landscape wouldn’t go astray, we would get less of the ‘cut and paste’ reporting that we are exposed to now.

  • paul holmes does racist-rant…

    ..what else is new..?

    [email protected]

    • Anonymous

       Nothing “racist” about it, Phil.
      He’s calling a spade a spade. Maori are allowed to be criticised just as much as anyone else. To suggest that they *not* be subject to criticism is more racist than anything.
      FACT – Maori do a *shitload* of bad stuff in this country, and they **should** be held to account for it. To treat Maori with “kid gloves”, as you seem to want, would be to do them no favours at all.
      Maori need to **grow the fuck up** and sort out their shit. Admit their faults, and fix them.

      The biggest handicap that Maori have (besides themselves), is sickly white PC-ridden liberals who insist that Maori can do no wrong, and who say that any criticism of Maori is “racist”.
      ***Fucking BULLSHIT***.

      • Vij

        Thor42, just ignore Phil.  He can’t write, what he does write is rubbish.  Just don’t respond to his rants and eventually he’ll go get a job.

      • Euan Rt

        I saw plenty of racist ranting that day, but all coming from the brown skinned.

  • Anonymous

    Euan Rt – but thats ok if it is coming from Maori, just not back the other way…

    2012 learning for a good many maori = “Look back, but don’t stare”

  • Brydone

    Does anyone know exactly how many billions has been paid out in Treaty settlements (not just cash but state assets as well)?

  • Anonymous

    I’d love to see some real investigative journalism done re the dispersal (or not) of those billions in Treaty settlements. Perhaps it might become apparent that the problem is, as I think most of us suspect, with the first receivers rather than the settlors. The fallout from such an investigation could be very interesting indeed. 

    • Gazzaw

      “The fallout from such an investigation could be very interesting indeed” ………………………………..  

      It will never happen though fifi . Too many vested interests have either received the cash from the first receivers or clipped the ticket on its way through.  

    •  of course..fifibell..you are not forgetting the fact that the payout to the parasitic 1% from the south canterbury finance fiasco..

      (mainly rich white men..?..you’d think..?..)

      ..that that payout was larger than all treaty settlements to date..?

      ..you haven’t forgotten that..have you..?

      [email protected]

      • Mully

         “..that that payout was larger than all treaty settlements to date..?”

        You what?

      • Anonymous

        I have a lot of problems with the SCF bailout, and last I heard there was a fraud investigation being conducted into the circumstances of its Government guarantee. I don’t see how the SCF situation has any relationship to the Treaty, other than a strong suspicion that in both cases it’s been the taxpayer who has lost out. And I do pay tax. 

    • jay cee

      holmes made the point that the money ends up with the elites. its also been noted that it  never seems to finds its way down to “once were warrior” land.

      • Anonymous

        that’s what I was getting at :), but we’re still talking about what “seems” to be happening. I’d love someone to follow the money and see whether it really is so, or not. And if it is so, to name some of those elite names, and the amounts involved. 

  • euan said:..

    “..I saw plenty of racist ranting that day – but all coming from the brown skinned..”

    even more than what was being said around/by you..?..on ‘that day’..?

      [email protected]

    • Euan Rt

      I hear what you are saying, but disagree. Racism is something I do have some understanding of. In this situation though the primary problem is not racism but frustration at the expectations of an ethnic community who see no end in making demands on others (non Maori) who have less opportunities – not more – to do well in an harmonious manner with all Kiwis. Maori have opportunities not available to the rest of us to excell in NZ society.


    I held a financial role at our local DHB for a number of years and I can tell you categorically that there was tens of thousands of dollars paid out at the end of each month for raced based healthcare and that does not include the “koha” we had to pay out for our own race based departments which was of course, tax free. SCF has nothing on what we paid and are still paying for each and every month. I know this first hand and am far more experienced in this before phil tries to spin anything to the contrary. We even had handbooks in the wards which told Nurses that even though there was only a limited number of visitors to patients, this was to be overlooked if it was “whanau” irrespective of whether other patients minded having 8 visitors playing guitars when they were trying to recuperate. It is about time the “positive descrimination” was labelled what it is – racisim. It is not something that is only experienced by Maori.

  • jay cee

    talk to most maori secondary school kids and they will pretty much know verbatim what their rights are under the treaty. ask them to tell you what their responsibilities are, and you’ll more than likely just get a blank stare.


    The right to remain silent is also well known by Maori 

  • GrahamM

    Paul, you have academic freedom to express your opinions just as Margaret Mutu has!
    However I believe your comments were much closer to the truth. I live in an area where there are large numbers of maori and basically they are more racist than the Pakeha, they expect continuing handouts and blame everyone else for their problems.. What is very obvious is that  Maori lack any sort of work ethic.