Hooton on Maori

Matthew Hooton responds to Hone Harawira’s attack on Paul Holmes:

Notably, the criticism of Mr Holmes was more for his tone than his message.

The exception was veteran hothead Hone Harawira who took to his keyboard to bash out a response nearly as vitriolic as Mr Holmes’ original but hilariously revealing that Mr Holmes had a point.

Mr Holmes, Mr Harawira said, was “mean and nasty”; “offensive and uncaring.”

Many Maori hadn’t really wanted to sign the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840, worrying that the British couldn’t be trusted and “just wanted to steal our land.”

The treaty opponents also wanted to stop “untrustworthy pakeha traders from pushing gut-rot alcohol into Maori communities” and make “dirty, stinking, pakeha whalers, sailors, thieves and brigands wash more than three times a year.”

The early Europeans also mistreated Maori children, “telling them to shut up, hitting them.”

Mr Harawira acknowledged that pre-European New Zealand “wasn’t exactly a bunch of roses,” but Maori had “strong and vibrant societies … until you guys introduced the gun, the Bible and the pox, and wreaked havoc and devastation like we’d never seen before.”

Despite all this, Mr Harawira tells us, Maori signed the treaty anyway.

It was all downhill for Maori since then according to the rent a mob.

Nothing improved.“In terms of health, welfare, education, employment, housing and justice,” he wrote, “Maori statistics are still worse than everyone else in the country. There’s not a lot to make Maori want to smile and clap.”

Mr Harawira is to be commended for clarifying the message of the Waitangi rent-a-mob.

Thanks to him, we now understand that the influence of Europeans on New Zealand has been almost entirely negative. It is their fault Maori are unhealthy, fail at school, don’t have jobs or houses and get sent to jail.

It’s only because of pakeha that Maori kids get ignored and beaten up.

Yep It’s all our fault. The effects of colonisation were truly horrible:

It is true that European colonisation was deeply traumatic when it occurred on every continent in the second half of the second millennium.People were killed directly or because of exotic diseases.Land was stolen. Everyone experienced profound culture shock.

But it’s also true that the process led to a hitherto unimaginable improvement in living standards everywhere in the world as people traded, learned from one another and exchanged technologies and ideas.

All New Zealanders, Maori and pakeha, whether rich or poor by contemporary standards, enjoy a material standard of living far superior to the vast majority of people living in the world today and certainly in the top fraction of a percent of all the people who have ever lived.

Even as New Zealand slips from first world to second, future generations of New Zealanders will enjoy material comforts superior to anything imaginable today.

It is possible – and, if Mr Harwira’s ideas pollute another few generations, even probable – that Maori will continue, on average, to enjoy a lower standard of living than other New Zealanders.

The fading impact of colonisation will be one factor but far more important will be the loser attitudes that people like Mr Harawira spread among their young.

Yes, we are constantly told about those ideas and attitudes and how they will solve all ills:

Ideas like holding up one social structure that evolved in a stone-age environment in two islands in the South Pacific as a model for the future.

Ideas like the primacy of whakapapa, which says that the value of an individual is driven by who their ancestors were – a concept some contemporary Maori leaders are coming to regard as fitting better in feudal England than in a vibrant South Pacific nation in the 21st century.

Ideas like diluting the responsibility for child-rearing among a wider group than holding parents to be primarily responsible for the welfare of their children.

Ideas like poorly-defined tribal ownership of property.

Ideas like saying an individual’s health, housing or education status is determined by what Governor Hobson did in 1840, and what promises may have subsequently been broken.

Individual Maori, of course, may live anyway they want.

But people who focus on events over the last 200 years rather than the next 20 years, who prefer feudalism and collectivism to individualism and meritocracy, and enjoy protesting more than working, have to accept they will tend to be poorer, sicker and dumber than everyone else.

I suspect Matthew Hooton is lucky this was published in the NBR and not somewhere with a great deal more readership.


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  • Super_Guest

    The irony. Of course, Hone fails to realise he used a computer to type out his typical dumb-guy response, something he’d never have gotten without Pakeha.

    • Gazzaw

      Never mind introducing the computer SG. Pakeha also introduced the wheel.

  • Grizz30

    The Mana party is no longer the racist party. It is now the loser party.

  • Guest

    All been downhill? They are still at an 1800’s educational level? Hone is the biggest racist out there. 

  • Onenine7

    We live in a politically correct utopia that forgets that the days of farm subsidies endless orders for meat and cheese from England and Michael Savage are all well and truly dead. Personally I have no problem with an under class, provided that they have every opportunity to avoid being in that class. I have no problem with beneficiaries as long as they don’t have the vote or demand our gifts as their rights. I have no problem with politicians that promote the plight of beneficiaries as long as they don’t describe them as an endangered species that needs to be preserved. I have no problem with promoting a positive Maori culture in this country as long as they use their own money….. You know .. The money that the tax payer gave to the government to pay put on treaty clams.

    If some one sees John Key tell him.. His next election slogan should be ” I ve had enough”

    No more treaty claims.
    No more race based policy
    No more automatic seat at the table
    No more gifts of SOE,s and land

    If you had such a vibrant culture and life was so perfect before colonization, prove it.. Maori ..get your shit together and stop winging.. Because I, and a shit load of New zealanders, have had enough.

    The revisionist historians like Hone ignore the fact that all of Maoridom was at war with itself, until recent history, couldnt find good Mexican home help so maintained slavery as a staple of the domestic servant supply market. They had such cute practices as eating one another, And not in a Californian porn movie way, they were chopping of the heads of slaves, smoking them and selling them to European curio collectors.

    So don’t give me the story that whitey destroyed your lives.. You were doing a pretty good job of that before we arrived..

    • reitama

       as a New Zealander of Maori and European ancestry, you could not have said this better for me…hope john key reads the slogan…i loved it

      My whakapapa includes Te Whiti and Tohu – cousins of my g-g-g-g-grandmother as well as Ariki in Wellington Region…

      i am also one of the 35%


    That old chestnut that its the white fullas fault.God forbid what the next generation will be like if idiots like Hone keep up the good word.Our local rag the Waikato times has an article that Prisoners children have been let down by the system,and are the reason they are shitheads.DrPita Sharples,is the source of this amusing read.Seems like they cant get it into their heads,its there own fault,not the white fulla.

  • that piece from hooten is about as bad as the one from holmes..

    ..rich/arrogant white guy sneers at those on whose knecks his finely-tailored neo-lib boots rest…

    [email protected]

    • Spell his fucking name properly if you want to be taken credibly…oh wait!

    • Sarrs



      So as soon as a white fulla says something in the press it is racist,anti maori,or whatever the latest bullshit tag is out there for upsetting our brown neighbours.FFS,when will this rubbish stop.Thats right it wont,because we have blinkered opinion from people,who have fell into the bullshit trap Some maori have laid.Cheers Phil.you keep up the good word for all your brown mates out there.The rest have seen it for what it is,gravy train robbing at its worst.

    • Scanner

       Day off  again phill ? must get a job like yours.

      •  never a day off scanner..i started at 5.15 am..

        ..and found 30 + bits of interesting stuff..

        ..these are the days of my life..

        [email protected]

      • M3N78L

         Dropkick seems to think writing a blog is a job mate. When it pays the bills phil, it’s a job. If you’re still suckling the taxpayer teat.. it’s a hobby

    • Philip ure a cock

      That is all

  • btw..the racist-chorus piling in here does know that racism ..from anyone..is a clear manifestation of the deepest ignorance of the utterer….


    you do all know that..?

    [email protected]

    • allanspear

      You have no idea what racism is.

      •  could you expand on that..?

        ..of course i know what racism is…

        ..the almost incandescent hatred of anything maori expressed by many here couldn’t be a clearer example/benchmark..

        ..of that mental-illness..

        ..and of course..i have found/linked to some interesting studies on the causes/symptoms of conservative racism..

        ..you might find them illuminating to read,,.

        ..it has a lot to do with ‘fear’..

        ..most racists are very scared people..

        ..in many aspects of their lives..

        [email protected]


        Anything Maori,For fuck sake Phil,We are not out there burning crosses on their lawns,or hunting them for sport,or segregating(sorry for spelling?)them from white parts of town.We are just getting sick of hearing all the excuses for everything that seems to be wrong with Maori,and the fact it is white mans fault..


        Phil,I have to put up with hearing that the white people are to blame for Maori crime,being poor,hard done by, lands stolen,dont have a job,child abuse,gang culture,treaty abuses,etc,etc,etc,etc,.It is a pity that the English bothered to settle in this country.Then we could have lived like the maori of old,which some of todays Maori  hold in such high esteem.Living off the land, in the Pa ,and going to war/invade our neighbours for land,food ,slaves etc..Do you think that if this was how it stayed,with no white fullas,and no treaty that the country would be like it is today.I get the feeling it is only money that these historians of the past want.And like the old days they would rather run raids on the better off village people to get it.

    • Agent BallSack

      Don’t talk shit Phil. Or you’ll end up like No Mates Hone.

      •  reply to steve or monique..

        ..are you sure you aren’t hearing yourself talk to yrslf..?

        ..and do you deny all the factual/proven evidence..?

        ..yesterday i watched a ted-lecture (heard of them?).. from wilkinson..(?)

        ..the guy who wrote the spirit level..

        ..and the shock/horror part of the charts he threw up..

        ..was how new zealand was always there..at the wrong/bad end..

        ..clustered with britain/america/singapore..

        ..it couldn’t be a clearer indication of how the rightwing/neo-lib transfer of assets to the rich..

        ..has pulled our society apart..

        ..and the fact is..if any racial grouping is cited as having been hurt the most..

        ..by that decades long wander down the wrong road/way..

        ..it is maori..

        ..how could it not be..?

        ..the facts/stats don’t lie..

        and you really can’t get past that other fact ..

        ..that the greedy/parasitic ‘elites’..who piled into that sth canterbury govt-guarantee..

        ..cost the country more than has been paid out in all settlements to maori..

        ..just who are the greedy/grasping/hands’-out ones..?

        [email protected]

    • Super_Guest

      I hate that my money goes to paying for this guy’s internet connection.

      •  Phil doesn’t have an internet connection. He goes to the local library, so so he used to boast. That’s despite the fact he starts blogging in the early hours of the morning until late at night and right through the weekend.

        Personally, I think he’s bullshitting us.

    • SalaciousTCrumb

      Phil, are you who believes that only white people can be racist?

    • In Vino Veritas

      “racism ..from anyone..is a clear manifestation of the deepest ignorance of the utterer….”
      according to you Phillip ..eh..?

      I’m sure that you will make comment on Hone Harawira’s diatribe on Paul Holmes? eh?

      •  sure.. i read hones’ response to holmes’ racist-diatribe as a reasoned/historically/fact-based demolishing of the irrational faecal-matter from holmes..

        ..the pieces..taken in tandem..

        ..raised the mana of hone in the eyes of many..

        ..and holmes just confirmed what so many already know about him…

        ..(but it was a particularly bilious-piece..and wouldn’t have seen him with any rise in mana..

        ..just the opposite…)

        [email protected]

      • In Vino Veritas


        fact based eh Phillip?

        “172 years ago Maori weren’t exactly jumping for joy at the prospect of signing a
        deal with an empire that had already signed and broken treaties all around the

        would this be a world of which the Maori new little, let alone treaties signed and broken?

        “And some of my tupuna didn’t like the nasty way that early Europeans treated
        Maori kids – you know, telling them to get out of the way, telling them to shut
        up, hitting them …”

        And this would be fact. After all, it’s passed down by story telling. Yup, that’d be fact.

        And as for reasoned, his only rationale is that everything wrong with Maori today is the fault of the European population. That’s not being reasoned, its blatant racism – and racism you know Phillip, is a clear manifestation of the deepest ignorance of the utterer….

        Hone’s mana may well have been raised, in a similar way to Adolf Hitler’s being raised, and Josef Stalin’s being raised.

  • allanspear

    Brilliant pieces from both Holms and Hooten. Don’t know what Phil read!

  • mihalku

    I agree with most of the above, especially onenine7. What offends me most is the constant re-writing and re-interpretation of history by certain Maori. They conveniently forget the fact that Maori ASKED Hobson for an agreement by the Crown to protect them against the very real threat of French colonisation.

    A prominent Maori in spoke in 1919 of the comfort-of-mind of Maori, that they had enjoyed the protection, education and lifestyle-improvement of the British Crown. He compared it to the treatment (slaughter) by German  colonial forces, of the Hereros in SW Africa. I might also add the treatment of the Algerians by the French, the Abyssinians by the Italians and the Incas and Mayans by the Spanish.

    •  do you just brush aside the breaking of most of the promises made to maori by the crown..?

      ..and the wholesales stealing of lands/disposession by the state…?

      ..did these not happen..?

      ..in yr particular universe..

      [email protected]

      • Agent BallSack

        It happened in none of our particular universes Phil. None of us did that. You’re talking about centuries old grievances, I challenge you to find one person alive today who was directly affected by the treaty signing. Essentially what youre saying is that descendants are guilty of our ancestors crimes. Whether our ancestors lived in NZ or not.

      • mihalku

        No I don’t brush that aside. But I am a realist and I am aware that attitudes change with time. My British forbears used to hang people for theft in their home land and deport 11-year-olds for stealing bread just to relieve their hunger. They don’t do that now and any descendants of the victims just get on with their lives without blaming any ill fortune on historical injustices. If it was acceptable by the population at the time, it cannot be called into question with the benefit of 170 years of hindsight.

        Maori need to take ownership of their own problems and stop blaming it all on an event in history. Isn’t 170 + years enough to get to grips with the issues?

      • Jassen

         Fuck you Phil. I moved to this beautiful contry 10 years ago and my tax money has got fuck all to do with this shit.

        Why don’t you find the last remaining true Maoris and match them up with the last remaining human beings who can actually bear witness to the signing of the treaty and let them thug it out.

        And let me tell you, you know nothing of racism. Try growing up in South Afirca both in the 70s and now in the 2000s. Complete reverse but complete racism at it’s best in both generations.

        You’re all too sooky over hear … grow a fucking pair.

      • In Vino Veritas

        “wholesales stealing of lands/disposession by the state…?”

        Could you expand on that?
        For example, which lands were stolen exactly, and which were dispossessed by the state?

      • jay cee

        yes i agree bad things were done by the white immigrants 200 ODD YEARS AGO INITIALLY AND MAYBE EVEN 80 YEARS AGO FOR GODS SAKE!! how long do we new zealanders who want to get on with getting this country on its feet have to keep apologising and paying for past wrongs? speaking of which my father in law  and brother in law are both scottish and i have never once heard them complain about the highland clearances, or more importantly demand reparation for them. just read  A B S post below didn’t mean to steal your thunder.

      • Philip ure a cock

        Same again Phul

      • Reitama

         in reply to Phil…dont speak for Maori, you are an fully qualified fuckwit!!

        Agent Ball Sack – yep i been directly affected by the Treaty signing, my  Maori ancestors fought against their family on the side of the soldiers and still lost their land..but I have been Affected for the last 30 years since i started work, paying for the bludging bloodsucker Whanau whiners…not all Maori, but the likes of Harawira and the like…i also have to work to pay for dipshits like  Phil…so yeah i have been impacted,

        folks should visit any Maori land court to see who is ripping who off,,,maori still ripping other maori off  = happens every day

  • Agent BallSack

    Rather than it being racism, I prefer the term societism, one section of society are lazy ne’er do wells, it doesn’t matter what colour your skin is, if you’re a lazy fucker you deserve any abuse you receive.

    • Super_Guest

      Hear, hear. People talk about “beneficiary bashing”, well if that’s the worst you get for taking so, so much and giving back absolutely nothing then consider yourself lucky. At no other time in human history would people have tolerated such behaviour, it’s a credit to the progress made under the free market that living standards are as high as they are, and that we actually have the money (well we don’t, but this is for argument’s sake) to fund massive social programmes. Case in point, Chile. Capitalism helped oust their dictator, and they are by far the greatest country in South America with best living standards. Inequality/equality is an irrelevant distraction cooked up by socialists.

      • super guest..

        ..can i bring you up to speed on the rethinking of capitalism..?

        ..because this neo-lib/globalised/inequality-model just dosen’t work..

        ..that noted ‘socialist’ derek handley was on breakfast telly talking about just that subject..

        ..how the intelligent-capitalists/rightwingers/intellectuals are trying to rethink the model..

        ..(the dalrymple piece from ‘the conservative’ i referred to before could help bring you up to speed..)

        ..and early days yet..but ideas are being seriously considered that would make most or ‘ blood run cold..

        ..ideas like worker-share-olding/co-ops..

        ..but i guess the lesson for you..and others.. to take away..

        ..is that the best-minds of your ideological-tonings..

        ..are re-thinking the whole shooting match..

        ..best you get up to speed eh..?

        ..you wouldn’t want to be yesterdays-man/woman..


        [email protected]

      • Super_Guest

        What are you babbling about? A rethink of capitalism? Capitalism is a naturally occurring thing, you can’t “rethink” it. The only rethinking of conservatism I’ve noted, trend wise (and trust me, I spend a lot more time in the “right” community than you) is a trend back towards the old school, the no-debt ever, model, the “stand on your own two feet loser” model – and you wouldn’t like that, being a bludger and all. Inequality is not a problem, how does it effect you if I earn more than you? Why is this so damaging? It’s not like there’s a finite supply of money.

      • In Vino Veritas

        Fear not superguest, Phillip’s writing is as always, disingenuous. Thinking on the capitalist model is indeed being undertaken (and Phillips favourite psychiatrist, Anthony Dalrymple has produced an article or two on the subject). Just as it has been for many, many years.

        Changes and tinkering are part of capitalism’s life, this is why it has survived for so long, always coming back from disaster and dispair. Unlike socialism, capitalism never fails entirely.

      • Euan Rt

        Phil you’re a dick.
        “.because this neo-lib/globalised/inequality-model just dosen’t work..”Seems to be working just great for you, What other system would let someone like you take more than they give. You have no credibility. You are a loser who has the gall to pretend – yes pretend – that you are a valued member of society, but look around you phil, there is noone in your camp, only your own smelly faeces in the form of your hairbrain diatribe ideas. Clean yourself up, get a job, pay taxes and start supporting some of the other losers like you and we might start listening to you.

  • ConwayCaptain

    Whitev fellas fault of course  I wonder why it is that vast tracks of the old Empire would love to see the White Man back.  Zimbabewe/FRhodesia, East Africa that is riddled with corruption, Jamaica likewise.

    Why is it that Angola and Rwanda never in the Empire joined the Commonwealth.  If Hone reckons he is hard done by look at the plight of the Aborigines in Aus.

    What Hone et al should be doing is instead of complaining and bleating all the time they should be getting stuck in and telling their people to Get and Education, Stop churning out kids to multiple different fathers, get a trade or a qualification.  Why is it that the Maori seem to do well in Aus and also in the Army.


      There seems to be a group within a group with maori.The ones that get on with it,and do well with all the rest of NZ,and the ones that feel they are owed something,and will blame everyone else but themselves.And it is their fault,useless is a choice.To all Maori who think you are owed something,Go get the hospital to disconnect you eyes from your arse,and loose the shitty outlook.

    • Mr_Blobby

      In the Army they have discipline something they don’t have in civilian life.  Any Maori worth a pinch of anything has left the Country to make a go of it and improve there lot, most will succeed.
      What we are left with is the Maori elite and there sad devotion to tribalism and days long gone, criminals and there welfare slaves.

    •  yes..why is that captain..?..why do maori ‘do so well’ elsewhere..?

      ..do you think it could be because they are judged as them as individuals..

      ..and not on the colour of their skin..?..as they are here..?

      ..and dosn’t that last observation contradict the previous claims you made about maori in general..?..if you pause to think about it..?

      (and i know it is useless trying to use logic with those who are racist..


      [email protected]


      • ConwayCaptain

        Having sailed with many ethnic crews I dont judge people on the colour of their skin but on what they do and are. What we have here is a body of people who are living in a culture rooted in the past and past greivances .

        Yes they were hard done by, yes land was stolen but the Govts over the last years have made reparations and we still have the blame culture.

        From the rants of the Harawira clan and the rest it is not just the white man that is racist.  The Japanese, Chinese and the Koreans are far more racist in their outlook on the “round eyes” than we are the orther way.


        Because some maori prefer to just get on with it,and others choose to wallow in self pity,and history,and believe half the rubbish that some have led them to believe.Nothing to do with Racism,just a fact.Shame that any time a suggestion gets made on here,or elsewhere in regards to the problem,it gets labelled racism.

      • SalaciousTCrumb

        Phil that is utter crap and you should know better.
        Maori arent held back here on the basis of “the colour of their skin” and Australia would be the last place they would succeed if that were the case.
        Most NZ’ers I know dont judge on skin colour, but they sure as shit do on attitude & values.
        Stop being an apologist and a handwringer. That is precisley what is holding back Maori (though I hate using that as a collective term based on my Maori friends and colleagues).

      • UAVMan

        Because Phil,  they dont have the drain of their free loading whanau

      • Doug_S

        Phil, the reason Maori do well outside NZ is wholly and undeniably because they are out of the rut that is their local culture. They will have less than close relationships with other Maori in the chosen country. They assimilate into the culture they have adopted and that in many cases is european including Australia. Those that have made the break no longer need or rely on the pack mentality that drives so many Maori at home. In it’s most basic form are the gangs we have here in NZ. Then there are the rural communities that are quite secular while outwardly they might appear open but behind closed doors they despise the rest of us. Then to urban Maori…Kids hanging around the streets, drunken parents, street fights, yet another 21st that got out of hand and resulted in a stabbing..it’s the pack mentality and wanting to be like and stay like each other. A young Maori boy in that environment will have desires to be like his “role models” violent and unreliable. 

        I spent my high school years at a predominantly Maori school. I have seen and experienced first hand the beginning middle and end of the cycle of life of your average low income Maori family and their children (very bad). My father was a serviceman in the RNZAF and worked with many Maori, I can tell you not one of them had the same issues as the other Maori families I knew. The kids were great no trouble and the ONLY difference between us was skin colour and by the end of summer there was almost no difference. So why is it that there was a distinct difference between these families? Not poverty, not at all….the difference is obvious…One lot were stuck in usual rut because they could not break away from the pack. the other lot a few of them made the break and decided to get on with being just like everyone else. Lastly, I bet a Maori cop’s friends would only be other Maori cops..says it all really eh!

  • Phar Lap

    Lucky for Hone that a dirty stinking whaler, or sailor turned up .After all without  at least one of  them he wouldn’t be here.Even though they were white mother *******.

  • mihalku

    Just cut to the chase Phil. When will the moaning end? 100 years from now or more. Ittakes most immigrant families 2 generations maximum to think and behave like Kiwis. 172 years and still winging, despite $2 Billion (and rising) in direct handouts, plus much more in day-to-day costs. 

    While you are considering your reply, please tell us why someone with 1/32 Maori genes should get any special consideration? They are, after all (according to you) 31/32 responsible for their perceived problems.Lastly, where do I go to complain about my and my family’s inability to walk city streets at night without fear, about the essential cost of fitting alarms to my home and business and about being menaced and threatened just  for driving through certain areas of the North Island east coast, Northland and South Auckland?

    • ConwayCaptain


      At one time in the not too distant past to be a Maori you had to have at least 50/50 blood.

      Now it is as low as 1/32.or just over 3%. That is having a Maori ancestor 5 generations back.

      Bloody ridiculous.

      I doubt thatvthere is a country in the world that has spent so much money per head on the original inhabitants after the European came and yet we still habve bleating after bleating and whineing and whingeing.

      IT IS OUR RIGHT etc etc what about their responsibilties to behave in a certain fashion

    • that fear you mention is there because of how unequal our society is…

      ..it is those at the bottom of that scaling who are living in the spirit-sapping world that is poverty..

      ..poverty/inequality drives crime..

      ..you would not be feeling that fear in an equal society of mutual-respect..

      ..as shaw said..’poverty is the root cause of all evil..’

      ..and you know what..?..in those most low-crime/equal countries..the richest also get to live longer..

      ..go figure..!..eh..?

      ..maybe it is the absence of that everyday ‘fear’ you mentioned that does that..?


      [email protected]

      • Super_Guest

        There is no poverty in New Zealand. Go to Africa and see some real poverty, then tell me how hard it is to live when the government gives you everthing.

    • insider


      you are wrong. You only need to claim you are Maori. No bloodtests are taken and there is nothing that can be done to prove you aren’t.

  • Thorn

    Hone’s Maori face the 21st Century with IQ’s better suited to another time.

    • sth africa..sth africa..

      ..do you all live in browns bay..?

      that would explain a lot..

      [email protected]

      • Euan Rt

        no again dickhead. We just have world experience, which begets wisdom. I lived in Sth Africa for 10 years and I’m not a South African; you racist son of your mother.

      • Jassen

         What does it matter where we live. It’s where we have been arsehole. And I promise you, it’s a lot further than down to the local WINZ office once a year to prove you’re still a useless twat at everything, as you were last year and the year before and the year before ……

        And to clarify I am British and lived in South Africa for 26 years.

        I came here just to terorize your lot Phil. Yeeehaaa……..

      • Thorn

        ManUre, compared to all immigration groups, and to the vast majority of Kiwis, you are a failure who bites the hands that feed you.  Perhaps your only virtue is you accommodating another mans’ child, even if it is only for the extra dosh. CYF have been asked to visit you to ensure you are no longer a molester.

      • Thorn that is appalling…apologise unreservedly. Kept that muck to yourself.

  • Brian Smaller

    I am reminded of Monty Python.

    “So, apart from increasing life expectency, ending cannibalism, ending inter-tribal slaughter, stopping slavery, giving us the vote before most pakehas had it, introducing technology, giving us literacy and codifying our language  – what have the bloody British ever done for us?”

  • Pukakidon

    I think we might be a little bit hard on an entire race here.   Note that Hones supporters are only a small group, and I dont think they represent the Maori race.    For every bad Maori person there are many many more good ones.    I could say that about any race.     We should not get too wraped up in what a racist like Hone says, he only does it to get on the goat of the rest of the population. If we ignored his racist clap trap and got on with life he would have nothing left.  

    I dont like to stoop to his level and cast aspersions on a whole race of people because of some individuals, remember we have some pretty bad whities to.

    Take his comments for what they are ….. Nothing

    • Agent BallSack

      Totally agree. Its not a race issue at all its the small minds of people who belong to the respective races. Hone can’t be anything else, have you seen his mother? Hate begets hate begets hate, ad infinitum. Hope his daughter marries an Irishman.

  • Mr_Blobby

    “mean and nasty”; “offensive and uncaring.” Coming from Honke Hokiwera is a bit rich. Racist = Loser,  Hone = Loser Is it time to have a referendum on dumping the treaty? It has long outlived its usefulness. While we are at it, can we have a true independence day that we can actually celebrate as a Nation? Let the racist minority have Waitangi to themselves.

    • SalaciousTCrumb

      If my algebra is correct and Racist = Loser + Hone = Loser then that must mean
      Hone = Racist?

      Yep, I’d buy that.

      The most disaffected family of malcontent, nasty bullies you’ll ever meet.

      Bashed any psyc patients lately Titewhai?

  • Dr Wang

    The other reason racism will fester on and on is the double standard of the “definition” of racism.

    If you are a Mana Party maori you can call anyone a “white motherfucker” or a “nigger” and nothing will come of it – but it clearly shows the racist beliefs of the idiot uttering those slurs. Why are these Maori not accountable for their racism? Is there a lower standard especially for them (why can’t they meet the same standards as everybody else?)

    If 85% of the population can be called if they display racism, why do the other 15% get a free pass to be as racist as they want? This double standard and lack of consistency makes it hard to demand that anybody has to respect and comply with the rules.

    • Euan Rt

       (why can’t they meet the same standards as everybody else?)
      Isn’t the answer to this obvious Dr? It’s because they are Maori. They have other rules that they live by. It’s in the Treaty.” All animals are equal but some are more equal than others”. Can’t you just see George Orwell’s classic playing out here?

      • Agent BallSack

        Animal Farm would have to be the best description of Socialism at work, ever!

  • Bunswalla

    An old saying is that if a working-class person in England sees a Roller driving past, they think “Come the revolution, I’ll have that off you!” whereas in America if the same person sees a flash car driving past they think “If I work really hard and take my chances, I could have a car like that.”

    I can’t help thinking that the same analogy can be applied to many Maori and other New Zealanders. The ones mired in the grievance industry and determined to look 200 years backwards are thinking “I could have had a car like that but the white man stole my land/job/kumaras 200 years ago and now I can’t do anything” whereas the more aspirational Kiwis (of all races) tend to follow the American way.

  • Phar Lap

    Now the latest is A GROUP OF BLUDGERS WHO CALL THEMSELVES MAORI,are just about to squat on one of the Crafar farms.The reason, some guy who they say died there  in 1886 means it has bottom feeding possibilities.

    • Guest

      Yea I saw this, what the hacks the story behind that? Its funny how now, all of a sudden, its come up… and didn’t before…

      • Doug_S

        Is yet another excuse for protest…(protest in inverted commas) more utter bullshit designed to propagate low level secular attitude. Just hot air and soooo 1980″s bastion point bollocks. Protestors are rent-a-mob hired by Hone and his blind band of misfits who’s pockets are being pissed in by those with a financial agenda..Mr Fay springs to mind and I would not put it past him to have devised a  subversive “off the record plan” to divert from the OIO directive.

        It creates the perfect storm…(Fay & Co try to save 40M Bucks.) lost first battle..cry foul and introduce anti Chinese sentiment…Supreme Court has first refusal engineered to appeal to judges conscience….Enter subversion tactics…looks like the government may have a legit case and push through with the deal….

        Next move…Occupy one or more of the farms and stake a claim no more worthy than a bloke trying to get a foot hold on a jelly. 

        Next move..Fay pays said protestors to even up the playing field…Protestors hunker down in the hope of a payout from the developer (FAY).

        Next move…after months or even a year or more of protestation…occupiers repent because FAY has brokered a deal to “avoid another racist encounter” and looks like the savior and hero of the time thereby cementing his position as the “mediator” and cultural go between.

        Don’t kid yourselves…I would bet a knob of goat poo to odds on that Maori will do what they can to “maximize the opportunity” for face time to push that sad and outdated barrow hey like to trot out at the first opportunity…At the very least my skepticism may evoke thought.

  • jay cee

    just a thought, but iv’e often wondered how many maori would call themselves that if instead of hitting up the whitey government for another settlement payout, they,maori actually had to pay a levy to the government for calling themselves maori. i bet there would be a rush to anglicise a lot of names. and all ancestry would be forgotten faster than you could say holocaust.  

    • Thorn

      Well said. 

      • mr slater…

        that vile piece of crap thorn has said i am a ‘molester’..

        ..who is molesting my son..

        ..who he/she claims is not my son..

        ..that’s it for me..

        ..plse stop this level of abuse..

        ..if you do not wish me to comment here..just say so..

        ..i will be off..

        ,.but if i am to comment here..

        ..you have a responsibility to stop this..

        ..there is nothinhg viler that can be said about a person..

        ..short of murder…

        ..(i have sent you an email covering this matter/asking you for the same action)

        ..as i said..

        ..if you want me gone..just say so…

        ..but nobody could be expected to put up with that..

        ..and all from behind a fake-name..

        ..but not fake for long..if i put my mind to it…

        ..i hope you are rich..you piece of shit..thorn..

        [email protected]


      • Thorn, check your email and also my edit of your comment above.

      • Greg M

         Phil, I think it’s fair to say we all disapprove of such distasteful comments towards you, or anyone else.
        Your comments often piss me off..

        .. but another view of issues can’t be a bad thing..



  • thank you..

    [email protected]


    • Thorn

      Mr. Ure, please accept my apologies for making comments you may have regarded as hurtful. You deserve to be treated in a much kinder and respectful manner. That being the case, I have banished myself from this blog accordingly. To you goes the victory.

      • You don’t have to banish yourself…just watch what you say…thank you for apologising

      • Doug_S

        Start your own blog Thorne…

      • jay cee

        big of you  apologise. whilst i too have copped a serve or two from you and treat them as so much water off  ducks back it sill annoys me when one is trying to have an adult debate to cop ad hom comments.hopefully a lesson here for everyone.

    • Double d

      Never agree with you but have often snorted out loud at your comments – you can be quite funny ….. Just so misguided.
      The comments were very poor – this does NOT reflect at all well on the poster and well done to WO for stamping on this.

  • allanspear

    @ Phil. Sure I could expand on that, but suggest you educate yourself rather than expect others to do all the hard work for you. The blatant racism of so many Maori seems to mean nothing to you. You can “intelectualise” about racism as much as you like, but you can’t teach me anything about it. The problem most people have with the culture of entitlement exhibited by some sectors of the Maori population has nothing to do with their race, it has everything to do with their behavior. If highlighting the differences between sections of society ammounts to racism, Hone is a champion racist, since he highlights many of the deficiencies himself. @allanspear:disqus 
    “Manners maketh the man”. Nobody on this thread has a problem with anyone of any race, ethnicity or skin colour who pull their weight and make positive contributions to society. It’s about time you also consider doing that!

    • Jassen

       Hear hear. It’s bugger all to do with skin colour.

      It’s about the want/need to get up and be better. The mana required to want to succeed and provide for your family. There is no better feeling in the world than success. For some that means owning a chain of restaurants, for others, it’s buying the first family car, or saving the deposit for a house or even being able to have a big feed each Sunday.

      The sooner each individual looks at themselves and how they can improve their own lifestyles instead of thinking in the collective, the quicker this will sort itself out.

  • Don

    Hey. At least we stopped them eating each other!

    The rest of the task of civilizing them is still proving problematic.