How to annoy pinkos

Be Gina Rinehart for a start, she seems to have a happy knack of pissing off pinkos:

LIKE many people who write about her, I don’t know Gina Rinehart. But I think I would like to. A person who can stir so much passion and debate would, I think, be stimulating company.

The mining magnate, Australia’s richest person, appears to be someone whose mere name spreads alarm throughout the left. Among the cadres of sometimes complacent and compliant journalists, she is deemed to be a right-wing ogre.

It seems that by taking a substantial shareholding in Fairfax Media (which owns this newspaper as well as The Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian Financial Review), this one person is going to tear down society – and the media will be a tool, putty in her hands, to do just that.

The left try to tarnish her because her views are not in accord with their own.

Rinehart’s views, according to people who don’t know her, are on the ”far right of the political spectrum”, as academic and former Greens candidate Clive Hamilton told readers of this page yesterday. Rinehart has been vilified because she appears not to share the left’s concerns about climate change and because she is advocating turning the north of Australia into a special economic zone with tax breaks.

Nothing new in that; it has been advocated for years.

Apparently she knows the businessman Hugh Morgan, who was instrumental in setting up the H. R. Nicholls Society, which advocates workplace relations reform. And Morgan, we are told, is also close to the – shock, horror – Institute of Public Affairs, which supports liberalism and a free market.

It is clear Rinehart must be a fiend, albeit via association.

And some sections of the media are quick to snap up this ”conspiracy”. According to some reports, Rinehart has ”extreme views” on Australia’s economic direction and her raid on the Fairfax share register is about ”wielding influence and gaining political access in the corridors of Canberra”, rather than being the action of an investor.

Watch the video assessment…I’m a fan already…she apparently has a very low opinion of journalists, politicians and believes in small government.

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  • Anonymous

    Dear God
    A “different” thinker. How soon can she get Fairfax here in her pocket? Love to hear a debate between Wille Jackson and Gina! Pay quids!!

    • Boss Hogg

      Willie Jackson can barely hold his own with Tau Henare or John Tamahere.

      I would suggest Gina is in a slightly different league than whinning Willie.   I heard Willie is Patron of the NZ Flat Earth Society.  Sounds plausible to me.

      • Ploughman

        You can’t debate with Willie.  The other party you are debating with has to have at least a few brains and vocal chords that are under control.

  • Jman

    I like that she’s a fan of Andrew Bolt. Sounds like she has her head screwed on right.

  • she is a rabid rightwinger… of australias’ most (in)famous…

    ..and her buying into fairfax will make no difference…

    ..the mainstream media owners/gatekeepers all fall into line already.. far as us mug-punters re concerned…

    …there will be no perceptible changes

    [email protected]

    • Euan Rt

      Phillip, who are the members in this mug-punting group of yours?

  • Richard McGrath

    Good on her, she presses all the right buttons for me. If she had a hand in the Andrew Bolt report, all the better!

  • Anonymous

    The Aussie papers have been running a lot of stuff on her lately. Georgina Rinehart sounds like one tough lady, like her old man. Fucking good on her. She’s worked hard and knows how to cut it with the best of the business people. All she has to do is deal to her three kids who want her removed from the trust because she’s not giving them enough money for cook, cleaner, housekeeper, security. Nothing extreme in my view. 

    • Boss Hogg

      Using Nukes to loosen a few rocks in the open cast mine might be described as a wee bit extreme by some.

      Hard to find fault otherwise.  She needs to crush those children though.