How to get banned at Red Alert

All you have to do these days to get banned at Red Alert is quote David Cunliffe own words.

David Cunliffe posted a bizarre attempt at prose at Red Alert.

Cactus Kate suggested the drop kick in the article should have invested (or WINZ) $300-$400 in a vasectomy. Not a single line of complaint from Calre Curran.

Then I come along and question their mental faulties in bringing yet more hungry mouths intot eh world when they could barely feed the ones they already plus his SOCK. On top of that I suggested that what David Cunliffe was trying to do was blame john Key, and I quoted David Cunliffe.

For all that I got a warning. How utterly bizarre. Warned for using David Cunliffe’s own words. So I posted a comment asking for clarification:

It sat in moderation and never appeared because Clare Curran removed all my text and replaced it with a warning:

So, you get warned, I imagine if I quote David Cunliffe again I will be banned. Clare really hasn’t learned an awful lot about how I operate. Once again she has walked right into a great big SMOG where labour MPs are now censoring people because they quote other Labour MPs.

For the record here is a reminder of what Clare Curran is trying to ban me for, David Cunliffe calling John Key a “greasy little fella in the blue suit”:


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  • Pete George

    Cunliffe titles his prose ‘Feeding our kids’ but it sounded more like ‘build our political base with empty rhetoric and political platitude phrases of the day” – using the currently popular like ’1%’ and ‘inequality’ (he left ‘poverty’ out of it).

    Inequaility – and political pies in skies” won’t keed many kids.

  • James

    I said it before and I say it again, if the message is said enough times people will begin to see what CC and her echo chamber RedAlert is being used as the vehicle to get what  she so desparately wants, Marxist control:”Clare Curran,  the woMan who only lacks the wrong testosterone/esterogen balance like Hulun to be that next gynaecratic leader. Oh well, at least she has the power to censure and stop people having their say on RedAlert.  Just another post menopausal woman wishing she was born a man. “

    • Pete George

      Another control freaks blog – How to get banned at The Standard

      • James

        Fear not Pete, Hulun has bigger balls and more testosterone than that little punk Eddie. Just a bunch of puff men full of nostalgic gas blown up their own arses by  Hulun Klark.   Plants are more worthy of transpiration than what tossers like Eddie and Iprent waste on oxygen respiration. 

      • joe bloggs

        yeah – noticed that little ‘incident’.

        Funny how the emetic left can lie with a straight face, can run repeated nasty ad hom attacks, and dissemble with impunity, yet the moment a post questions the lies and mis-truths, the unsubstantiated comments, and the necessity for ad hom comments, the poster is banned.

        It’s hard to figure how liberty, equality and freedom of speech sit so poorly with the left.

      • Anonymous

        Farkin funny how they think we have the media in our pocket…

  • While for the original article from I gather the NZ Herald itself:
    My advice to The Struggler’s – see the Citizen Advice Bureau and book an appointment for Budgeting Advice because heck something is not adding up there and it looks like some poor financial decisions were made. Sorry no sympathy from me because I have seen worse  

  • pdm

    Whale you are lucky to have got two warnings and as I see it you remain in moderation. I got banned instantly on one occasion for challenging them for allownig DPF to say exactly what I said, in different words, with out comment while I got placed in moderation with a warning. My follow up challenge got me banned yet DPF’s comment stayed there un touched.

    RA have three rules.
    1.  For Labour sycphants who can say anything.
    2.  For prominent bloggers like CK, DPF and yourself.
    3.  For mere mortals like the rest of us. 

  • In Vino Veritas

    Whale, you will now be summarily banned from Red Alert by Clare since she also bans for things written on other blogs.

  • Roger de Laborde

    Whale, what you fail to realise is that despite you alleged video evidence, David Cunliffe never actually said anything like what you claim to quote.

    Your video will is reflecting an alternate, non-authorised view of history.

    (to the sarcastically impaired, the above is entirely in jest.)

  • Tristanb

    It’s idiotic that Labour do this. I know that very few normal citizens actually go onto the blog, but sometimes they do.

    No-one agrees with a party 100%, so even lifelong Labour voters are going to disagree with things that are said in the blog.

    But as soon as anyone says anything contrary in their post they get a “Warning, offensive. Clare” even if there was nothing offensive in your content. The natural response to being told that something you said was offensive when it wasn’t, is reply “but what I said wasn’t offensive!” and then you get the “Moderation is not debatable. Next step ban.” comment.

    So there’s a handful of Labour voters being misrepresented as having said something offensive! That would piss me off. I guess that’s going to stop those guys voting Labour – which is a good thing for the country – but not for Labour.

    The other odd thing about the site is that there’s a guy called Spud who agrees with every single thing written. Everything. Now maybe he’s just trying to not get banned, but what type of person does this? You’d never find anyone like that on here! What a pathetic loser, with his “go team” messages constantly, never adding in anything useful, just a banal attempt at cheerleading. Whose life exists solely to promote a political party?! I hope he grows out of his student days and gets a life, and realises that Labour aren’t going to help him or NZ.

  • I’m still banned at Red Alert, for simply exploiting an opportunity provided by Ms Curran to poke the borax at Phil Goff. She was smearing John Key with a “nek minnit” parody, to which I replied “Phil Goff sold $9b worth of assets in the 1980’s; nek minnit…”.A few people went into bat for me, but that just made Ms Curran even more feral; she replied:

    “Jem and others: Inventory2 was banned for
    several reasons. He was personally offensive and he lied. A number of
    others who comment regularly in a similar vein are running close to the
    line and are on notice.”

    Now what part of a factual statement that I made was untrue? It is a recorded fact that Phil Goff was a member of the Labour Cabinet from 1984 to 1990, which sold more state assets than any government before or since. As for “personally offensive”; give me a break.

    But good luck to Labour. They still seem to be in denial about their worst election result in 60 years, and why would I want to change that. They have made their bed; now they must lie in it. And the VRWC will continue to mock them relentlessly!

    • Anonymous

      A quick ip change could fix that, and I’m sure it would tip her over the edge with the realisation you can’t be banned, perhaps even some threats of legal action, and no doubt a healthy dose of a personal attack. To make matters worse, be polite to her.

    • In Vino Veritas

      Inventory, 4 or 5 months ago, I made a comment on this blog, and was banned from Red Alert by Clare, who claimed I was incredibly offensive. I emailed her direct and pointed out the hypocrisy of her stance by directing her to comments made by people on the Standard who were infinitely more offensive, and still able to comment to their hearts content on RA. To her credit, she responded admitting I was right and that my ban would be lifted. To date, despite another email, I am still banned.

      pdm’s comment above, hit the nail on the head.

  • Hagar

    A very sensitive moderator on Red Alert. My comment “I have heard of Chardonay socialist before, but now we have a ‘Latte’ socialist, what more can I say” was submitted at 1.08pm, and it sat on the moderators desk for over 7 hours, at least I should be grateful that it was Finally published and I was not given a warning like some naughty boy.

  • Anonymous

    How do you read any of that crap?

    • joe bloggs

      Because they’re great reminders of why I cut up my Labour Party membership card in the 1970’s

  • Anonymous

    The left doesn’t believe in free speech. Or more to the point, they don’t believe in free speech that contradicts their world view. It must be glaringly obvious by now. And it’s world wide, look at New Labour in Britain, and the Dems in the States and their “Fairness Doctrine”.

  • AnonWgtn

    I have been banned from RA a while ago – but I now use a different name, so it makes no difference.
    Actually its no fun any more unlike the Standard – much easier to wind up.

  • Pete George

    An interesting follow up at The Sub, philu went in to bat for me. His recent education on openness of forums here must have sunk in. 

    The only thing missing from my (yet another) ban yesterday was the lengthy lprent lecture, but that came today, prompted by Phil’s stand (futile and odds on it will earn him a ban too).

    I am currently being expertly re-educated by Lyn, apparently.

    “I’m very good at it because I’ve seen and done a lot of it over the
    years plus I find myself steadily getting better at reading peoples
    personalities and vulnerabilities through their writings.”

    ” I had to restrain myself even more from attacking his vulnerabilities and tearing him a new rectum for his ego.”

    While I’m banned of course. I called him on his bravery:

    lprent isn’t anonymous, but the way he uses his power to censor, ban
    and abuse is as cowardly as anything that goes on at The Standard.

    Go ahead and write a post Lyn, it will be quite one-sided now you
    have banned me. It will thrill your fans. And show you for what you are
    to anyone else. You can stop people commenting, but you can’t stop
    people seeing how you operate.

    Fire ahead Lyn, from the safety of your own gulag if you like. If you’ve got the guts.

  • Pete George

    He’s since warned Phil:

    (and then you threaten to ban me..heh..!..seeing a pattern here at all..?)

    [lprent: I did not. First moderators do not threaten, we tell
    people that they need to change their behaviour on our site or it will
    be changed for them. Secondly it is a warning and a promise because a
    commentator has no power to negotiate. 

    Non-threatening Prentice-style:

    If you don’t fix your behaviour then you can expect to get bans. Or even
    worse run up against someone who has been around the social media’s for
    a while and really really knows how to attack you and has no
    compunction about doing it because they think that you need an education
    in how it feels from the other side. After all that is “free speech”

    A bully boy on his own blog, the flagship of the union faction of Labour.

    And Whale gets criticised for calling Labour the nasty party.

    • joe bloggs

      “A bully boy on his own blog, the flagship of the union faction of Labour”

      ain’t that the truth!

      James Delingpole hit the Prentice-archetype fair square on the head when he wrote:
      “What is it about the liberal-left and its pathological loathing of freedom of speech and open debate? And why, instead of engaging in ideas – supported by facts – must it instead so invariably resort to this crude, smear technique whereby its opponents must forever be dismissed as morally compromised?
      Actually, I ask these questions purely rhetorically because I know the answer already. To be on the liberal-left is not to trade in logic or reason or evidence-based argument. Essentially, it is about parading your own moral and socio-political virtue by being seen to express the “right” thoughts on any given subject – and by damning anyone who disagrees with you as a racist/homophobe/LittleEnglander/denier/fill-in-appropriate-noun-here.”

    • Anonymous

      ” Or even worse run up against someone who has been around the social media’s for
      a while and really really knows how to attack you and has nocompunction about doing it”

      And funnily enough the left are failing to see this attitude as one of the main problems for their unpopular performance in the last election, and likely the next one. Slow learners.

      The snarky bitchiness will keep tripping them up unless Shearer can get them under control, but as long as MP’s like Clare ‘on-her-rag-every-day-of-the-month’ Curran keep living online that’s highly unlikely.

  • Anonymous

    +1 to the Ure for calling them out :)

    • Anonymous

      Holy smokes am I beginning to like the guy? Someone slap it out of me.

      • Greg M

        Trav, sit down and take a pill, Immediately : )

  • Rockyr

    Claire may have been a member of the Cunliffe faction once but as soon as he was demoted below Shearer’s little pony she became ABC fast.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t figure how either of WO’s comments were offensive. Is that because the truth hurts? Seriously, what is wrong with these people – how can they be so precious? 

    And +1 to Phil Ure for stepping up – he takes a lot of shit on here sometimes and that was a very upstanding thing for him to have done. It’s a sad day for the left when their supporters have to come to a right wing blog to even get the opportunity to discuss their own opinions without being moderated, edited and banned. 

  • Bobo the Idiot

    This is akin to the Nazi party or Pol Pot burning books containing messages that they did not like.  Not only have they become racists towards Asians but they also do not allow free speech!

    Has the Labour party, that is supposed to represent the working man and woman morphed into Tyrants and Stalinst Commies?

  • Dion

    I hope that isn’t David Cunliffe’s best attempt at reviving his leadership prospects.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Red Blurt banned me for life. I suggested to two MP’s from the Rainbow faction who were posting, that they get a chat room.
    Fucking BANG gone c/- Clear and Duck

    • Gazzaw

      Well done Steve. Wear your award with pride.

    • Anonymous

      Should be able to get around that easy enough if you have a dynamic ip, or failing that a proxy. Irritate the fuck out of them merely by just returning. It’ll be a big hit on their elevated moderator ego.

      • Steve (North Shore)

        the cocks spend more time banning and moderating than debating.
        I tried proxy and they still picked me up.
        Big LIARBOUR is watching me, farging iceholes and cogsuckers

      • Anonymous

        If only they learnt that interactive social media and politicians doesn’t work well. Well, not for Labour MPs. Nats will drop an update regularly on Facebook, but smart enough not to put themselves in the position of petty online spats.

  • dad4justice

    red alert and the mad liarbour maggots are no better than demerit farrar and big bruv wacko nark, they all ban the truth for life, silly pricks make me sick eh gutless wimpish freaks?

    1,000,000,000 demerits signed jellyfish coward.

  • Ploughman

    Labour obviously do not want open and free debate.  What a sad wreck of a once proud and honourable party who once willingly debated issues of concern. Wankers.

  • Pete George

    More of Phil’s education.

    lprent: It is my task to make this site work effectively for the authors
    in all of their varied views, and to work effectively for debate on
    those views.

    That probably sums it up – message control for the blog authors.
    RL: Robust and intelligent debate is by contrast …always welcomed.

    And that illustrates the separation from reality.