How to piss off allies and cost yourself the top job

Kevin Rudd didn’t talk to the Greens. That was when he had a majority. Now things are shaky and ignoring the Greens was a stupid strategy when they could come out and declare for your opponent, saying they will force an election if you become leader.

Mr Brown said Mr Rudd’s office had contacted him overnight but despite saying he was available to speak with Mr Rudd, he had not yet heard directly from him.

He said the Greens could work with either Ms Gillard or Mr Rudd but noted that under Mr Rudd’s prime ministership he had “not been able to get in a conversation with Kevin”.

He went on to say that he had shared a good working relationship with Mr Rudd during his term as foreign minister before praising the policy outcomes he said the Greens had been able to achieve with Julia Gillard as Prime Minister.


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  • MrV

    Part of the reason the Australian Labor govt is in the situation they are in is because Julia bent over and took one (well several actually) from the green fool Bob Brown who makes Wussel Norman look halfway sane.

    • @BoJangles

       Julia displaying the same party trix Helen got up to with Winston !!

  • Phar Lap

    Everytime i hear the sick word “Greens ” it means vomit.They are the lying pariahs of the western world.Of course Trotsky trained  and to the image of Joe Stalin.Never mind” Herman” Brown in Australia look at the sick***** Norman and Turei.

  • tas

    It sounds like Rudd will be crushed come Monday. He was rejected by his party in 2010 and crawling back to him will be about as tempting as swallowing a dead rat.

    But I have to admit one thing: Rudd knows the meaning of revenge.

    • MrV

      Yes, it looks like the angry kevin burger could be back for a limited time.

  • Sam

    Cam, there is also recent media quoting Greens leader Browns frustration at not having any face time with Gillard either.

  • Dr Wang

    Why is that all lefties are as thick as pigshit? – it was obvious to everyone else that KRudd was a slimeball of the lowest order from day one. The Labor Party has to be totally shafted, humiliated and reamed by him before they finally click – duh!

    • Steve (North Shore)

      We will go down fighting.
      Fighting each other, and ain’t that good. Same here in NZ

  • newbie

    It seems like a lot of Australians would chose none of the above if they had to pick a PM out of Rudd and Gillard.  I would even include Abbott in that group aswell – his popularity rating is even lower than Gillard’s, despite the Liberal’s wiping the floor with Labor in the polls.  Turnbull would be a good PM; he’s very intelligent, speaks well and doesn’t come across as negative as Abbott.

  • AnonWgtn

    I do not think Rudd will stand, but will somehow force a vote at which Bill Shorten will step up.

  • @BoJangles

    Beware the ides of March, someone whispered into Julia’s ear…….