How’s that alternate energy feeling now?

Wind power is bollocks, not only does it cause visual pollution, they also kill birds….and they are useless if the wind doesn’t blow:

Light windflows in the six months to December hit NZ Windfarms’ ability to generate power and, as a result, its profits.

The NZSX-listed windfarm owner and operator has announced an after tax interim loss of $1.3m, despite a rise in wholesale electricity during the period.

However it was an improved result on the loss of $1.8m it made at the same time the year prior.

about the only thing that loses money faster than wind farms is Woosh.


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  • Bring back the nukes issue – we’re in the same boat as Japan – highly active surface movement – needs lots of water – but what the hell – we won’t still be here when it happens.

  • The Opposition and MUNZ must of not been producing enough hot air? Useless buggers – sack them and find me someone that can blow enough hot air to turn those blades 

  • AnonWgtn

    Jeanette Fitzsimons has shares in NZ Windfarm I believe.

  • BJ

    The owners of the land continue to enjoy a very nice passive income irrespective of th ewind blowing

  • 6sn7gta

    here we go again,  once over lightly,  here’s two telling parts from the press release that were curiously omitted, or not, as the case may be.

    “Chairman Wyatt Creech warned the two periods were difficult to compare
    because its Te Rere Hau windfarm was only completed in July, making this
    the first half-yearly period where it reported on the performance of
    the full 97 turbines in generation.

    on the positive side too:

    “The turbines had performed well so far and had been available and ready
    to generate without any issues 97.1 per cent of the time, Creech said.
    This was higher than the manufacturer’s expected 95 per cent

    which is pretty good.

    what’s the problem with a power source that has no fuel costs?  why do you all get so bent out of shape over these things?  once there are more of them,nationwide that is,  the country will have a non polluting base generation capability,  which will be required as lakes,  as we all know,  are not always full.  and of course,  so that Huntly, can turn down its CO2 emissions.  so all around this is a good news story.