Huo’s a silly boy then?

Over on Red Alert Raymond Huo has lost the plot….again.

He adds one race relations report to an incident where a Chinese woman tried to bite some cops, then leaves a question mark lingering over alleged police brutality and discrimination.

What a pity poor Raymond didn’t read – or chose to leave out (since updated after I posted a comment that remains in moderation since 16:29) – the introduction to the report from the race relations commissioner which included this gem:

“Mr de Bres said that one of the organisations that has strongly focused on Asian recruitment over a recent years is the New Zealand Police. ‘That meant they were able to deal effectively with Asian communities after the Canterbury earthquake, as well as being accessible to Asian communities elsewhere. All public agencies should be doing the same.”

So, in fact the cops are a shining example, and not the ogres Huo seems to imply.

Sloppy or sneaky – you decide.

On another note Raymond doesn’t tell us what happens to cop biters in China…I suspect she would now be on the organ donor list or already donated a significant amount of her organs.

UPDATE: The post has now been deleted at Red Alert. Another case of not liking the message they get in the comments and so they simply pretend the post no longer exists.


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  • Thorn

    This retard woman may have confused the cop for a cat. 

  • JohnWellingtonWells

    Driving a car in NZ, able to read English signs, able to pass driving test, did she have a valid driver’s license. If not then throw the book at her.

    • Steve (North Shore)

      You have it real bad Johnny.
      Many drive far worse than Asians. Direct your racism not to Asians, but to Maori; Maori are the true racists in New Zealand.
      btw, fuck off

  • Guest

    Not to mention the possibility of an infectious agent being transmitted from biting. Think Hepatitis, HIV… why should any cop have to put up with that revolting and nasty shit.

  • Hakim of phut

    What does ‘recruitment’ have to do with racist behaviour ?

    We probably have more cops ‘recruited’ from the UK than among the Asian community here

    • Honcho

      Are you implying that all people coming here to work in our police force, from the UK are racist?

      Pretty broad brush strokes.

      • Hakim of phut

        Of course not , the Poms make good cops, its  just to show the nonsense of this  beating the drum over  asian recruitment

  • Did that whole post disappear totally in recent minutes? I wonder why?

    • To clarify – Mr Huo’s post on Red Alert.

      • Dean Gray

        It’s 404ing now.

        Typical Labour.

    • Davidp

      It was there around 6pm when I posted a comment asking if Huo would be happy to join a coalition with anti-Asian NZ First. Now it has vanished like it never existed.

  • Colin

    My first thought when I read about this woman’s concern were ” Try that shit in Wuhan, babe, and truly learn about police brutality”