I knew it

I always knew Yoga was bad for you:

Performing yoga while being instructed by an inexperienced teacher can be deadly as they sometimes put pupils in life threatening positions, an expert on the activity has warned.

Over-eager “green” teachers are leading beginners to perform certain relatively advanced poses that can trigger lethal strokes if executed incorrectly.

Exercises like the plough and shoulder stand require participants to “crank your head around a lot”, which could result in the linings of arteries running through the spine in the neck to be torn, according to William J. Broad, a Pulitzer Prize-winning science author.

Blood clots can then form, which can cause ischeamic stroke if they become lodged in the brain.

Mr Broad and a long-time yogi, discovered the dangers while researching his new book, The Science of Yoga: The Risks and Rewards.

He said that while yoga was of tremendous benefit to many people, able to improve sex lives and even lengthen life, it did carry certain risks.


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  • spike

    I’ve been following the blog for a while (as lurker i guess) but i’ve noticed you seem to have become a lot more PC whaleoil. For example, the brown out you held over waitangi day is best described as a copout, (an easy out to avoid a real debate over current issues which would have donme more to raise awareness than your version of hiding under a rock for the day), your coverage and lack of full understanding of the consequences and ramification for men’s rights in the breast is best saga shows you are either whipped or indoctrinated into PC feminist society (aren’t you brave enough to stand up for men’s rights? I don’t blame you…in nz everyone is scared to say what they think for fear of being labelled racist or sexist, now you have a popular blog i guess the popularity is coming first as it is all about ratings now for you) or actually believe that the la leche league (a feminist group) was right. Also i cannot believe you are blogging about yoga and small rodents and in a PC way (just like the national media) failing to make a statement regarding the maori seeking ownership of our fresh water. If there is any part of you that is right wing or even objectivist surely this is more important to you that yoga?? Show some backbone and get on topic with what matters in this country…yoga definitely doesn’t and i can’t and don’t want to picture you doing yoga either dude!1

    • nzd.gbp

      hey spike, get your own blog. post what you like. 

      • spike

        Maybe i should. Have you notice it’s always the posters that add the details and address the issues in whaleoil’s posts? Why does he sit on the fence? What is he protecting?

      • nzd.gbp

        I have indeed noticed that. That’s what current event blogs are. They are a place for strangers to have a chat about shit that goes on, as selected by the blog host. All whale has to do is link to an article, write a witty line or two, get a scoop or two or three and away we go. Couldn’t be easier aye? This could be your chance to become rich!!!

    • Hyperguest

      Piss of spike, if you don’t like the topics Whale writes about then go and start your own bloody blog and write about them.  Dick.

      • spike

        With a name like Hyperguest i would imagine you like yoga, sorry if i offended you. I like the blog, just want to see some real issues addressed more often.

    • Groans

      With the exception of “gay rights” I find this blog is respectably right wing.  I think your comments are unfair, there’s lots of variety here plus the big issues are discussed from a right wing world view.

      • spike

        Fair enough Groans. I agree Whaleoil does a good job providing a general right wing forum for discussion. I just feel now and then that he slips into the type of PC subject matter that most of us have been indoctrinated with from birth and don’t even know it i guess. It’s hard to have the balls these days to stand strong on right wing issues, hats off to Whaleoil for taking the time and effort that he does. Cheers!

    • bb

      snore at the first word……zzzzzzz

  • Richard B. (formally poorman)

    Getting back on topic…..
    I agree, Yoga Bad!!
    Along with all exercise.
    We only get a set number of heart beats in our life, don’t want to watse mine exercising.

  • bb

    toxic spike. bye.