I wonder how the police investigations are getting on?

I see Chris Flatt is having a moan and throwing scurrilous rumours about concerning investigations by the Electoral Commission.

Labour Party general secretary Chris Flatt says that delays over the Electoral Commission’s inquiry into the Prime Minister’s hour on RadioLive are “weird”.

Labour supporters squealed that the free plug broke election rules.

But the Broadcasting Standards Authority found there was no breach.

The Electoral Commission took a different approach and four months after the broadcast, the commission’s inquiry is steeped in secrecy.

Flatt said he had repeatedly asked for urgency and been refused any information on its status.

“The delays in the case and the commission’s approach were quite weird,” he said.

“I would hate to think that the delay in the case is because of the involvement of the Prime Minister’s office.”

The commission finally responded to queries about the RadioLive complaint yesterday.

“The Electoral Commission … is still considering the complaint which raises a number of difficult legal questions.

“The commission expects to be in a position to complete its consideration and release the outcome to the parties by February 10.”

I’d find Chris Flatt’s concern over the alleged “corruption” of the Electoral Commission a tad more convincing if he hadn’t personally over-seen repeated law breaking by the Labour party during the election campaign. Breaches that saw Labour reported to the Police on numerous occasions. It is a pretty scurrilous and low blow to accuse a statutory body of political manipulation. But then again this is the same party where their leader thought nothing of accusing a senior civil servant of lying.

I am eagerly anticipating the report form the Police as to the progress of their investigations and resulting prosecutions.


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  • Peter Wilson

    It would an interesting case, in that the radio show wasn’t the PM’s initiative anyway, he was invited, effectively as a guest of the station. It would be like a politician turning down a request for an interview on National Radio because it might breach the rules.

  • Hakimofphut

    Will National be reported for failing to disclose a big  donation on time. 
    Cheques post dated after the election seem to be  the new big thing, especially for Chinese into NZ  dairying. Ovaida what an interesting name.

    • Thorn

      Innuendo, is that it?

  • Anonymous

    Hakim, If you have been paying attention, the accusation of late filing has been shown to be outright drivel and ignorance on the part of the ex secretary of the Labour Party.  Please do your homework before repeating bullshit here.
    BTW comment looks remarkably similar to those of well-known troll who frequently puts up lies and bullshit and calls itself Ghost Who Walks – an excrescable excuse for an individual if ever there was one.  My suggestion is to up your game hakim and you might get some tolerance for this is a fine and upstanding site and its readers abhor gratuitous untruths.

  • dad4justice

    Fuck the EC get the dumbo keystones to tell us who killed the Kahui twins and Kirsty Bentley.

    Police should NOT waste their time on bent pollies because they all socialist criminals.

    FFS this country has some wacko ideas. Police are beyond all hope just ask anybody with a braincell.